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How to Customize Fishbowl for your Company

Fishbowl Inventory is a full-scale inventory control software that covers the basic processes of most companies. However we also know that every company has a specific way of doing things that Fishbowl may not cover in their most preferred way. To compensate for the individuality of every company, Fishbowl has created a variety of ways to customize the software to meet company needs. This includes the following:

Module Options Module Options are found within almost every one of the Fishbowl Modules by going to Tools | Module Options on the top toolbar of the Fishbowl Client. The Module Options allow the module to be customized in certain ways. For example, the Picking Module Options allows user to specify a pick by certain order creation or tags as well as allowing users to pick from all Location Groups within their access rights. The Accounting Module Options gives the user specific abilities when it comes to exporting data, items or orders over to QuickBooks. The following list includes the most popular Module Options:

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Likewise, a complete list of all Module Options offered can be found here: Fishbowl Module Options

A short video clip with the most commonly used Module Options is also found here: Template:TV Common Module Options

Custom Fields Custom Fields are a great way to customize the Fishbowl software because they may hold any type of data a company desires. Custom Fields are created for a specific module, then are customized to hold text, a date, quantity, money amount, a checkbox, a list, etc.

For example, a company may be in the clothing business. Aside from having a specific UOM and part description, the company decides to use the Custom Fields as a way to track Color and Size for items. They create two Lists with all of the options available for both color and size. When an employee needs to find a shirt with a specific color and size, they simply use the advanced search feature in the Part Module to pull all the items within their search parameters.

Some companies also use Custom Fields to allow minimum and maximum price parameters. For example, say a company allows their Sales Reps to sell a product at a minimum price of $45, but a maximum price of $50. So the sales rep is always aware of their limitations, the minimum and maximum prices for each item have been established as a Custom Field.

Custom Fields are for internal-use only such as Advanced Searches, saving vital information, etc. They are not found on Orders or Reports.

Additional information on how to create and manage Custom Fields can be found here: Custom Field Details

A short video on Custom Fields is found here: Template:TV Custom Field

User Groups/Rights Fishbowl allows administrators to have the ability to give specific rights to their users. These rights help to give proper visibility of different Fishbowl features. For example, a user may need the ability to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders, but might not need nor should have the ability to see specific accounting reports regarding overall sales and finances of the company. Users may also have the ability to create orders, but not to finish them, thus ensuring a manager's approval before items are received or shipped.

If, for another example, a Company has multiple warehouses, Fishbowl's user groups and rights allow the company to specify which warehouse an employee has access to. This allows employees to be fixated on the inventory and processes within their warehouse and not on the inventory within another warehouse or Location Group.

User Rights may be specified within the User Group | Rights tab of the Fishbowl Client.

A list of all the available User Rights can be found here: Complete User Rights List

A short video on Users can be found here: Template:TV Users

Customize Reports Fishbowl offers over a hundred reports for the use of compiling, reviewing, and preparing a company's data. We at Fishbowl understand the need and desire for every company to wish for data specific to their processes. Although it is not possible to provide a personal report for every company who uses Fishbowl (without their purchase of a Custom Report), it is possible to do simple report modifications and to save those parameters chosen for a specific report.

Within the Reports module of the Fishbowl Client, each report brought to view has a modify report icon along the toolbar. When selected, a Customize window will appear providing all of the features regarding the report that may be modified. Reports with modifications may be saved by choosing the 'save filters' icon located on the bottom toolbar of the Customize window. Most of the filters available provide the user with the ability to delete columns, add columns, specify filter dates, etc.

Reports may be modified in more detail by using the program iReport. Fishbowl does not offer support for using iReport, but does provide some initial setup help. Please see the following pages:

For questions regarding reports or to receive a quote for a custom report made by a Fishbowl report specialist, please email

Quick Ship Orders Within Fishbowl, all Sales Orders created need to be Issued, Picked, Packed and Shipped. Some companies may have different people doing this process; therefore they wish to have separate employees completing the steps mentioned above to fulfill a Sales Order. Or, perhaps the time between the creation of the Sales Order and the Shipment of the Sales Order is great enough that the order needs to be moved separately through each module for organizational purposes. Other companies, however, desire to pick, pack, and ship the Sales Order in one swift movement. The Quick Ship feature within Fishbowl was designed for one user to do just that; they have the ability to open an Issued Sales Order and go through the Picking, Packing, and Shipping process all from the Sales Order Module.

Through the Picking section of the Quick Ship wizard the user may choose tracking information, Pick from specified Locations or Tags, as well as choose and apply payments for the order.

For additional and detailed information regarding the Quick Ship features, please see Quick Ship a Sales Order

Using Multiple Tracking Methods Fishbowl provides users with the ability to create and use multiple tracking methods for their company. A computer company may need the ability to track their equipment by using multiple serial numbers, while a candy company may need multiple tracking methods such as a bin or lot number and an expiration date. Or, a clothing company may need to create their own unique tracking method to track by a color or size. Tracking is specified within the Part Module by going to Tools | Module Options | Tracking subtab.

For additional detailed information in Tracking Methods, see the following: