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Canada Icon.png Fishbowl Canada is a version of Fishbowl that is tailored to meet the needs of companies in Canada. Listed below are some of the key differences found in Fishbowl Canada.

Fishbowl Canada.png

Install Fishbowl Canada

Follow the steps below to Install Fishbowl Canada.

  1. Click here and enter the required information.
  2. Scroll down to the section titled Fishbowl Canada and click the link to download the latest version. The name of the downloaded file should start with fbca.
  3. After the download is complete, follow the instructions to Install Fishbowl.

Tax codes

One of the primary differences in Fishbowl Canada is the handling of tax codes. Listed below are the ways that tax codes are handled in Fishbowl Canada.

Home currency

The home currency in Fishbowl Canada will be set to CAD. This can be seen in the Small.Currency.png Currency module.

CAD Home Currency.png

This can also be seen in the Small.Sales Order.png Sales Order module and Small.Purchase Order.png Purchase Order module when multi-currency is enabled and the customer/vendor is using a different currency.

CAD SO Currency.png

Supported QuickBooks versions

The versions of QuickBooks Canada that are officially supported by Fishbowl are listed in Supported QuickBooks Versions.


See below for the details of some additional module options in Fishbowl Canada.

Sales Order General tab
SO General Canada.png
  • Round cash transactions to the nearest
If this option is on, cash payments will default to the order total, rounded to the nearest $.05 or $.10.
  • Amount includes tax by default
If this option is on, the unit price and total will include the tax amount.