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(2012.6 Change log - 6/14/2012 {{top}})
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* Bugs fixed during a release are found in the '''[[Change Log]]'''.
#REDIRECT [[Release Notes]]
* Features added to a specific release are found in the '''[[Release Notes]]'''.
* Upcoming features are found in the '''[[Road Map]]'''.
* Change Logs for older versions are found in the '''[[Archives.Change_Log|Change Log Archives]]'''.
== 2012.6 Change log - 6/14/2012 {{top}} ==
'''Bill Of Materials'''
* Fixed: When adding a part in the wizard, can't set uom.
* Fixed: Customfieldview table has duplicate entries.
* Fixed: User access rights report bottom margin was too small.
* Fixed: Z Report not showing all of the customer names.
* Fixed: Importing a custom field list type without a specified list didn't throw any errors.
* Fixed: Could change custom field type while it was in use.
* Fixed: Non-Sales / Inventory line items crash Sales Point
'''QuickBooks Export'''
* Fixed: If you reconcile a purchase order then fulfill it you could not post it to QuickBooks.
== 2012.5 Change log - 4/12/2012 {{top}} ==
'''Bill Of Materials'''
* Fixed: Change estimated time in BOM Details won't set a dirty flag.
* Fixed: Work Orders do not show on the calendar if it days multiple days, weeks or months.
* Fixed: The mini calendar shouldn't scroll when mouse clicking on days.
* Fixed: Sometimes right click doesn't work correctly on events.
* Fixed: Events that span multiple days do not show up when you are viewing one day.
* Fixed: You cannot save update case in saved categories.
* Fixed: You can type in the Calendar Error message box.
* Fixed: Right clicking on a work order event breaks calendar events.
* Removed the ability to edit tracking in the consignment module.
'''CSV Export Import'''
* Fixed: In the CSV Export wizard, double clicking on the export should advance the wizard.
* Fixed: The Receiving Data export does not show SKU and UPC correctly.
* Fixed: When importing SO via CSV, leaving blank payment terms uses the wrong default.
* Fixed: In the Receiving Data export, the SKU column header is in the wrong order.
* Fixed: When changing cost via CSV on a Standard Cost Database the change doesn't export QuickBooks.
* Fixed: When importing an SO that has a Kit within a kit on it the Quantities are incorrect.
* Fixed: When importing a Generic Shopping Cart a wrong fulfillment date is entered.
* Fixed: When importing Receiving Data for PO with same part number on multiple lines, Receipt is incorrect.
* Fixed: When importing Receiving Data Dates are incorrect.
* Fixed: When importing Customer data QuickBooks would never get updated.
* Fixed: When importing BOM data an error would happen when trying to do an option group with items that were not the default.
* Fixed: When importing locations the location group was being read incorrect.
* If you have multiple ship to addresses with different email addresses, the wrong email is used.
* Fixed: Emailing from the shipping module displays the wrong name of the attached report if the report is not the default for the module.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Selling a BOM with a different UOM than the part UOM will create wrong qty amount.
* Fixed: On a Mac client the total fields are too small to display the amounts.
* Fixed: In Quick fulfill wizard, the pick location field has been given extra room.
* Fixed: Adding a second BOM to a MO would set the date scheduled to be midnight.
* Fixed: The hot keys do not work on all memos.
* Fixed: Changing database Server console won't show new database path.
* Fixed: Newer credit card readers read CC's as 2 lines.
* Fixed: Allowed to change the Part UOM to something incompatible with BOM UOMs.
* Fixed: The picking advanced search does not save the part number filter.
* Fixed: Grouped pick had an incorrect status after voiding one of the picks.
'''Pricing Rules'''
* Fixed: Pricing rules that were based off a percentage of Last Cost or Default Vendor Last cost had issues with UOMs.
* Enhanced the interface for receiving RMA items with serial numbers.
* Fixed: In some cases the export summary report does not show order information if the SO is partial fulfilled.
* Fixed: The Forecast Report only shows work orders if tied to a SO.
* Fixed: The Shipping invoice is not showing tracking.
* Fixed: Problems with the raw materials and finished goods.
* Fixed: The Shipping invoice has no ship date on the top right.
* Fixed: The Reorder Report sometimes displays available as 0 when qty is available.
* Fixed: The PO report should have an option to add or remove the bar-code.
* Fixed: The report descriptions are inaccurate.
* Fixed: The Sales Order Taxes report shows 0 for line item tax when order ax is none.
* Fixed: The Export Summary Report if you have items finished on the 29 of February.
* Fixed: The WO Traveler Report shows double headers for repair type BOMs.
* Fixed: Turnover Report was not calculating subtotals correctly when activity was only in 1 location group.
* Fixed: Sometimes you cannot deselect or select the Only Show Default Parts check box.
* Fixed: The Export Summary Report does not display SO % correctly.
* Fixed: Shipping Invoice does not calculate tax correctly with untaxable items.
* Fixed: COGS by Account Summary had links to Sales Orders that did not work.
* Changed: Updated the POS Receipt to show the Date Scheduled Fulfillment of the Sales Order.
* Fixed: Margins by Sales Order Report not showing correct Qty for items that were combined on picks.
* Fixed: Export Summary Report would show tax/discount line items as needing to be posted
* Fixed: Shipping Invoice has a typo in the drop down menu in the optional tab.
* Fixed: Vendor Fulfillment History report gave duplicate line items and other bad numbers.
* Fixed: Shipping Invoice would over lap words from the SO Note.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: The saved search doesn't load by default when opening the SO module.
* Changed: The auto ROP wizard default selections improved.
* Fixed: Hold status alert doesn't work during Quick-ship.
* Fixed: Hold status doesn't work on duplicated orders.
* Fixed: Changing SO Number will change the auto-numbering to start at that new number.
* Fixed: Selling multiple misc. items with various UOMs causes blank error.
* Fixed: Vendor PO Number on the Sales Order would not update when a drop ship item gets removed due to a close short, void, or unissue.
* Fixed: Changing a kit date scheduled fulfillment does not update the kit items date scheduled fulfillment (This will only work once the Sales Order has been saved.)
* Changed: A Customer without a default tax rate will use the company default when creating a Sales Order.
