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The Consignment module allows for tracking of inventory that is sold from a consignment location.

The following functions are available through the Consignment Module:

  • Manage inventory located in any Consignment Location
  • Fulfill Sales Orders on consigned inventory
  • Create a Transfer Order to replenish or retrieve inventory
  • Create a Purchase Order
  • Create a New Consignement Location


Consignment Details

A Consignment Location will be associated with a default customer.  While you are creating the location in the New Location wizard, you can select an existing customer or add a new customer as you go.  After you create the location, you will need to go to the Part module to set reorder points for each part (that the location will carry).  The wizards will refer to those reorder points whenever an Auto order is created.

Fishbowl recommends you set your Location Group Module Options to “By Location Group” for reorder levels; this is for the purpose of creating Auto orders for Consignment Locations.  The following instructions will assist you in creating new Consignment Locations:

Create a New Location

Step 1 you click the New Location icon located on the Module Toolbar. The Add Location wizard will be displayed. Set your Location Name, Description, and Tag Number. Each tag number must be unique; you may add your own or select Generate to have Fishbowl generate the next available tag. During this step you may also choose whether your new location is default for this location type and group, pickable, receivable, or available for sale. When the information for this step is correct, select next. 

Step 2 requires you select a Location Group for your new location. You may generate a new Location Group, or select an existing Location Group. Since we are in the Consignment Module, it is likely you will want to choose the Consignment Location Group; choose Next.

Step 3 requires a default customer to be assigned with your new location. Choose an existing customer from the Customer pulldown, or enter a new customer via the add new option which displays the New Customer wizard.

For additional information regarding customers, please see the Customer module.

Step 4 you click the Finish icon to save your new Consignment Location.  A Location saved confirmation will inform you that your location group was successfully created.  Click OK in response to the prompt.  Now that your new location has been created, you may access and make changes to it through the Location Module, or add and manage inventory through the search panel of the Consignment Location.