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Icon.Location Group.png Fishbowl Inventory uses Location Groups as a large area of division to keep track of inventory that is stored in various locations. All Locations must be assigned to a Location Group. For example, a Location Group could be considered a main site or warehouse (SLC or MI warehouse), a physical location (a truck, specific areas of the warehouse), etc. A location then could be considered as an area inside the site (either the front of warehouse, or even more specific certain shelves) or physical location (stock of truck, or once again shelves of a specific area in the warehouse).

Create a New Location Group Template:Top

Follow the steps below to create a new location group.

  1. Click the New Button.png New button located in the module toolbar of the Location Group module.
  2. Enter the name of the location group in the Name field.
  3. If Class Tracking is enabled, a class can be assigned to the new location group.
  4. Under the Users section of the General tab, add users that belong to the new location group by moving them from the Available section to the Members section. This can be done by double-clicking, or by using the blue arrows.
  5. Click the Save Button.png Save button on the module toolbar to save the new location group.

Some basic locations (Receiving, Shipping, Stock, and Store Front) will automatically be created for the new location group. Locations can be added and modified in the Location module.

Location Group Details.png

Inactivate a Location Group Template:Top

Location groups cannot be deleted, however they can be renamed or inactivated. Follow the steps below to inactivate a location group.

  1. Open the desired location group.
  2. Uncheck the Active checkbox.
  3. Click the Save Button.png Save button on the module toolbar to save the changes.
  4. This location group will be removed from the location group fields throughout the Fishbowl Client.

To view or reactivate an inactive location group, select Inactive in the Status field of the search pane.


Some aspects of the Icon.Location Group.png Location Group module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
Location Group Tracking.png
  • Company Wide
With this option checked, part reorder levels will be set on a company level. A reorder level will apply to the sum of inventory in all location groups.
  • By Location Group
With this option checked, part reorder levels will be set per location group. A reorder level will apply only to the inventory in the specified location group.