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Fishbowl Inventory is a full-scale inventory solution with a variety of features for every basic process flow. However, companies often have processes that differ from the default functionality. Therefore, Fishbowl offers an assortment of customizable module options. These module options can be found by loading the appropriate module and then clicking the Tools menu at the top of the client and then choosing Module Options from the menu.

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Vendor Module Options Template:Top


Within the Tools | Module Options of the Vendor Module, an option is given to suggest the volume discount based on the Vendor Cost Rule when the item is added to a Purchase Order. With this option checked, a dialog box will be displayed to the user when a part with Vendor Cost Rules is applied to a Purchase Order with a quantity less than what the Cost Rule specifies. If the Part is added with a quantity that exceeds the Cost Rules, no dialog box is displayed. If the Module Option is not checked, when the Part is added to a Purchase Order with a quantity that exceeds the Cost Rule the discount price will automatically apply. If the Part is added with a quantity less than what the Cost Rule specifies no dialog box will be displayed explaining the Cost Rule.