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Icon.Fishbowl Time.png Fishbowl Time is web app that is developed by Fishbowl. Fishbowl Time has functionality for time clocks, overtime, projects, PTO, GPS tracking, QR codes, and more. Fishbowl Time can be used as a standalone product, or integrated as a Fishbowl plugin. To get started, create an account at


The documentation on this page is for the most recent version of the Small.Fishbowl Time.png Fishbowl Time plugin. To get the most recent version, Update Fishbowl.

  1. In any Fishbowl Client, open the Small.Plugin.png Plugin module, located in the Integrations group.
  2. Select the Small.Fishbowl Time.png Fishbowl Time plugin and click Install.
  3. Completely close all Fishbowl Clients.
  4. Exit the Fishbowl Server by right-clicking the Fishbowl Server tray icon and selecting Exit.
  5. After re-opening the Fishbowl Server, the admin user can access the Small.Fishbowl Time.png Fishbowl Time module from any Fishbowl Client by opening the Manufacturing group.
  6. To grant access to additional users, assign the Fishbowl Time-View access right to the appropriate groups in the Small.User Group.png User Group module
  7. Open the Small.Fishbowl Time.png Fishbowl Time module and enter your username and password.
    Fishbowl Time.png
  8. Click the Connect Button.png Test Connection button and then click the Save Button.png Save button at the top.