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Some aspects of the Icon.Fishbowl Checkout.png Fishbowl Checkout module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
Checkout Module Options.png
  • Number Checkout orders separately from Sales Order
With this option on, Checkout orders numbers will be based off the number in the next number field. If this option is off, then the next Sales Order number will be used.
  • Next Number
The characters entered in this field will be used as the next order number. Every time a new order is created, the final group of numbers will be increased by one. For example, Pier1-Order99-LA will be incremented to Pier1-Order100-LA.
  • Highlight difference in list price after a 'Save'
If the price of an item is different than the list price, this option will ensure that the price is highlighted with a blue font, even after a save.
  • Do not change sales tax for tax exempt customers
Setting this option will prevent the sales tax from changing to 'None' when selecting a tax exempt customer.
  • Enable customer display for secondary monitor
Selecting this option will load a separate window that displays the order items, order totals, total savings, etc. This window can be placed on a secondary monitor that faces the customer.
  • Show printer options for credit card receipts
Selecting this option display a window with printer options before printing a credit card receipt.
  • Default sales rep to empty
Selecting this option will leave the Salesperson field blank on the order until a salesperson is selected.
  • Credit card receipt copies
This option provides the ability to choose how many Credit Card Receipt copies are printed after each transaction.
  • Default customer
It may not be necessary to record all Checkout customers. Instead, a generic customer can be selected from the drop down list and this customer will be selected each time a new order is created. For more information see Manage Checkout Customers.
  • Register
Each computer may be assigned a different register number. This number can then be recalled for historical purposes.
  • Insufficient inventory
This option controls which inventory number is used to determine if there is sufficient inventory when adding an item to the order. For more information see Inventory status terms.

  • Print Checkout report
This option determines the print behavior of the default Checkout report when finishing the checkout wizard. Options include Print, Preview, or None. To change the default Checkout report, see Changing the default Checkout report.

Receipt Footer tab
Checkout Module Options Receipt Footer.png
The Receipt Footer tab allows a custom message to be added to the bottom of the following Checkout reports: POS Receipt, Receipt 2in, and Receipt 3in.