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Just as Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks, we allow developers to integrate their own software with Fishbowl. The Fishbowl API allows users to log in from third-party applications. These applications can run certain procedures when connected to the Fishbowl Server. This provides developers with the connection they need to customize applications to meet your business's specific needs. The API also has the responsibility to validate and process the requests that are sent to it from third-party integrated applications and send the response back.

The Fishbowl API provides integration with the data and objects stored on the Fishbowl Server. When scoping out a potential application, it would be beneficial to view the developer tools and the documentation below to verify that the data and requests you need are accessible through the API. All of the documentation and examples were obtained by using the demo Fishbowl database and the Fishbowl Developer Hook. When connecting to the Fishbowl API you will need to create a socket connection to the port. We do have some very basic sample code available to demonstrate how to make a connection in Java and C#.

The Fishbowl Legacy API is still available however it is no longer actively being developed.

Requests Template:Top

Request Syntax Brief Description
Execute Query ExecuteQueryRq Returns results of sql query in csv format
Import ImportRq Request allows you to import data
Import Headers ImportHeaderRq Returns a list of import header for a specific import.
Login LoginRq Logs a user in to Fishbowl.
Logout LogoutRq Logs a user out of Fishbowl.

Examples Template:Top

Each example listed below will include 3 things.

  1. A description
  2. The generic syntax
  3. An example using the demo database included with Fishbowl

Execute Query

Description: Returns results of sql query in csv format. The ExecuteQueryRq can run a query saved in the Icon.Data.png Data module, or a custom query included in the request. The Icon.Data.png Data module may be helpful for testing queries and extracting queries based on reports.


	"ExecuteQueryRq": {
		"Query": "",
		"Name": ""


	"FbiJson": {
		"Ticket": {
			"Key": "xTypHT/pZXZy6Re+H66kSA=="
		"FbiMsgsRq": {
			"ExecuteQueryRq": {
				"Name": "PartList"


	"FbiJson": {
		"Ticket": {
			"Key": "xTypHT/pZXZy6Re+H66kSA=="
		"FbiMsgsRq": {
			"ExecuteQueryRq": {
				"Query": "SELECT part.num AS partNumber, part.description AS partDescription FROM part"

Description: This request allows you to run any of the CSV imports. The type is formatted as "ImportCsvName" with no spaces. Data columns can be blank, but each data column must be represented in the request. The example uses the import to edit/add a vendor. It is best practice to always include the header rows when importing data.


	"ImportRq": {
		"Type": "",
		"Rows": [{
			"Row": ""
			"Row": ""


	"FbiJson": {
		"Ticket": {
			"Key": "xTypHT/pZXZy6Re+H66kSA=="
		"FbiMsgsRq": {
			"ImportRq": {
				"Type": "ImportVendors",
				"Rows": [{
					"Row": "\"Name\",\"AddressName\",\"AddressContact\",\"AddressType\",\"IsDefault\",\"Address\",\"City\",\"State\",\"Zip\",\"Country\",\"Main\",\"Home\",\"Work\",\"Mobile\",\"Fax\",\"Email\",\"Pager\",\"Web\",\"Other\",\"DefaultTerms\",\"DefaultShippingTerms\",\"Status\",\"AlertNotes\",\"URL\",\"DefaultCarrier\",\"MinOrderAmount\",\"Active\",\"AccountNumber\",\"CurrencyName\",\"CurrencyRate\",\"CF-Custom1\",\"CF-Custom2\",\"CF-Custom3\",\"CF-Custom4\""
					"Row": "\"Monroe Bike Company\",\"Williams Bike Company - 210\",\"Williams Bike Company\",\"50\",\"true\",\"Wall st.\",\"New York\",\"NY\",\"21004\",\"UNITED STATES\",\"212-321-5643\",,,,,,,,,,,,,"

Import Headers

Description: This request allows you to get the headers of an import. The type is formatted as "ImportCsvName" with no spaces. The example retrieves the import headers of the Add Inventory import.


	"ImportHeaderRq": {
		"Type": ""


	"FbiJson": {
		"Ticket": {
			"Key": "xTypHT/pZXZy6Re+H66kSA=="
		"FbiMsgsRq": {
			"ImportHeaderRq": {
				"Type": "ImportAddInventory"

Description: Logs a user in to Fishbowl. The IAID can be any randomly generated integer value as long as the IAID and the IAName are unique per Fishbowl server. The algorithm required to encrypt the password is Base64.encode(MD5.hash(password))


	"LoginRq": {
		"IAID": 111111,
		"IADescription": "",
		"UserName": "",
		"IAName": "",
		"UserPassword": ""


	"FbiJson": {
		"Ticket": {
			"Key": ""
		"FbiMsgsRq": {
			"LoginRq": {
				"IAID": 1234,
				"IADescription": "Fishbowl Developer Hook an API test application for Fishbowl Inventory",
				"UserName": "admin",
				"IAName": "Fishbowl Developer Hook",
				"UserPassword": "ISMvKXpXpadDiUoOSoAfww=="

Description: Logs a user out of Fishbowl.


