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Icon.Location.png In this Module, you can Add, Edit, or Delete Locations or assign your Locations to Location Groups. (Note that you must first set up your Location Groups before you set up your Locations, See the Locations Group Module). However, if you will only be using one Location Group, Fishbowl will default into a pre-set Main Location Group. Be aware that many reports utilize Location Groups when providing inventory information. If you have a storefront with a warehouse behind it, consider creating a Location Group for each area.

The following functions are available through the Location Module:

  • Create new Locations
  • Auto Create Locations
  • Location Sort Order
  • Edit Location details
  • View inventory located in each Location

Create or Modify a Location

To create a new Location, click the New Image:'new'_symbol.JPG icon located on the Module Toolbar in the Location Module

Under the General subtab enter a name, description, and type of Location you would like.  Each Location is required to be assigned to a Location Group.  You may assign a Location Group by choosing from the drop down arrow next to the Location Group box. [Note: Your Location Groups must already be created before they may be assigned to a Location. See the Location Group Module if you need help]. If you do not see the desired Location Group to assign, you may create new location groups through the Location Group Module.  [Optional] You may also add a default customer to this location if you wish.

Fishbowl will automatically enter the next available tag number for this location. You may enter in your own unique tag number here if you wish.  (Please see Key Concepts to better understand the purpose of tags, Locations, and Location Groups)

You will now want to specify whether the location is default, available for sale, active, pickable, or receivable. Any boxes left un-checked will deny those functions for this location.  When you are finished click Save Image:'save'_symbol.JPG  in the Module Toolbar to save your changes.

[Note: When editing an existing location simply double-click the location from

the search panel. Make the desired changes to the General subtab on the right and click save in the Module Toolbar]

When a location is pulled up on the main screen, the Inventory subtab will give a list of part numbers, tags, and quantity in that location.  When clicked on the blue hyperlink will take you directly to the part in the part module, or to the part's inventory in the inventory module.


Location Sort Order

The Sort Order will organize your pick according to the order specified in the Location Sort Order.  Items on your Pick will be organized according to the placement and order of locations in the Sort Order instead of the placement and order of locations on the Sales Order.

Click on the Sort Order Image:Sort_Order.JPG located in the Module Toolbar. Specify the location order you would like your picks to be organized by highlighting the location and clicking on the blue up or down arrow to the right of the sort order wizard. Click Ok at the bottom of the Location Sort Order box to save your changes.  The order of items will now be arranged according to the Location Sort Order instead of the location arrangement on the Sales Order.

Location Terms

Location Options:

  • Default location -- If you have multiple locations of the same type, you can set one as the default.
  • Available for Sale -- Inventory from this Location are able to be sold. (Not parts used in manufacturing, or office supplies.)
  • Active -- Uncheck the Active checkbox only if you do not wish to be able to Move to, Pick from, or Receive to this Location. This overrides the Pickable and Receivable options (i.e. you cannot have a Pickable Inactive Location).
  • Pickable -- Un-checking this option will restrict Picking from this Location. Items stored only in an Un-pickable Location will appear on the Short Tab in the Pick Module.
  • Receivable -- Similar to Pickable Locations, items cannot be Received into a Location which is not marked Receivable.

Default Location Types:

  • Stock Room -- Locations where inventory is stored should use this classification.
  • Shipping -- This classification is for Locations involved in Shipping Operations.
  • Receiving -- Locations where purchase orders are received are of this location type.
  • Vendor-- This classifies areas which are allocated for specific vendors.
  • Inspection -- This type is reserved for areas where inventory is inspected.
  • Locked -- Areas that contain inventory that should not be moved are of this type.
  • Store Front -- This type includes areas at the store front. The POS module uses this location type as its default.

[Note - You can sort your inventory by location type in the Inventory Module.]

Location Tags:
When a Location is created, Fishbowl creates a Location Tag specific to that Location. This numerical representation is used primarily in Fishbowl Mobile. The Tags can be found listed in the Location Module Search Panel on the far right column. (You may scroll over, or drag out the panel width to view the tags).