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Manufacture Order Module Options Template:Top


Manufacture Order Module Options.png
  • Next Number
The characters entered in this field will be used as the next order number. Every time a new order is created, the final group of numbers will be increased by one. For example, Pier1-Order99-LA will be incremented to Pier1-Order100-LA.
  • Distribute Finished Good costs
When a work order has multiple finished goods, the cost of the raw goods must be distributed between the finished goods. There are two options for the default distribution; however with either option, the distribution can be manually adjusted when finishing the work order.
  • Evenly - The costs will be distributed evenly between each finished good based on the quantity of the finished good.
  • Weighted - The cost distribution will be weighted according to the current cost of the finished goods in inventory.
Example: A work order produces 3 WidgetA and 1 WidgetB. The cost of the raw goods is $100. If the costs are distributed evenly between the four finished goods, each one will receive a cost of $25 for a total of $100. For weighted cost distribution, the current cost of the finished goods in inventory is used to adjust the costs proportionally. If WidgetA currently costs three times as much as WidgetB, then the costs on the work order will be adjusted accordingly. WidgetB will receive a cost of $10 and each WidgetA will receive a cost of $30 for a total of $100.
  • Issue the Manufacture Order when Sales Order is issued
  • Start the pick when starting a Work Order