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{{Module Introduction|Magento Cart|Integrations}} is an add-on module that can be installed from the {{Module|Plugin}}. After installing the plugin, a new module is added that integrates with a Magento shopping cart. Fishbowl also provides the [[Fishbowl Shopping Cart:Magento|Fishbowl Shopping Cart]] as a separate product that integrates with Magento and provides several additional features.
#REDIRECT [[Magento]]
{{Plugin Install|Magento Cart|Integrations}}
== Setup {{top}} ==
{{Configure Magento}}
'''Enter credentials'''
# Open the {{Module|Magento}} application and enter the '''Store URL''' and the user credentials that were created above.<br>[[File:Magento Credentials.png|link=]]
# Click the '''Test Connection''' button to verify that the connection is valid and then click '''Save'''.
Multiple Magento carts can be configured by clicking the {{Button|New|Setup}}, which will add another '''Magento Cart''' tab.

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