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{{CategoryBox|Getting started}}
{{CategoryBox|Getting started}}
==Pre-Installation Steps==
===[[FAQs#What are the hardware requirements for Fishbowl?|Hardware Implementation]]===
To assist with implementation, Fishbowl provides the [https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/Implementation%20Flow%20Chart%20&%20Road%20Map.pdf '''Implementation Flow Chart & Road Map''' document] which can be downloaded by clicking the image below.
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Server computer that meets the [http://www.fishbowlinventory.com/quick-tour/system-recommendation/ System Recommendations]
[[File:Implementation Flow Chart & Road Map.png|800px|border|link=https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/w/files/Implementation%20Flow%20Chart%20&%20Road%20Map.pdf]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Set monitor resolution to at least 1024x768
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Reliable internet access to download installer
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Operating system is updated with latest service packs and updates
===[[Getting_Started#Fishbowl_and_QuickBooks_Integration|QuickBooks Integration]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Install a [[Supported_QuickBooks_Versions|Supported Version of QuickBooks]] on the same computer as the Fishbowl server
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Enable class tracking in QuickBooks if applicable
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Decide how frequently you will export information to QuickBooks
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Verify that all data in QuickBooks is accurate and make any needed changes
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Login to QuickBooks as '''Admin''' and switch to single user mode
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Print instructions for integration from Fishbowl’s accounting configuration
==Install Fishbowl==
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Download the installer to [[Install_Fishbowl|install the latest version of Fishbowl]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Select "Server with Client" to install on server or '''Client Only''' on all other workstations
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Start_Fishbowl#Creating_a_new_database|Create a new Fishbowl Database]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Start_Fishbowl#Launching_the_Fishbowl_Server_and_Client|Start Fishbowl Server and Client]]. Use the client to login (username & password=admin)
===[[Company|Company Set-Up]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Determine the number of workstations the Fishbowl client will be running on
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Determine how many people will have access to Fishbowl
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[User|Configure users]], [[User Group|user groups]], [[User Group#Assign access rights to a user|and access rights for Fishbowl modules]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Payment Terms#Create a new payment term|Set appropriate payment terms]] for your customers
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Location|Determine how many locations you have and set up appropriate warehouses]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Determine the functionality of each needed location and configure appropriately
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Class#Enable.2FDisable_Class_Tracking|Enable class tracking]] in Fishbowl if applicable
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Assign locations to proper location groups
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Determine if you will need a [[Product#Product tree|product tree]] (to apply pricing changes by category)
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Class#Create_a_New_Class|Create classes]] as needed (Location, Enterprise or Type of Product)
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Determine if you will use [[Part#Create a tracking method|serial numbers, expiration dates, or other tracking]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Determine if you need to [[Custom_Field|create any custom fields]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Determine which [[Unit_of_Measure|units of measure]] (and conversions) you will need
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Restart Fishbowl server and Fishbowl client
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Create a scheduled database backup in the {{Module|Schedule}}
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Select a [[Payment Gateway]].
==Post-Installation Steps==
===Create [[Location|Inventory Locations]] & [[Unit_of_Measure|Units of Measures]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Complete [[Start_Fishbowl#The_Startup_Wizard|the initial startup wizard]] in Fishbowl and enter appropriate data
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Set up needed [[Location_Group|location groups]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Set up needed [[Location|locations]], delete any that are unused
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Enter applicable [[Unit_of_Measure|units of measure]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Unit_of_Measure#Create_a_unit_of_measure_conversion|Enter unit of measure conversions as needed]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Edit information on [[Carrier|carriers]] that are applicable and [[Vendor#Create a new vendor|add needed vendors]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Enter [[Payment Terms|new terms]] offered to customers and by vendors
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Company#Details tab|Add company logo]] to be used on Fishbowl reports
===[[QuickBooks#FAQs|Integrating with an accounting system]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Set up or modify [[Payment Terms|payment terms]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Go to accounting module to and select an [[Accounting_Integration#Accounting integration|accounting integration]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Enable class tracking within QuickBooks if applicable
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Bring in [[QuickBooks#Integration|company information]] if applicable
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Bring in [[QuickBooks#Integration|inventory items]] if applicable
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Bring in [[QuickBooks#Integration|vendor (supplier) information]] if applicable
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Bring in [[QuickBooks#Integration|customer information]] if applicable
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Set the {{ModuleOptions|Accounting Integration}}
===[[Imports and Exports|Import data into Fishbowl]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Review the [[Imports and Exports]] that are available in Fishbowl. Data can be entered manually, [[QuickBooks#Import|imported from QuickBooks]], or [[Imports and Exports|imported from Excel/CSV]].
