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When the Fishbowl Server is installed, the Fishbowl Server Administration application is also installed. This application provides an interface for creating databases, modifying server settings, changing the license key, and performing database maintenance.

Fishbowl Server Administration.png

Stop the Fishbowl Server

If the Fishbowl Server is started, the Fishbowl Server Administration can be viewed, but changes cannot be made. To make changes, first stop the Fishbowl server using one of the methods below.

  • Right-click the Fishbowl Server icon in the system tray and click Stop.
    Stop Server.png
  • Double-click the Fishbowl Server icon in the system tray and then click the Stop button.
    Stop Fishbowl Server.png

Start Fishbowl Server Administration

Below are are several ways to start the Fishbowl Server Administration.

  • Click the Start menu, select the Fishbowl program folder, and then click Fishbowl Server Administration.
    Fishbowl Program folder.png
  • Browse to C:\Program Files\Fishbowl\server\bin\ and then double-click Fishbowl Server Administration.exe.
    Fishbowl Server Administration file.png
  • Right-click the Fishbowl Server icon in the system tray and choose Options.
    Server Options.png
  • Double-click the Fishbowl Server icon in the system tray, click the Tools menu, and then select Options.
    Server options stop.png


Database tab

Fishbowl Server Administration.png

This tab provides access to several database features.

Server tab

Fishbowl Server Administration Server.png
  • The Server Port can be changed to a different port number. This can also allow multiple Fishbowl Servers to run on the same computer.
  • Inactivity time can be extended as described here.
  • Broadcast Server Location allows the Fishbowl Server to be found by clicking the Search Icon Button.png Find Fishbowl Servers button from the login window.
  • To prevent a user from logging in on multiple computers, enable Users can only be logged in once.
  • Server memory can be adjusted as described here.
  • More information about Auto Updates is available here.


  • The Web Port is used for the Fishbowl web server that allows REST API access. The REST API is in beta.
    • API documentation can only be accessed when the Fishbowl Server is running.
    • To see the documentation on the Fishbowl Server computer, click the following link: http://localhost:80/apidocs
      REST API.png
    • To see the documentation from other computers on the network, enter the IP address of the Fishbowl Server computer, replacing 80 with your Web Port. For example:
    • To use a Secure Web Connection, select a .JKS certificate file. The certificate can be self-signed or purchased online from a Certificate Authority.

License tab

Fishbowl Server Administration License.png

Restore tab

Fishbowl Server Administration Restore.png