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Icon.Location Group.png Fishbowl Inventory uses Location Groups as a large area of division to keep track of inventory that is stored in various locations. All Locations must be assigned to a Location Group. For example, a Location Group could be considered a main site or warehouse (SLC or MI warehouse), a physical location (a truck, specific areas of the warehouse), etc. A location then could be considered as an area inside the site (either the front of warehouse, or even more specific certain shelves) or physical location (stock of truck, or once again shelves of a specific area in the warehouse).

The following functions are available through the Location Group Module:

  • Create new Location Groups
  • Activate or Inactivate a Location Group
  • Assign a QB Class to a Location Group
  • Edit a Location Group
  • Assign users to a Location Group

Create a New Location Group Template:Top

In the Location Group module, click on the New Button.png New button located in the module toolbar. This will create a new blank field on the Main Screen to enter your Location Group data. Enter the Name of your group and select whether or not this group is active. [Optional] If you have Class Tracking turned on, you may assign a QuickBooks class to your new Location Group.

Under the Users section of the General screen, decide which users are to belong to the new Location Group. Move them from Available to Members by highlighting their names and clicking on the corresponding blue arrows. Click the Save Button.png Save button on the module toolbar to save your changes.

You will now be asked if you would like to add default locations for your new group. Choosing No will allow you to manually add locations to your Location Group. Choosing Yes will auto-create the following default locations for your new Location Group: Receiving, Shipping, Stock, and Store Front.

Location Group Details.png


Some aspects of the Icon.Location Group.png Location Group module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
Location Group Tracking.png
  • Company Wide
With this option checked, part reorder levels will be set on a company level. A reorder level will apply to the sum of inventory in all location groups.
  • By Location Group
With this option checked, part reorder levels will be set per location group. A reorder level will apply only to the inventory in the specified location group.