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Icon.Dashboard.png The Dashboard module, located in the General group, shows an overview of pending orders in the system and can also display reports and links to common tasks. Fishbowl can save a customized dashboard for each Fishbowl user so that every user sees the information that is most relevant to them.

Dashboard module.png

Module buttons

Save Button.png Save Layout saves any changes made to the dashboard.

Load Layout Button.png Load Layout reverts to the saved layout, discarding any unsaved changes.

Columns Button.png Columns allows the number of dashboard columns to be customized.

Email Button.png Email opens a window to compose an email. If the module's default report is specified, the PDF report will be attached. Email can be configured on the Email tab of the Icon.Settings.png Settings module.

Print Button.png Print sends the default module report to the printer.

How To Button.png How To opens this article in a web browser.

Refresh Button.png Refresh reloads whatever is currently open in the module.

Add gadgets

Follow the steps below to add gadgets to the dashboard.

  1. Open the Icon.Dashboard.png Dashboard module and click the Show Available Gadgets Button.png Show Available Gadgets button.
    Dashboard module.png
  2. Click the small arrow on the right to see all of the gadget types listed below. If not all gadget types are available, enable the corresponding access rights for the user.
    BI Report, Open Sales Orders, Open Purchase Orders, Open Work Orders, Open Transfer Orders, Open RMA Orders, Items to be Picked, Items to be Received, Items to be Shipped, Report, Quick Links, Website.
    Website widget.png
  3. To add a gadget, drag it into the dashboard area or click the Add button in the bottom-right corner.
  4. After adding the desired gadgets, click the Done button at the bottom to hide the palette.
  5. Changes are saved automatically when closing the module or the client. The Save Layout button on the module toolbar can also be used to save changes immediately.

Click the blue links in a gadget to open the item in the corresponding module. Gadgets can also be moved, resized, and modified.

Modify a gadget

Gadgets can be moved, resized, collapsed, and deleted. The items displayed in a gadget can be customized and the columns and items in a gadget can also be sorted and customized.

  • To move a gadget, click on the title bar of the gadget and drag it to a new location.
  • To resize a gadget, drag the sides or the bottom edge of the gadget.
  • The columns in each gadget can be sorted, rearranged, and hidden. For more information, see Customize tables.
  • Gadgets can be collapsed and expanded by clicking the title bar at the top of the gadget.
  • To delete a gadget, place the mouse in the top-right corner of the gadget and then click the red X.

Change the items displayed in a gadget

The orders and items that are displayed in a gadget can also be modified. Most gadget use the advanced search of the corresponding module to determine which items to display. Follow the steps below to modify which items are displayed in a gadget.

  1. Open the module that corresponds to the gadget. For example, to modify the orders displayed in the Sales Order gadget, open the Icon.Sales Order.png Sales Order module and click the Advanced Search button in the search pane.
  2. Modify any of the search filters (status, type, etc.) and then click the Save Icon Button.png Save Filters button.
  3. Close the Advanced Search window and return to the Icon.Dashboard.png Dashboard module.
  4. Click the Refresh button in the module toolbar to see the changes.

Add tabs

The Icon.Dashboard.png Dashboard module has the ability to display several tabs. Each tab can contain different gadgets. Follow the steps below to add a new tab.

  1. Click the Add Button.png New Tab button near the top of the module.
    Dashboard main page toolbar.png
  2. To rename the tab, double-click the tab title.
  3. To change the number of column in the tab, click the Columns button in the module toolbar.
  4. Follow the steps to add gadgets to the tab.
  5. Changes are saved automatically when the module or the client are closed. The Save Layout button can also be used to save changes immediately.


Some aspects of the Icon.Dashboard.png Dashboard module can be customized by opening the module, clicking the Tools menu, and then selecting Module Options.

General tab
Dashboard Module Options.png
  • Auto Refresh
When the Auto Refresh option is checked, the Icon.Dashboard.png Dashboard module will automatically refresh at the specified rate.