* Fixed: Can't change qty of Kit Header after you save and reload SO.
* Fixed: when saving a SO with no shipping terms you get an error message, but didn't take you to the source of the problem.
* Fixed: SO contact on details tab using contact info not address name.
* Fixed: API no longer accepts fractional eaches
'''Transfer Order'''
* Fixed: An issue where a shipment would get stuck in the 'In Transit' location.
'''Export to QuickBooks'''
* Fixed: Customer payment terms now get exported to QuickBooks with the customer.
* Fixed: Misc sales order items will have their accounts set properly.
* Fixed: Reconciling then receiving would sometimes send wrong amounts to QuickBooks
* Fixed: You could not enter a number larger than three digits number in the Accept field.
* Fixed: Receiving Data Import allowed input of fractional each quantities.
'''Custom Fields'''
* Fixed: Required custom fields were not showing up during the creation of Parts, Vendors, and Customers.
* Fixed: Show only required custom fields in wizards option defaulted on.
* Fixed: When setting a default vendor during part creation the part field was not auto populated.
* Fixed: New part wizard did not allow user to populate required custom fields on linked products.
* Fixed: Inactive products still show in part details tab.
'''Purchase Orders'''
* Fixed: Auto PO assigned created PO's to the users default location group instead of LG the products were associated to.
* Fixed: You cannot enter a negative cost item during the add item step in the reconcile wizard.
* Fixed: change cost in the reconcile wizard then click cancel, cost still gets updated.
* Fixed: when you click on a sorted list the product selected creates a duplicate and puts it at the end of the list.
'''Database Update'''
* Fixed: If database has no shipping locations, after the updating from ver. 9.2 it created several issues with shipping.
'''Location Module'''
* Fixed: type, location group, default customer, tag, and the generate button would compress incorrectly when the client was re-sized.
== 2012.4 Change log - 2/23/2012 {{top}} ==
* Fixed: Click and drag to create a calendar event doesn't create when dragging from the end to the beginning of the event.
* Fixed: API required carrier and salesperson when it shouldn't.
'''Import/Export CSV'''
* Fixed: Part, Product, and Vendor Pricing import shows certain exception messages twice.
* Fixed: Part, Product, and Vendor Pricing import allows the so item type to be changed on service/shipping type parts.
* Fixed: Product import allows the so item type to be changed on service/shipping type parts.
* Fixed: Receiving Data import doesn't fulfill sales orders for drop ship type products.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Add items through the work order details tab doesn't select the part UOM if there is a mouse click on the wizard rather than enter or tab to advance
* Fixed: Changing the license key without logging client connections out first won't allow new clients to log in until the previous client has been closed.
* Fixed: Picking an order with multiple line items, then voiding and re-picking multiple times can cause an error when opening the shipment
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: QB Class field now shows in the part table of the purchase order.
* Fixed: Export a PO credit return now works.
* Fixed: Deleting a vendor from the AutoPO choices leaves the other vendor-specific options enabled.
* Fixed: Shipment History "Sort By" field doesn't appear correctly.
* Fixed: "Sort By" field value would not save.
* Standardized the item notes on the POS Receipt report to match the Sales Order report
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Adding a product attached to a "when short" type bill of Materials doesn't adjust the MO quantity when the sales order quantity is modified.
* Fixed: QB Class and Customer Part # fields now show in the product table of the sales order.
* Fixed: Adding a kit using the add item wizard and modifying the fulfillment date doesn't update the kit item fulfillment dates.
* Fixed: Search pane only displays a single page of results, if there are multiple pages of results they cannot be accessed unless the max row count is increased.
== 2012.3 Change log - 2/9/2012 ==
* Added the ability to map cost variance accounts to COGS type accounts.
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: Duplicating a BOM then creating a new finished good doesn't set the BOM as the default for the part.
* Fixed: Selecting the one time item box on raw goods can be selected across the entire panel.
* Fixed: Selecting Delete then clicking "X" to close the dialog without deleting still deletes the bill of materials.
* Fixed: Deactivating a carrier can't be used on future orders but can finish existing orders.
'''Consignment Module'''
* Fixed: Consignment allowed consigned inventory to be split into a negative qty.
* Fixed: Address fields allow more characters to be entered than are stored when saving, this truncates the address.
* Fixed: Customer status of "Hold Shipment" doesn't work for non admin users.
* Fixed: Creating a duplicate discount shows two error messages.
'''Import/Export CSV'''
* Fixed: The abc code column was not populated on the part export.
* Fixed: Setting tracking types to false does not uncheck box in client on the part import.
* Fixed: User import doesn't create a reports favorite when importing new users.
* Fixed: Part standard cost import showed success message when no header was present, but nothing gets imported.
* Fixed: Exporting CSV files that contain carriage returns in a data string include a "\" at the end of each line.
* Fixed: Miva Shopping Cart import has added columns that weren't in Fishbowl.
* Fixed: BOM export fails if the there is a BOM pick location set for an inactive Location Group.
* Fixed: Kit import with variable item qty won't import into Fishbowl.
* Fixed: BOM import isn't validating incorrect data and returning an error, instead if nothing can be imported the message returns for success.
* Fixed: BOM import instructions are missing the instructions for default locations and custom fields.
* Fixed: Payment Data import is encrypting the check reference field so that its unreadable.
* Fixed: Importing a kit with only two optional items as the kit items fails.
* Fixed: Part BOM import doesn't update the BOM's where that part is being used.
* Fixed: Sales Order import with quantity 2 of 2 items on a kit only creates a pick for 1 of each item.
* Fixed: Part Product and Vendor Pricing import doesn't set primary tracking when enabling serialized tracking on a part.
* Fixed: Bill of Materials import won't update option groups when importing to change the bill of materials.
* Fixed: Changing the location tag number doesn't save the updated tag value unless you select enter first.
* Fixed: Location Auto Create wizard no longer appends auto generated locations with "0" to ensure consistent location length.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: assigning a user to a work order then changing to another manufacture order would not prompt you to save.
* Fixed: Search list wasn't reloading after fulfilling the manufacture order.
* Fixed: Auto MO wizard class filter is available even when class tracking isn't enabled.
* Fixed: MO update dialog about changes made when the order is issued appears before issuing the order.
* Fixed: WO# link in the picking module goes to WO details tab instead of the general tab to finish the work order.
* Removed the synthetica look and feel.
* Removing the client.properties line for username won't allow a user to login to Fishbowl client or SalesPoint.
* Login screen doesn't advance to login after selecting "Enter" when focus is in the server or port field.
* Improved the speed of the FedEx view.
* Updated encoding to be 8859-1 for all databases.
* Image option default height is 1024.
* Fixed: Changing the server license key only updates when the server is exited and restarted.
* Fixed: Viewing the inventory info summary from the part module and selecting a PO doesn't close the summary window.
* Fixed: You cannot see COGS accounts in the part module on the variance account setting.
* Removed the "keep pick history" option from Tools\Module Options in picking.
* Fixed: Ordering 10 BTO items, then only finishing only 2 still includes all finished tracking.
'''Pricing Rule'''
* Fixed: The advanced search window would show up on the wrong monitor if the client was not on the primary monitor.
* Fixed: pricing rules larger than 100% can be entered then saved.
* Fixed: Default product class field cannot be left blank once a class has been set.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Auto PO wizard would show the "no parts" error when running for a date range that didn't include parts, then selecting back and running for a range that included items to be ordered.
* Fixed: Auto PO wizard class filter is available even when class tracking isn't enabled.
* Fixed: Orders created using Auto PO don't set the default class for the order.
* Fixed: Address fields allow more characters to be entered than are stored when saving, this truncates the address.
* Fixed: Editing a line item doesn't prompt to save when leaving the PO.
'''QuickBooks Import/Export'''
* Fixed: Import a customer bill to address was being creating in Fishbowl as a bill to and ship to address.
* Fixed: Importing customers from QuickBooks doesn't set default tax rate for the customer in Fishbowl.
* Fixed: Customer job ship to address is not importing from QuickBooks.
* Fixed: Importing customer addresses from QuickBooks sets the bill to as the bill to and ship to address, should only set bill to.
* Fixed: Exporting to QuickBooks with a closing date set doesn't display the closing date error in the client.
* Fixed: Attempting to export to QuickBooks when there is already an export in progress doesn't show the correct error message.
* Fixed: Fishbowl is calculating multiple tax rates differently than QB when multiple tax rates and multiple subtotals exist.
* Fixed: Fishbowl is unable to export to QB files that have advanced receiving enabled in QB 2012 enterprise edition.
* Fixed: Attempting to advance from the account mapping step when integrating with QuickBooks when there are missing accounts shows incorrect info in the error message.
* Fixed: Error message when exporting illegal characters doesn't include any order information.
* Fixed: QuickBooks integration window in Fishbowl always displays on the primary monitor when there are multiple displays present.
'''Receiving Module'''
* Fixed: The advanced search window would show up on the wrong monitor if the client was not on the primary monitor.
* Fixed: Reconciling and landing cost by weight doesn't always calculate and distribute the cost correctly.
* Added: Module option to change date format in all reports.
* Added: Packing List, ability to show unique shipping numbers.
* Added: Reorder Points Report, part description.
* Added: Reorder Report, default vendor.
* Changed: Uploading the same custom report multiple times will move old files to a backup directory instead of renaming them.
* Changed: Dormant Customer Report, added the option to show or hide inactive customers.
* Changed: Dormant Customer Report, added purchased between filter.
* Fixed: Compare Sales By Month, quantities were not pulling correctly.
* Fixed: Cost Layer Valuation, grand total was not calculating correctly.
* Fixed: Customer List Report, was not linking to the Customer module.
* Fixed: Emailing reports was not looking at the correct name for the email template.
* Fixed: Export Summary, dates were not always displaying correctly.
* Fixed: Inventory Allocated to Work Orders, type's were not displaying correctly.
* Fixed: Inventory Valuation Summary, part descriptions were not wrapping.
* Fixed: Inventory Valuation Summary, asset account was not wrapping.
* Fixed: Manufacture Order Projected Cost, all Manufacture Orders were being displayed in certain instances.
* Fixed: Packing List, the spacing was off on items with tracking.
* Fixed: Part Average Cost, the hyperlink to the part was not working correctly.
* Fixed: Part Barcode by SO, sorting items by line item for orders with more than 10 items was not working correctly.
* Fixed: Part Barcode by PO, sorting items by line item for orders with more than 10 items was not working correctly.
* Fixed: Pick Ticket, build to order items were showing even if they weren't started.
* Fixed: PO Report, item UOM field was not allowing 4 characters.
* Fixed: Pricing Rule Report, description was wrapping into other lines.
* Fixed: Pricing Rule Report, sorting by description wasn't working.
* Fixed: Product Catalog, the product number now wraps for longer numbers.
* Fixed: Products On Order, date range parameter was off by a day.
* Fixed: Sales by Count, customers in multiple groups no longer multiplies totals.
* Fixed: Sales by Count, group by parameter was not working correctly.
* Fixed: Sales by Month, product number was not wrapping.
* Fixed: Sales by Month, product hyperlink was not working correctly.
* Fixed: SO Report, line item column was not displaying correctly.
* Fixed: SO Summary, removed parameters from the optional tab that already had column parameters.
* Fixed: SO Summary, running the report for the first time on a new database would have a customer pre-selected in the modify reports screen.
* Fixed: SO taxes, running the report on a new database would have a customer pre-selected.
* Fixed: Tracking Report, Lot Number and Revision Level were not displaying correctly.
* Fixed: Turnover Report, information was not pulling correctly.
* Fixed: Vendor Part List, UOM was cut off.
* Fixed: WO Report, repair type items were showing up twice.
* Fixed: WO Traveler, repair type items were showing up twice.
* Fixed: Tools\Module options\Selected Reports - Opening the select window then selecting cancel removes the selected report.
* Fixed: Combo box selections aren't being loaded as the default parameters for a report after report filters have been saved.
* Fixed: CC receipt 3in report doesn't show up in the reports \ module options selected reports search.
* Fixed: Uploading a report that already exists then changing the report name still uses the original name, not the changed name.