	"LogoutRq": ""


	"FbiJson": {
		"Ticket": {
			"Key": "xTypHT/pZXZy6Re+H66kSA=="
		"FbiMsgsRq": {
			"LogoutRq": ""

Best practices Template:Top

First integration

When you first connect your application you will receive a status code 1110 or 1112 which indicates you will need to approve your application.

Creating orders

In order to create orders through the API, the recommended method is to use the ImportRq and specify the type of ImportSalesOrder. The ImportRq allows you to run any of the CSV imports, and specifying the ImportSalesOrder defines that you want to import a Sales Order. Going through the ImportRq is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to create an order in Fishbowl.

Troubleshooting tips

The following general tips may be helpful for developers when troubleshooting an issue. Completing these steps will often reveal the source of the problem and eliminate the need to submit a developer ticket.

  • Use the Icon.Data.png Data module to examine the database tables.
  • Run eve.bat and client.bat and examine the output or errors displayed in the command window.
    Eve.bat example.png
  • To increase the logging level of the server, double-click the server tray icon and then click the Logging tab. Debug is the recommended level to show all relevant data. Trace may overwhelm the logging with too much information.
    Increase Logging Level.png
  • If an error is being displayed in Fishbowl, clicking the Double Arrow Icon Button.png Double Arrow button will display more information about the error.
  • It is highly recommended to have a separate installation of Fishbowl that can be used for testing and troubleshooting purposes.
  • NOTE: Fishbowl can assist in troubleshooting issues, but will not debug your code for you.

