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The Fishbowl Developer Hook is a testing application to assist developers with setting up and troubleshooting XML calls to the Fishbowl API. The Fishbowl Developer Hook sends requests to the Fishbowl Server. After the server processes a request, it returns a response back to the application.

Install FishHook

The FishHook installer can be downloaded from this page. After completing the installation, FishHook can be opened from the program menu.

FishHook program menu.png

The default program location is C:\Program Files (x86)\FishHook\FishHook.exe.

Login to the Fishbowl Server

When the Fishbowl Developer Hook is launched, a Login request tab will automatically be opened. If needed, the User Name, Password, Server Hostname, and Server Port can be configured by clicking the Settings menu and then selecting Change Connection.

Fishbowl Developer Hook Login.png

With the login request open, click Connect and then click Send Request to login to the Fishbowl Server.

Application approval

Fishbowl Developer Hook Approval.png

The first time that an integrated application attempts to connect to Fishbowl, the application will need to be approved. The app only needs to be approved once. Follow the steps below to approve an integrated app.

  1. Start the Fishbowl Client and open the Icon.Settings.png Settings module, located in the Setup group.
  2. Click the Integrated Apps tab.
    Approve Integrated App.png
  3. Select the integrated app from the list and then click the Approve Icon Button.png Approve button.
  4. The integrated app should now be able to connect successfully.

Send a request

Before sending a request it is necessary to login to the Fishbowl Server. After logging in, click the Tabs menu at the top, select Add Request Tab, and then choose from the list of available requests.

Fishbowl Developer Hook Add Request Tab.png

If the login was successful, the request will already have the correct ticket key. After adding any necessary information to the request, click Send Request to send the request to the Fishbowl Server.

Request response

After the Fishbowl Server processes a request it will return a response to the Fishbowl Developer Hook.

Fishbowl Developer Hook Success.png

By default, the XML response will be displayed in the lower pane of the main window. To make the response appear in its own window, click the File menu and then select Show XML Response.

API documentation

For more examples and documentation, see Fishbowl API and Developer Tools.