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(Using a template to make the next number descriptions consistent)
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{{Clear}} '''GENERAL TAB''' [[File:Manufacture Order Module Options.png|400px|right]]
{{Clear}} '''GENERAL TAB''' [[File:Manufacture Order Module Options.png|400px|right]]
* '''Auto Assign MO Number'''
{{Next Number}}
:By default Fishbowl will auto-generate the next available number for the Manufacture Order. This number will be generated based off the '''last number''' box. This number may be changed at any time. Letters and hyphens may be used; however if letters are used the auto-numbering will only generate the numbers for continual orders.
* '''Print WO Traveler on WO Start'''
* '''Print WO Traveler on WO Start'''

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Manufacture Order Module Options Template:Top


Manufacture Order Module Options.png
  • Next Number
The characters entered in this field will be used as the next order number. Every time a new order is created, the final group of numbers will be increased by one. For example, Pier1-Order99-LA will be incremented to Pier1-Order100-LA.
  • Print WO Traveler on WO Start
Upon starting a Work Order you have the option to print a Work Order Traveler. Within this feature you may choose to have this report always print, prompt to print, or never print when a WO is started.
  • Distribute Finished Good costs