* Fixed: Adding a report to favorites without changing the report name, then adding it again removes the original report.
* Fixed: Sales order and POS receipt don't use the same size field for the custom notice at the bottom of the report.
'''Sales Order'''
* Changed: The error message regarding an invalid entry for a CC payment was updated to better explain the problem.
* Fixed: Adding items to a quicklist uses the SO item quantity and not the quantity specified when creating the list.
* Fixed: Check inventory wizard doesn't calculate different units of measure correctly when the part default UOM is not used on the order.
* Fixed: Substituting an SO item with an associated MO was not removing the tie to the order.
* Fixed: Adding a multi-level kit with the sub kits specifying price for the kit calculates the price incorrectly.
* Fixed: Selling in sq feet and purchasing/storing in sq mtrs doesn't convert quantity correctly on the sales order.
* Fixed: Address fields allow more characters to be entered than are stored when saving, this truncates the address.
* Fixed: Adding a configured product with a bill of materials and selecting pick from existing disables the "Back" button.
* Fixed: Creating a new order then selecting a different customer doesn't prompt to save existing pricing.
* Fixed: Scheduled task shows a blank error when exporting if there is already an export in progress.
* Fixed: The fulfill service dialog would show up on the wrong monitor if the client was not on the primary monitor.
* Fixed: Search and multi selecting shipments doesn't print the packing lists in order.
* Removed Invoiced and Vendor Credited types from the shipping module search options.
'''Unit of Measure'''
* Fixed: UOM conversion summary step included unneeded punctuation in the instructions.
* Fixed: Component toolbar is hidden on the conversion tab when the client is not displayed in full screen.
* Fixed: Creating a user then immediately attempting to delete it won't remove the user.
'''User Group'''
* Fixed: Duplication button was not duplicating correctly.
* Added: You can now set access rights for the Pipeline sync.
* Fixed: Users with view only rights in purchase order can create new orders.
=== SalesPoint ===
* Partially fulfilling an order then adding an additional item and taking cash payment default to full payment amount rather than balance.
* Partially fulfilling an order then opening it again later and selecting "Checkout" then cancelling causes an out of date error.
* Partially fulfilling an order then adding additional items removes existing pick items that weren't fulfilled before adding additional items.
* Fixed: If no payment receipt report is set to default for the module the order won't fulfill, but there is no message indicating this.
* Fixed: SalesPoint doesn't set the ship to address in the database.
=== Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse ===
* Fixed: Packing lists won't print from FMW.
* Fixed: Selecting login with no username or password returns a max users error instead of unknown username or password.
== 2012.2 Change log - 10/20/11 {{top}} ==
* Changed: When creating a new database we only create 3 locations, Stock, Shipping, Receiving
* Fixed: when searching for a part type that had no parts, Fishbowl would throw a null pointer.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Flat Tax Rate, the amount was not being added to the SO correctly.
* Fixed: when deselecting a default weight in the module option, you could not load shipments.
== 2012 Change log - 10/11/2011 {{top}} ==
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: Doing a quick build would ignore the sort order of option groups.
'''Export to QB'''
* Fixed: transaction not in balance. This would happen when you changed the standard cost of a raw good item after it was on a WO.
* Fixed: When creating a country it would load the country with what was selected when you created the new.
* Fixed: when creating new country you would get a duplicate country error.
* Fixed: Updated the update warning to exclude manually updating reports. Fishbowl does this automatically now.
* Fixed: When selecting a date in an advanced search, it could select another date depending on where your server was located.
'''Import from QB'''
* Fixed: Customer with blank ship to address would create blank address in Fishbowl.
* Fixed: Importing customers from QB again updates existing contact info instead of creating new ones.
'''Import/Export CSV'''
* Added: Picture URL to part import
* Fixed: PPVP, you could import parts/products without a description.
* Fixed: You could get incorrectly committed inventory from picking from multiple locations and closing short a manufacture order.
* Fixed: The auto create wizard would allow you to put a "-" in locations, this is a reserved character.
* Fixed: Saving Updating a part through the client would refresh the full list of parts on every client.
* Fixed: Serialized parts don't update to a "started" status when picking.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Updating the cost in the PO item details was not updating the total cost.
* Fixed: Issue where the Auto PO would not calculate correctly.
* Fixed: You could change the qty of a PO line item on drop ship.
* Fixed: Changed to total at bottom of report to stretch with overflow.
* Fixed: When changing UOM on PO line item, you could change it to a UOM that was not converted.
* Fixed: You could change the qty on the Drop Ship PO.
* Fixed: Ordering a PO by line, then by part would mess up the sort order.
* Fixed: Updated warning message when moving to another receipt to better reflect what is happening.
* Fixed: Default search status was set to "Any" instead of "All Open"
* Fixed: Cannot set default landed cost method in receiving module options.
* Fixed: Vendor part list did not have a default sort. It now sorts by part #.
* Fixed: Compare Sales By Month, UOM conversion problem.
* Fixed: Compare Sales by month, the qty field would not hold 9 digits.
* Fixed: Report viewer window icon is low resolution and looks distorted.
* Fixed: Part Committed Report, added totals to the report.
* Fixed: Auto PO, the report was not showing vendor UOM's correctly.
* Fixed: MTD Sales Bar Graph, report was not pulling any data.
* Fixed: Gross Sales By Product Tree, Summary section of report will show all trees even if one tree is selected.
* Fixed: MTD Cumulative sales, report was not pulling correct data.
* Fixed: Purchase History Report, ordering by customer was not working when grouping by product.
* Fixed: Purchase History Report, product description was not showing when grouping by product.
* Fixed: Export Summary, when using system printer, the report would get cut off at the bottom.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Kit price adjustments were being made twice with variable items.
* Fixed: Doing an SO to PO where the PO number had already been used gave a blank error.
* Fixed: Work Order Flag Report: report was including inventory in "non pick-able" locations as available.
* Fixed: Packing List, Kit headers were not counted as a line item.
* Fixed: changing the qty in line would not throw the warning that the MO would not be updated if it was issued.
* Fixed: Deleting the last line of an SO item that had created an MO would leave the MO open.
* Fixed: Adjustments on SO Item Details were not updating until hitting OK.
