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Icon.Magento.png The Magento module, located in the Integrations group, provides the ability to integrate with a Magento shopping cart. To enable the Magento add-on for Fishbowl, click here to contact your Account Sales Executive. Fishbowl also provides the Fishbowl Shopping Cart as a separate product that integrates with Magento and provides several additional features.

Setup Template:Top

  1. To connect to Magento, click the Integrations menu or module group and then open the Small.Magento.png Magento module.
  2. Click the New Button.png Setup button, or click the large Connect to Magento button.Template:Vertical SpacerFile:Magento Connection.png
  3. Click the blue link in the wizard, or click here to configure Magento's REST API.
  4. After entering the URL, Key, and Secret, click Connect.
  5. An authorization window will open. Click the link to open the authorization page in a web browser.
    File:Magento Authorization.png
  6. On the authorization page, enter the Magento credentials and then click Login.
    File:Magento Login.png
  7. Click the Authorize button and then copy the verifier code.
    File:Magento Authorization Page.png
  8. Paste the verifier code into Fishbowl and then click OK.
    File:Magento Verifier Code.png
  9. In the setup wizard, click Next to enter the Import and Update settings.
    File:Magento Import and Update settings.png
  10. Click Next to create a scheduled time for connecting to Magento.
    File:Magento Schedule.png
  11. Click Finish to complete the wizard.

Modify Template:Top

After completing the Magento setup, the Magento settings can be modified in the Small.Magento.png Magento module at any time.

To modify the schedule, open the Small.Schedule.png Schedule module.

File:Magento Module.png