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An example of a table in Fishbowl.

Tables are used in many places throughout Fishbowl. A table is a column/row layout that displays data. Tables are used to display search results, order items, inventory details, and much more. Tables can be customized in many ways to fit the needs of a user.

Customize tables

Table customization is performed by clicking on column headers, and also by right-clicking column headers to display the context menu.

Table menu.png

Table settings are automatically saved, so the table will load with the customized settings every time Fishbowl is used.

Rearranging columns

  • The order of columns can be changed by clicking on a column header and dragging it to the desired position.

Sort order

  • The sort order of a table can be changed by clicking on a column header. A small triangle will appear on the column header indicating that the table is now sorted by that column.
  • A table can be sorted using multiple columns by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking each column header that should be included in the sort.

Column visibility

  • Columns can be hidden by right-clicking a column header and choosing Hide This Column.
  • Additional columns can be displayed by right-clicking any column header and placing a check mark next to the desired column.
    NOTE: Some tables have many columns, so it is necessary to click More at the bottom of the list to see all columns.

Resize columns

  • Columns can be resized by clicking on the vertical line between column headers and dragging it to the desired position.
  • A column can be resized to fit its contents by right-clicking the column header and choosing Auto Resize This Column.
  • To make all visible columns fit within the table width, right-click any column header and choose Fixed Width Table.