* Fixed: In line edit of SO item type service doesn't swap cost to negative like the edit dialog does.
* Fixed: Entering the qty field always asks for pick info even if the qty has not changed.
* Fixed: Mac client icon is distorted.
* Fixed: Selecting the pricing button then cancel leaves focus on the button.
* Fixed: SalesPoint and Manufacturing license key removes BOM rights from the user rights tab.
* Fixed: Payment method window shouldn't show if the balance on the order is $0.
* Fixed: Picking across multiple tags selects the wrong quantity.
* Fixed: exiting the program doesn't ask the user to save if there is an open order.
* Fixed: Create tax rate request isn't saving properly.
* Fixed: Quick Ship issue, the user that created the order had to ship it.
* Fixed: Creating a new customer should require a default main office address.
* Fixed: No longer allow a zero dollar payment
* Fixed: would get a destination tag error when the server computer and client computer were on different time zones and tried to pick a part tracked by expiration date that expired that day.
'''Tax Rate'''
* Fixed: The All was ALL, changed spelling.
== 2011.8 Change log - 8/11/2011 {{top}} ==
* Fixed: Creating a new palette and tab layout isn't saved correctly.
* Fixed: Emailing a customer with a comma in the contact name causes an error and does not send the email.
* Fixed: Customer Group Relations export isn't exporting the customer/job in the correct format.
* Fixed: Issue with true commerce export with specific SO #.
* Fixed: Vendor Import, the import would allow you to import a vendor without a main address.
* Fixed: Product Import, issue with having the same subclass as another class. The import now separates the classes by a :
* Fixed: Linux Install, went back to Tar.gz instead of RPM
* Fixed: Any part type can be cycled into stock using the add function in inventory.
* Fixed: Cycle counting configured parts when more than one inventory tag exists in the system won't adjust inventory.
'''Manufacture Order'''
Fixed: Receive multiple finished goods with tracking doesn't validate the quantity of finished parts on the enter tracking step.
Fixed: Receive multiple finished goods location drop down doesn't save settings.
Fixed: Auto MO wizard, added "Location Group" to the front of class to clarify what was being filtered.
* Fixed: Flag to save isn't set when inactivating a part.
* Fixed: Client didn't ask you to save when checking a default BOM.
* Fixed: WO picks don't have a scheduled date if the pick creation method isn't by order.
* Fixed: long numbers truncated in details area.
* Fixed: picking a part tracked by serial number and expiration date didn't throw an error that you were picking an expired part.
* Fixed: Product tree items are not sorted correctly.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: double clicking on a line item without saving anything would request a save
* Fixed: You could add Misc items to PO with a decimal
'''QuickBooks Export'''
* Fixed: QuickBooks errors are not being passed back to Fishbowl when an error occurs.
* Fixed: Fixed an issue with the Canadian version dealing with tax form values.
* Fixed: Adding a customer reference to receipt item wouldn't allow the receipt to go to QB.
* Fixed: Partially fulfilled orders with price adjustments didn't export correctly
* Fixed: Fixed a rounding issue with multiple decimals
* Fixed: vendor info was not exporting to QB, Email, Fax, ext.
'''QuickBooks Import'''
* Fixed: BOM's in QB with blank lines would not import.
* Fixed: issue with search filters not saving
* Fixed: issue where you could change the tracking on an outsourced PO Item.
* Fixed: Part can be added at a negative cost and landed into the part cost which can cause a negative part cost.
* Fixed: Export summary report is not displaying not-posted PO's correctly.
* Fixed: Part cost over time part link is broken.
* Fixed: WO flag report doesn't filter inventory when filtering by location group.
* Fixed: Compared sales by month isn't calculating correctly when there are partial shipments.
* Fixed: Sales order summary customer name field doesn't expand to fit the customer name correctly.
* Fixed: Purchase order report order number doesn't display long PO numbers, cost, and total cost correctly.
* Fixed: Receiving history UOM field isn't spaced correctly.
* Fixed: Pick Report can now handle long SO # above bar code.
* Fixed: SO Report, Added a customer field, and changed the Bill to address to look exactly as it does in the client.
* Fixed: Packing List, made it easier to read when tracking was split into multiple cartons
* Fixed: Reorder report didn't include parts without a reorder level
* Fixed: Purchase History, both the date fulfilled and fulfillment date goes off the line item fulfillment.
* Fixed: Customer Details List, report didn't run on a customer job.
* Fixed: Inventory Allocated to WO, WO type check box didn't work correctly with legacy code
* Fixed: Gross Sales By Product Tree, fixed spacing issue with large numbers
* Fixed: Product Barcode one off, barcode was printing on the left hand side of the label
* Fixed: Gross Sales By Product Tree, if the part # was too long, it would cut off, the number should now wrap.
* Fixed: MO Traveler, the FG would show up as many times as it was tracked by.
* Fixed: BOM Reports, the available number went negative instead of going to zero, this was skewing the short numbers.
* Fixed: RMA failed creating SO when the tax rate name had changed
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Prices aren't updated when changing customers on an order of any products below an order subtotal.
* Fixed: Generic card type payments aren't working in a new database.
* Fixed: You could get a qty of 0 when using the decrement hot key.
* Fixed: You could add an associated price to a voided/fulfilled order by using the hot key
* Fixed: creating a Sales Order with an always create BOM item, and changing it to dropship would not delete the MO created.
* Fixed: Creating a new customer didn't populate the date created.
* Fixed: issue importing users from QB when you removed them from the initial setup wizard.
=== Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse ===
* Fixed: Work orders can't be fulfilled in FMW when the WO has assigned users.
== 2011.7 Change log - 5/12/2011 {{top}} ==
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Adding a note line item to a BOM prevents the user from issuing the manufacture order, this is fixed.
* Changed the delete item hot key combination from ctrl+shift+D to ctrl+shift+X to be more consistent with other functions in Fishbowl.
* We now limit the carrier name in Fishbowl to the same length that QB allows.
* Fixed: Inactivating shipping terms leaves a blank line when selecting terms in the customer module.
* Fixed: New customer wizard isn't validating the default carrier or salesperson.