Error codes Template:Top

Code Error
1000 Success!
1001 Unknown message received.
1002 Connection to Fishbowl server was lost.
1003 Some requests had errors.
1004 There was an error with the database.
1009 Fishbowl server has been shut down.
1010 You have been logged off the server by an administrator.
1011 Not found.
1012 General error.
1013 Dependencies need to be deleted
1100 Unknown login error occurred.
1109 This integrated application registration key is already in use.
1110 A new integrated application has been added to Fishbowl. Please contact the Fishbowl administrator to approve this integrated application.
1111 This integrated application registration key does not match.
1112 This integrated application has not been approved by the Fishbowl administrator.
1120 Invalid username or password.
1130 Invalid ticket passed to Fishbowl server.
1131 Invalid ticket key passed to Fishbowl server.
1140 Initialization token is not correct type.
1150 Request was invalid.
1161 Response was invalid.
1162 The login limit has been reached for the server's key.
1200 Custom field is invalid.
1300 Was not able to find the memo _________.
1301 The memo was invalid.
1400 Was not able to find the order history.
1401 The order history was invalid.
1500 The import was not properly formed.
1501 That import type is not supported.
1502 File not found.
1503 That export type is not supported.
1504 Unable to write to file.
1505 The import data was of the wrong type.
1600 Unable to load the user.
1601 Unable to find the user.
2000 Was not able to find the part _________.
2001 The part was invalid.
2002 Was not able to find a unique part.
2003 BOM had an error on the part.
2100 Was not able to find the product _________.
2101 The product was invalid.
2102 The product is not unique.
2120 The kit item was invalid.
2121 The associated product was invalid.
2200 Yield failed.
2201 Commit failed.
2202 Add initial inventory failed.
2203 Cannot adjust committed inventory.
2204 Invalid quantity.
2205 Quantity must be greater than zero.
2206 Serial number _________ already committed.
2207 Part _________ is not an inventory part.
2208 Not enough available quantity in _________.
2209 Move failed.
2210 Cycle count failed.
2300 Was not able to find the tag number _______.
2301 The tag was invalid.
2302 The tag move failed.
2303 Was not able to save tag number _________.
2304 Not enough available inventory in tag number _________.
2305 Tag number _________ is a location.
2400 Invalid UOM.
2401 UOM _________ not found.
2402 Integer UOM _________ cannot have non-integer quantity.
2403 The UOM is not compatible with the part's base UOM.
2404 Cannot convert to the requested UOM.
2405 Cannot convert to the requested UOM.
2406 The quantity must be a whole number.
2407 The UOM conversion for the quantity must be a whole number.
2500 The tracking is not valid.
2501 Part tracking not found.
2502 The part tracking name is required.
2503 The part tracking name _________ is already in use.
2504 The part tracking abbreviation is required.
2505 The part tracking abbreviation _________ is already in use.
2506 The part tracking _________ is in use or was used and cannot be deleted.
2510 Serial number is missing.
2511 Serial number is null.
2512 Duplicate serial number.
2513 The serial number is not valid.
2514 Tracking is not equal.
2515 The tracking _________ was not found in location _________ or is committed to another order.
2600 Location _________ not found.
2601 Invalid location.
2602 Location group _________ not found.
2603 Default customer not specified for location _________.
2604 Default vendor not specified for location _________.
2605 Default location for part _________ not found.
2606 _________ is not pickable location.
2607 _________ is not receivable location.
2700 Location group not found.
2701 Invalid location group.
2702 User does not have access to location group _________.
3000 Customer _________ not found.
3001 Customer is invalid.
3002 Customer _________ must have a default main office address.
3100 Vendor _________ not found.
3101 Vendor is invalid.
3300 Address not found.
3301 Invalid address.
4000 There was an error loading PO _________.
4001 Unknown status _________.
4002 Unknown carrier _________.
4003 Unknown QuickBooks class _________.
4004 PO does not have a PO number. Please turn on the auto-assign PO number option in the purchase order module options.
4005 Duplicate order number _________.
4006 Cannot create PO with configurable parts: _________
4007 The following parts were not added to the purchase order. They have no default vendor
4008 Unknown type _________.
4100 There was an error loading SO _________.
4101 Unknown salesman _________.
4102 Unknown tax rate _________.
4103 Cannot create SO with configurable parts: _________.
4104 The sales order item is invalid: _________.
4105 SO does not have a SO number. Please turn on the auto-assign SO numbers option in the sales order module options.
4106 Cannot create SO with kit products.
4107 A kit item must follow a kit header.
4200 There was an error loading BOM _________.
4201 Bill of materials cannot be found.
4202 Duplicate BOM number _________.
4203 The bill of materials is not up to date and must be reloaded.
4204 Bill of materials was not saved.
4205 Bill of materials is in use and cannot be deleted.
4206 Requires a raw good and a finished good, or a repair.
4207 This change would make this a recursive bill of materials.
4210 There was an error loading MO _________.
4211 Manufacture order cannot be found.
4212 No manufacture order was created. Duplicate order number _________.
4213 The manufacture order is not up to date and must be reloaded.
4214 Manufacture order was not saved.
4215 Manufacture order is closed and cannot be modified.
4220 There was an error loading WO _________.
4221 Work order cannot be found.
4222 Duplicate work order number _________.
4223 The work order is not up to date and must be reloaded.
4224 Work order was not saved.
4300 There was an error loading TO _________.
4301 Unknown status _________.
4302 Unknown carrier _________.
4303 Transfer order cannot be found.
4304 TO does not have a TO number. Please turn on the auto-assign TO number option in the Transfer Order module options.
4305 Duplicate order number _________.
4306 Unknown type _________.
4307 Transfer order was not saved.
4308 The transfer order is not up to date and must be reloaded.
5000 There was a receiving error.
5001 Receive ticket invalid.
5002 Could not find a line item for part number _________.
5003 Could not find a line item for product number _________.
5004 Not a valid receive type.
5005 The receipt is not up to date and must be reloaded.
5006 A location is required to receive this part. Part num: _________
5007 Cannot receive or reconcile more than the quantity ordered on a TO.
5008 Receipt not found _________.
5100 Pick invalid.
5101 Pick not found _________.
5102 Pick was not saved.
5103 An order on pick _________ has a problem.
5104 Pick item not found _________.
5105 Could not finalize pick. Quantity is not correct.
5106 The pick is not up to date and must be reloaded.
5107 The part in tag _________ does not match part _________.
5108 Incorrect slot for this item. Item must be placed with others for this order.
5109 Wrong number of serial numbers sent for pick.
5110 Pick items must be started to assign tag.
5111 Order must be picked from location group _________.
5112 The item must be picked from _________.
5200 Shipment invalid.
5201 Shipment not found _________.
5202 Shipment status error.
5203 Unable to process shipment.
5204 Carrier not found _________.
5205 The shipment _________ has already been shipped.
5206 Cannot ship order _________. The customer has a ship hold.
5207 Cannot ship order _________. The vendor has a ship hold.
5300 Could not load RMA.
5400 Could not take payment.
5500 Could not load the calendar.
5501 Could not find the calendar.
5502 Could not save the calendar.
5503 Could not delete the calendar.
5504 Could not find the calendar activity.
5505 Could not save the calendar activity.
5506 Could not delete the calendar activity.
5507 The start date must be before the stop date.
6000 Account invalid.
6001 Discount invalid.
6002 Tax rate invalid.
6003 Accounting connection failed.
6004 Accounting not here.
6005 Accounting system not defined.
6006 Accounting brought back a null result.
6007 Accounting synchronization error.
6008 The export failed.
6100 Class already exists.
7000 Pricing Rule error.
7001 Pricing Rule not found.
7002 The pricing rules name is not unique.