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Connecting to Fishbowl Hosting via Mac

Steps for connecting to a Fishbowl Hosted server from a Mac:

Step 1: Log into using one of your assigned users if you are an active customer (any user except for the admin user). If you are a prospect you can use the demo login. NOTE: While logged into the secure website, please write down the ip address of the server you want to connect to (i.e. as you will need it later.

Step 2: Once logged in, you will need to hit the start button for Network Connect at the bottom of the page. This will download and install the Network Connect program to your applications folder (We suggest after it is installed that you add it to your app tray, as this will make things easier). Log out of the webpage using the log out button in the top right corner. If once installed the Network Connect auto logs in, that’s okay, just be aware it may time out before you have the chance to do the next step so you would need to reconnect it. When connecting the network connect program for the first time after downloading, it may first present you with a field called sign in at: simply put in the website (

Step 3: Next, you will need to download and install the Microsoft RDP client to your Mac computer. it can be found here: Click Here! (This is also suggested to add to your app tray)

Step 4: Once both are installed, run the Network Connect program and log in using the same user that you used to log into the secure website. You cannot login to Network Connect with the admin user. Ensure you have a connection; a small status window will be opened when successfully connected.

Step 5: Run the Microsoft RDP client that was installed. The first thing that it will ask you for is the ip address that you wrote down from step 1. Enter the address and choose connect. It will then present a few more fields to fill in: username, password and domain. Enter in the username and password that you used to connect network connect OR if you want to log in with admin privileges this would be where you use the admin user for your company. IMPORTANT NOTE: blank out the domain field, there should be NOTHING in there. You can then hit connect. (if the RDP client gives you a message saying something about the server name/certificate is incorrect/invalid still choose to continue)

A new window should open directly showing the hosted server desktop with a fishbowl client icon, server icon, windows start button, etc.

Now that you have successfully connected once, reconnecting again is a lot easier. You simply need to run network connect first and have it successfully connect, then run the RDP client and have it connect and you're in! Both programs should remember the login info/settings from the first time.

Mapping a Local Drive (Mac) to a Hosted machine

After completing the above instructions on how to connect to Fishbowl Hosting via a Mac computer, the following instructions will assist in mapping a Local Drive on a Mac to Fishbowl Hosting.

  1. Complete the instructions above on how to establish the Remote Desktop Connection to Fishbowl Hosting for a Mac computer.
  2. Once successfully connected click on RDC. This is located in the top left side of the toolbar.

Mapping a local drive on a Mac computer to the Hosted machine Go through the Remote Desktop Connection instructions. Once connected, in the toolbar at the top on the left side, click on “RDC.” Click preferences from the RDC dropdown, then click drives. Select the drives you want to map, and click ok. Close your Remote Desktop Connection and reopen it. On the Hosted machine click “Computer” and the shared drives will appear in the list of drives.

Access Fishbowl Hosted Services via Apple ipad

  1. Install the free Junos Pulse app on your iOS device.
  2. Install a Remote Desktop App on your iOS device. Note: One that has been recommended is the free remote desktop app RDesktop by Hana Mobile. However, there are several Remote Desktop apps available, and any should work as long as they support RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).
  3. Open the Junos Pulse App. You will need to agree to the End User License Agreement to proceed.
  4. Tap Enable to enable Junos Pulse.
  5. Tap Configuration to configure Fishbowl Hosted Services.
  6. Tap Add new configuration.
  7. Enter Fishbowl Hosted Services in the Name field.
  8. Enter in the URL field
  9. Tap Save in upper-right corner.
  10. Tap Junos Pulse at the top to go back to main screen.
  11. Tap Connect to go to the Fishbowl Hosted Services login page.
  12. Enter your Fishbowl Hosted username and password and tap Sign In.
  13. Once connected, it will show VPN on in the top left corner
  14. Press the iPad Home Button to return to the Home Screen. You should see VPN in the top-left corner next to the WiFi and 3G network indicators. (The Junos Pulse app is still running in the background.)
  15. Open the Remote Desktop app you previously installed. Note: At this point the instructions may vary depending on what Remote Desktop app you are using.
  16. Configure a new connection with the Remote Desktop Application using the following information:
    Username & Password (same one you use to log into
    Hostname: Enter IP address of Hosted Services Server. (this can be found on the Welcome Page after you login to Fishbowl Hosted Services from a PC or Mac)
    Domain: fbihosting
  17. Connect to the connection just created to load the Hosted server.