* Importing pricing rules doesn't import or display an appropriate error when the PaBaseamounttype is not spelled correctly.
* Fixed: Location import allows the "-" character to be used in the location name.
* Fixed: Sales order import doesn't validate the quantity field.
* Fixed: Sales order import creates a manufacture order for BOM's set to when short even when they are not short.
* Fixed: Generic shopping cart import requires a country field to be entered.
* Fixed: The Part Product and Vendor pricing import doesn't correctly set the part weight / size UOM.
* Fixed: Reorder Point import creates location group reorder points even when the module option is set to company wide reorder points.
* Fixed: Kit import will update the price when the "specify kit price" option is set to false.
* Fixed: Customer import allows contact information to be imported without a contact name.
* Fixed: Sales order import doesn't create manufacture order quantities and staged work order quantities correctly when 2 or more products are purchased.
* Fixed: PPVP updates kit prices as product prices when the kit number is used as the product number.
* Fixed: Customer import allows an address to be imported without a street.
* Fixed: Product import doesn't import new classes.
* Fixed: BOM import sets the IsGroupDefault to be blank if nothing is specified in the import.
* Fixed: TrueCommerce CSV export doesn't export quantities correctly.
* Fixed: Sales order import doesn't recognize UOM conversions for products.
* Fixed: Installing a trial version a 64 bit computer selects the wrong file path.
* Fixed: Installer isn't building a tar.gz file.
* Fixed: iReport installer points to a wiki page that no longer exists.
* Fixed: The add inventory button is available even when the user doesn't have rights to add inventory.
* Fixed: Adding inventory in a standard cost database doesn't use the standard cost.
* Fixed: Next 5 orders display is showing items with zero quantity to be received.
* Fixed: Resizing the search pane causes the search button to disappear.
* Fixed: Default customers cannot be removed once assigned to a location.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Work order finish wizard doesn't allow the user to preview the pick report.
* Bill of materials item notes on a repair work order limits the manufacture order from being fulfilled, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Work Order notes disappear when finishing a work order.
* Fixed: Work Orders that are created from a sales order are reversed from the order on the sales order.
* Fixed: Auto MO isn't calculating correctly when filtering by a location group.
* Fixed: Staged Bill of materials don't always round correctly when calculating through the stages.
* Timestamps now include a time zone when setting a time in Fishbowl.
* Updated URL's to work with new wiki.
* iReport message to install is outdated and references Fishbowl 2009.
* Fixed: Lead time isn't being calculated and updated on the vendor part record.
* Improved the warning message when changing a part UOM to a new unit.
* Fixed: New part wizard stops displaying the UOM field when the part number is very long.
* Fixed: BOM default column doesn't show up as a saved column again after it has been removed from the layout.
'''Payment Terms'''
* Renamed "month" payment term type to "date driven" to be more consistent.
'''Payment Viewer'''
* Fixed: Taking a generic credit card payment causes an error in the payment viewer module.
* Fixed: Picks with only non-inventory items cannot be started, only started.
* Fixed: Parts with tracking info can pick a zero qty using the finish pick wizard.
* Fixed: Deleting a product does not remove it from the product tree.
* Fixed: Items can't be removed from the product tree when many (more than 150,000+) products exist.
* Fixed: Product tree nodes cannot be moved when many (more than 150,000+) products exist.
* Fixed: Product tree nodes cannot be renamed when many (more than 150,000+) products exist.
* Fixed: Product UOM can be changed when the product is on open orders.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Auto PO doesn't include the "when short" status listed in the Auto PO options, the text has been modified.
* Fixed: Email settings in purchase order aren't working correctly when set to prompt.
* Fixed: Back dating a credit return purchase order doesn't post to QuickBooks properly, it always uses the current date.
* Renamed the class filter to "Location Group Class" to clarify functionality.
* Updated the message associated with closing a credit return purchase order short.
'''QuickBooks Export'''
* Fixed: Exporting payment terms of 7%, 14%, 28% causes an error on export.
* Fixed: Exporting a sales tax rate of 7% causes an error on export.
* Fixed: BTO bill of materials export the customer name on the journal entry even when the option "add customer references" is not selected.
* Improved the "unable to test for salesman's existence" error message.
* Fixed: Error stating a dialog box in QB is open doesn't clear when dismissed.
'''QuickBooks Import'''
* Fixed: Carriers are not imported from QB if one already exists in Fishbowl.
* Fixed: Percent type discounts imported from QB are divided by 100 twice.
* Fixed: Discounts aren't imported in from QB if any of the discounts already exist in Fishbowl.
* Fixed: Importing tax rates & groups don't set the description.
* Fixed: Kit items don't import from QB.
* Fixed: Items with a description in QB are imported without the descriptions in Fishbowl.
* Fixed: Importing discounts from QB doesn't import the discount description.
* Fixed: Importing assemblies from QB doesn't import the purchasing description.
* Fixed: an order can't be closed short an order with rejected items on the receipt.
* Fixed: Reconciling an order with quantities that have been received then cycle counted out of inventory don't calculate part cost correctly.
* Sales order report doesn't display bill of materials items correctly when the product description is too long.
* Delete button is always enabled, it should be edit right protected, this is fixed.
* Loading a custom report, then highlighting a built in report and hitting delete, deletes the built in report from the report list, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Pick ticket doesn't show non inventory parts on hold correctly.
* Fixed: Pick ticket doesn't print through the Quick Ship wizard.
* Fixed: Part activity report truncates any expiration dates in the tracking column.
* Fixed: Auto PO report header for company wide or by location group is reversed.
* Part barcode avery doesn't exclude service type parts, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Receiving list report doesn't properly display tracking information when the part description stretches onto multiple lines.
* Fixed: Users imported from QB don't have a Favorites folder created for them.
* Fixed: Purchase order summary report doesn't run properly when running the date last changed parameter.
* Fixed: Bill of Lading report doesn't look at the location group address on the order.
* Fixed: Compare monthly sales report doesn't look at the sales order UOM.
* Fixed: Vendor fulfillment history report description is incorrect.
* Fixed: Inventory variance report date range doesn't filter correctly.
* Fixed: Sales order report pulls the wrong SO when run for an order with no items.