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exports|Export the CSV templates and follow the instructions to import data into Fishbowl]].
===Assign Individual Parts to Locations===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Part#Default Locations tab|Assign individual parts to locations]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Move parts to their locations using the Inventory Move Import
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Make sure the spreadsheets are [[Imports and Exports|formatted correctly]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Verify inventory quantities and make needed changes
===Set up [[User_Group|User Groups]] and [[User Group#Assign access rights to a user|Access Rights]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[User Group#Create a new user group|Create new user groups]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[User_Group#Assign access rights to a user|Assign user group rights]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[User#Create a new user|Create new users and enter passwords]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[User Group#Assign users to a group|Assign users to user groups]]
===[[Tax_Rate|Enter Tax Information]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Tax_Rate#Add a tax agency|Add tax agencies]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Tax_Rate#Add a tax rate|Add tax rates]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Assign the classes you are going to use (Location, Enterprise or Type of Product)
===[[Bill_of_Materials#Create_a_bill_of_materials|Create a bill of materials]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] (Option 1) [[Bill_of_Materials#Create_a_bill_of_materials|Create a bill of materials]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] (Option 2) Import a bill of materials using the [[Imports_and_Exports#List_of_imports_and_exports|Bill of Materials import]].
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Set the [[Bill_of_Materials#General tab|Auto Create]] option where applicable
===Purchasing Module Group===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Vendor#TABS|Update vendor information]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Vendor#Associate a part with a vendor|Enter information on parts purchased from vendors]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Review the [[Module Options|module options]] for each module in the '''Purchasing''' group
===Refine the Materials Module Group===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Make sure all [[Part#Create a part|parts are entered into Fishbowl]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Use the Part import to update multiple parts
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Make sure all parts are properly classified under the [[Part#Details tab|Details tab]]
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Enter in any defined custom fields you might use
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Check any options that will be applicable for each part
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Vendor#Associate a part with a vendor|Associate each part with the vendors]] that sell it
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] If applicable, set the [[Part#Vendors_tab|default vendor]] for each part.
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Part#General tab|Import pictures]] if you are going to use that feature on various parts and products
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Part#Default Locations tab|Assign default locations]] for each part
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Review the [[Module Options|module options]] for each module in the '''Materials''' group
===Go to the Sales Module Group===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Customer#Create customer groups|Create needed customer groups]] in the customer module
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Customer#Create customer groups|Assign customers to groups]] under the groups tab
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Customer#Details tab|Assign default salesperson]] to manage customer accounts
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Pricing Rule#Adjustment_types_and_values|Set up needed pricing rules]] on a customer, customer group, or product basis
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] [[Discount#Create_a_new_discount|Set up any discounts]] that are used
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Review the [[Module Options|module options]] for each module in the '''Sales''' group
===[[Reports|Fishbowl Reports]]===
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Open the {{Module|Reports}} in the '''General''' group
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Verify that reports information is accurate
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Contact Fishbowl reports team for any report modifications or custom reports
:[[File:Open_checkbox.JPG]] Review the {{ModuleOptions|Reports}}

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To assist with implementation, Fishbowl provides the Implementation Flow Chart & Road Map document which can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

Implementation Flow Chart & Road Map.png