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Part Module Options Template:Top


  • Search in Part Descriptions for drop downs
With this option checked the part description, not solely the part number, will be searched for an item to be placed on a Purchase Order or Sales Order.


The tracking subtab allows for the user to create additional tracking methods. As default, Fishbowl will provide Lot number, Revision Level, Expiration Date, and Serial Number tracking. With the new Tracking Module Option, you can now track by the same method multiple times, or you may create and track by your own new methods.
To create a new method of tracking, choose the New icon located on the Component toolbar. A blank line item will be displayed at the bottom of the Tracking list. Double click on the name, Abbr, and description to enter that information. Next, you will choose the tracking Type for this method. You may choose from the following options:
Text Date
Money Quantity
Expiration Date Serial Number
Count Checkbox
By default your new tracking method will be set as active. If you wish to inactivate a tracking method at any time, simply uncheck the Active box. The Usage column allows for the user to see how frequently the tracking method is being used. The number shown is the number of parts currently using this tracking method.
Tracking methods may be deleted or moved in position by using the corresponding delete or move icons from the component toolbar.