* Fixed: Purchase history report doesn't run correctly for orders with a closed short status.
* Fixed: Shipping invoice tax amount doesn't round to two decimal places when the tax is less than $1.
* Fixed: Sales order report doesn't display the company name it uses the address contact name on the report.
* Fixed: Custom reports cannot be uploaded when the report name contains an apostrophe.
* Fixed: Customer price list doesn't run when many (more than 150,000+) products exist.
* Turning on the option to show the report dialog box then sending an email of the report corrupts the attachment.
* Fixed: Receipt 3in report defaults to a page break in the report.
* Fixed: Sales order summary doesn't run correctly when an order is closed short.
* Fixed: Packing list report tooltip for USPS is incorrect.
* Fixed: Dormant customer report always filters by the first three customer groups.
* Fixed: Part committed report doesn't calculate correctly when there are multiple lines for the same part.
* Fixed: Vendor fulfillment history report incorrectly displays lead time, qty, and PO count.
* Fixed: Auto PO report isn't filtering parts that aren't associated as the default with the vendor when a specific vendor is selected in the filter.
* Fixed: Purchase history report isn't calculating price adjustments correctly.
* Fixed: Gross sales by product tree doesn't calculate the average price correctly when there is a credit return.
* Fixed: Part committed report Qty and UOM fields are spaced incorrectly.
* Fixed: Part activity report tracking info field stretches to overlap the part field.
* Fixed: Part allocation report part description field stretches to overlap the part number field.
* Fixed: WO flag report part field stretches to overlap the part description field.
* Fixed: Receiving list report order name field stretches to overlap the location group field.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Creating a credit return through the add item wizard sets the price to positive so no credit is issued.
* Fixed: Taking a credit card payment doesn't properly display the required fields according to the module options set in the payment module when there is no configured merchant account.
* Fixed: Drop shipping multiple items skips PO numbers when creating orders.
* Fixed: Adding a misc sale item with the same product number as an inventory product won't fulfill the misc item.
* Fixed: Adding a configurable BOM with a price adjustment to an order as part of a kit with a price adjustment incorrectly applies the total price adjustment for the product.
* Fixed: BOM adjustments aren't being applied to the sales order adjustment correctly.
* Fixed: Adding a kit with configurable items allows the finish button to be selected before configuration is completed.
* Fixed: Adding configurable products in multiple quantities doesn't calculate the unit cost correctly.
* Fixed: BOM configuration add wizard doesn't create an order if you select the back button during configuration.
* Fixed: Add product wizard allows the product UOM to be modified when the option to sell product in other UOM's is not selected.
* Fixed: Duplicating a credit return then changing the customer converts the prices to be positive values, even though the order is a credit return.
* Fixed: Adding a product to an order that creates a MO doesn't recognize the product UOM, it adds to the MO in the part UOM.
* Fixed: Adding an item through the SO item wizard doesn't update the price when the UOM is changed.
* Fixed: Emailing a sales order without a default report doesn't display an error message.
* Fixed: Selling a kit with multiple products to be manufactured will only create a work order for the first BOM.
* Fixed: Having an empty class name causes problems with sales order items.
* Improved the speed of issuing / unissuing a sales order with MO's attached.
* Fixed: Backdating the order posts the invoice in the past, but the shipping cost on the actual date shipped.
'''Tax Rate'''
* Fixed: Having more than 100 tax rates shows "no records found" in the bottom of the search pane.
'''Transfer Order'''
* Fixed: The ship to address on the transfer order is referencing the address name and not the name on the address.
* Fixed: Creating a putaway type TO then changing it to a ship type doesn't pull the address for the location group.
'''User Group'''
* Fixed: User rights to export and mark as posted in accounting are not working properly when the user has rights to access the module, but not perform these functions.
* Fixed: Accounting configuration and merchant services integration rights aren't working correctly.
== 2011.6 Change log - 2/10/2011 {{top}} ==
* Modified the text on module options in accounting to be more understandable.
* Fixed: Exporting tax rates to Canadian QB causes an export error on QB 2008 v19 and newer QB.
* Fixed: Exporting a sales order with a tax rate assessed, with products that are not taxed, but a discount that is taxed - exports an invoice and a payment instead of a sales receipt.
* Updated URL's for merchant service providers in the merchant services configuration wizard.
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: Adding a bill of materials from the part module won't save unless you select the finished good.
* Fixed: Importing assemblies from QuickBooks doesn't bring any data in.
* Improved the error message when attempting to create a class with a duplicate name.
* Fixed: Changing the company name doesn't update the title bar in the client.
* Fixed: Unable to create a new location group in the new location wizard.
* Replenish wizard isn't working correctly.
* Fixed: Customer Wizard would die when trying to enter invalid data.
'''Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse'''
* Standardized column width for common columns between modules.
* Add inventory wizard displays an error when an invalid value is entered.
* Available for sale and available to pick calculations are incorrectly calculated with committed parts, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Scrapping inventory with more than 2 decimal places causes rounding errors.
* Fixed: Moving an item that doesn't have a WO tied to it into a location that has existing WO tied to it causes a move failed error.
* Cycle count wizard UOM selection doesn't select unless you click off the box, this is fixed.
* Fixed: UOM conversion import doesn't validate that the conversion value is greater than zero.
* Fixed: UOM conversion import doesn't handle decimals correctly.
* Receiving data import doesn't set the default location to the part default when the location is left blank.
* Fixed: Inventory move import that contains more than a few hundred serial number entries won't import.
* Fixed: PPVP import doesn't close the picture file after reading it.
* Fixed: Default locations import doesn't allow default locations to be removed.
* Fixed: Location import instructions reference the delimiter, removed text.
* Sales order import is not setting raw good and finished good quantities correctly when importing a configurable product on the order, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Generic shopping cart import sets the words "ship to" in the ship to address.
* Fixed: Bill of materials import allows option groups with no default to be set.
* Fixed multiple misspelled words in the installer.
* Improved the way that file names for the installer are handled to handle versions better.
* Installing over the top of an existing Fishbowl directory completely replaces any .FDB files named "example" with the Bicycles Unlimited practice database.
* Fixed: Advanced settings features require a value on the memory settings, they cannot be left blank.
