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Some aspects of the Icon.Product.png Product module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
Product module options general subtab.png
  • Associated product suffix
This field contains the associated product suffix that Fishbowl will search for automatically when adding a product to a sales order. Fishbowl provides the ability to add multiple products to a sales order simultaneously by using associated products. An associated product has the same name as the main product plus a special suffix to identify it as an associated product. Associated products are often used in industries where recyclable cores can be returned to offset the cost of a new item. For example, when selling a new car battery, an auto parts store may give a discount to a customer that returns an old battery.
By entering -Core% in the suffix field, products containing "Battery-Core" in the product name will be added to the sales order whenever the associated product, "Battery," is added. The % symbol functions as a wildcard search, meaning it will look for products named Battery-Core plus any other characters after that (for example, Battery-Core2 or Battery-CoreABC), and all items containing that suffix will be added to the sales order. For more information, see Associated products.
  • Set new products taxable
This option specifies whether or not all new products will be marked as taxable.
  • Add custom fields to SO item
If this option is enabled, custom fields with the same name and type will transfer from the product to the sales order item. For example, if a product has a custom field that stores color and there is a matching custom field for sales order line items, the data in the product custom field will transfer to the custom field for the SO item.