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Below are several methods for contacting Fishbowl Support.

  • Click the Help menu in the Fishbowl Client and select Support Chat.
    Support Chat from Client.png
  • The Help menu also has an option to Send Database to Fishbowl. This can be done from any Fishbowl Client if the user has the Setup-Send DB access right. This allows Fishbowl to help troubleshoot the database and log files. The same option is available by right-clicking the database in the Fishbowl Server options. To send just the logs, open the Server Log window in the Icon.Data.png Data module.
  • Click this Live Chat link to chat with Fishbowl Support.
  • To contact the Account Sales Executive that is assigned to you, open the Fishbowl Client, click the Help menu, select About, and then click the Support tab.
    Account Sales Executive.png
  • Fishbowl Support can also be contacted through email or phone by clicking here.
  • For questions regarding this documentation site, please email