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{{Module Introduction|Magento|Integrations}} provides the ability to integrate with a Magento shopping cart. To enable the Magento add-on for Fishbowl, click [[Account Sales Executive|here to contact your Account Sales Executive]]. Fishbowl also provides the [[Fishbowl Shopping Cart:Magento|Fishbowl Shopping Cart]] as a separate product that integrates with Magento and provides several additional features.
#REDIRECT [[Magento]]
== Setup {{top}} ==
# To connect to Magento, click the '''Integrations''' menu or module group and then open the {{Module|Magento}}.
# Click the {{Button|New|Setup}}, or click the large '''Connect to Magento''' button.{{Vertical Spacer}}[[File:Magento Connection.png]]
# Click the blue link in the wizard, or click [[Configure Magento|here]] to configure Magento's REST API.
# After entering the '''URL''', '''Key''', and '''Secret''', click '''Connect'''.
# An authorization window will open. Click the link to open the authorization page in a web browser.<br>[[File:Magento Authorization.png]]
# On the authorization page, enter the Magento credentials and then click '''Login'''.<br>[[File:Magento Login.png]]
# Click the '''Authorize''' button and then copy the verifier code.<br>[[File:Magento Authorization Page.png]]
# Paste the verifier code into Fishbowl and then click '''OK'''.<br>[[File:Magento Verifier Code.png]]
# In the setup wizard, click '''Next''' to enter the '''Import''' and '''Update''' settings.<br>[[File:Magento Import and Update settings.png]]
# Click '''Next''' to create a scheduled time for connecting to Magento.<br>[[File:Magento Schedule.png]]
# Click '''Finish''' to complete the wizard.
== Modify {{top}} ==
After completing the Magento [[#Setup|setup]], the Magento settings can be modified in the {{Module|Magento}} at any time.
To modify the schedule, open the {{Module|Schedule}}.
[[File:Magento Module.png]]

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