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== Part Module Options {{top}} ==
== Part Module Options {{top}} ==
{{{1|}}} <!-- We use this to pass in an introduction when the module options are in the module article -->
{{Clear}} '''GENERAL TAB''' [[File:Part module options.png|400px|right]]
{{Clear}} '''GENERAL TAB''' [[File:Part module options.png|400px|right]]

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Part Module Options Template:Top

Some aspects of the Small.Part.png Part module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.


Part module options.png
  • Search by Part and Product descriptions in drop-down filters
With this option checked, the part and product descriptions, not just the numbers, will be searched when typing into part and product drop downs.


Part module options tracking subtab.png
  • The tracking tab allows new part tracking items to be created. To add part tracking, click the New button located on the component toolbar to the right. A blank line item will be added to the bottom of the tracking list. Enter the name, abbreviation, and description. The type can be set to any of the following: Text, Date, Expiration Date, Serial Number, Money, Quantity, Count, or Checkbox. Unchecking the active box will inactivate a tracking item.