* Fixed: The "next 5 orders" is not listing orders based on dates correctly.
* Fixed: Parts with compatible tags can't be combined if they come from separate work orders.
* Fixed: The Auto create location tool allows locations to be created for groups a user doesn't have access to.
* Fixed: Auto create location tool modified the delimiter between location & LG incorrectly, removed the delimiter setting.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Can't add repair items to an order.
* Relabeled the auto number module option to be "next number".
* Fixed: Manufacture order scheduled date displays incorrectly if a work order is split.
* Finish work order wizard requires tracking information on the finished good, even when the quantity being created is zero, this is fixed.
* Saving a manufacture order changes the destination location for the pick, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Auto MO doesn't account for companies that have not reorder points, or have reorder points by location group.
* Fixed: Manufacture order asks which work order to add a raw good to even when there is only one work order on the manufacture order."
* Changing the location of a MO to a new Location Group will now correctly update the WOs and Picks.
* Location type combo boxes are not clearing correctly, this is fixed.
* Tag tracking view, part tracking view, custom field view truncate dates incorrectly.
* QtyNotAvailable view isn't subtracting the qty committed number, this is fixed.
* Database version 39 doesn't properly escape parenthesis every time.
* Fixed: Shipping import table view doesn't work properly with UPS Worldship.
* Fixed: Part search is running very slowly when loading parts.
* Fixed: Quantity tracking fields don't trim before the part correctly.
* Fixed: Tracking fields don't limit spaces properly.
* Fixed: You can't add inventory to a part through the new part wizard.
* Parts created from the purchase order module are temporarily displayed on any open part in the part module, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Selecting a product for a part sometimes removes the default status of the product.
* Fixed: Using the auto find in pick resets the current slot #.
* Fixed: Using Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse to pick resets the current slot #.
* Improved error message when a pick has duplicate number information.
* Fixed: Grouping picks still leaves the "ship" module button available, but it doesn't do anything.
* Fixed: partially picking multiple parts through the pick wizard removes parts incorrectly.
* Fixed: Multi-selecting products in the part module caused some issues when trying to perform functions.
* Accounting tab now shows all available and valid accounts for selection.
* Fixed: Can't add a product that doesn't have a UOM that converts to each.
* Fixed: Selling the same product on multiple lines causes a "not available" error.
'''Pricing Rule'''
* Fixed: The "last modified by" field is only modified when the user is admin.
* Fixed: a pricing rule cannot be switched from one specific product to another.
* Removed the "new price" column from the pricing rule module.
* Fixed: Unable to add a substitute product when creating a new product.
* Fixed: Associated pricing in a kit isn't being cleared when viewing then creating a new product.
* Fixed: Associated prices can be deleted when they are in use on sales orders.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Removed the "Ship to" address drop down above the ship to address because it wasn't working.
* Fixed: Vendor ship to contact name allows more data than allowed to be entered.
* Updated module option text for "Only show vendor parts in part quick add".
* Fixed: Ship to contact name doesn't change the first time that it is edited.
* Removed the Ship to combo box field on the PO and combined functionality into the existing ship to address box.
* Fixed: map address tool is disabled on all fulfilled orders.
* Fixed: Vendor last cost is being updated when saving a bid request, not when receiving.
* Fixed: Reconciling a purchase order with only non inventory items doesn't allow costs to be landed to the parts.
* Fixed: Receiving a PO with large quantities in small batches of inventory causes duplicate bills in QuickBooks.
* Fixed: Reconciling by cost and landing in cost over multiple items that are all zero cost doesn't distribute costs evenly.
* Fixed: Saving a receipt with a fulfilled drop ship item opens an invalid pick for the part.
* Fixed: Turnover report returning null for part numbers.
* Fixed: WO report doesn't display serial number tracking info on a fulfilled WO.
* Fixed: Vendor backorder report is showing bid requests.
* Fixed: Trying to add a report that already exists during an updated causes an error.
* Fixed: MTD Sales report isn't pulling data correctly.
* Title corrected on Vendor Backorder Report.
* Fixed: Production report is not properly displaying qty when its more than 999.
* Shipping Invoice displays internal part number in parenthesis, this is fixed.
* Production report isn't grouping work orders together, this is fixed.
* Manufacture order report description field is wrapping and causing bad layout for long descriptions.
* Fixed: Sales backorder report is showing line items that are completely fulfilled on the sales order.
* updated Packing list description to be more accurate.
* Work order report isn't sorting raw goods correctly, this is fixed.
* Production report doesn't convert UOM conversions properly, this is fixed.
* Creating a new database breaks the favorites folder, it doesn't create a report tree entry for the administrator favorites, this is fixed.
* Margins report filtered by product tree when the product is in more than one category doesn't calculate correctly.
* Fixed: Margins report doesn't filter by products correctly.
* Sales order report shows unit price incorrectly when more than 2 decimal places are being calculated.
* Modified the title of Select reports for the work order pick report.
* Fixed: Pick report status and type are reversed.
* Fixed: Purchase order summary shows total value as null when the report total is zero.
* Margins report is displaying the grand total on every page.
* Fixed: Pick Report is not displaying customer for work order picks.
* Fixed: Bill of Lading weights are not being added up.
* Gross Sales by product tree doesn't always display totals, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Asset valuation by account part and description fields don't stretch correctly.
* Fixed: Inventory availability report count and skip fields are not working.
* Fixed: Production report description is incorrect.
* Fixed: Transfer order report is using the incorrect address name for the address.
* Fixed: Part committed report doesn't include status committed and doesn't correctly display committed numbers when the part is stored in one UOM and it is picked in another UOM.
* Fixed: Margins report shows ship item quantity rather than the sales order item quantity.
* Fixed: Packing List shows incorrect quantity shipped if using multiple cartons.
* Fixed: BOM reports don't load the correct BOM if one number contains the number of another BOM.
* Fixed: Packing List doesn't show the correct quantities for Transfer Orders that were shipped with multiple cartons.
* Fixed: Creating an RMA with two items and finishing the order doesn't change the second item cost to a negative value.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Right click on a substitute product changes the line item type.
* Fixed: Setting the auto next number in PO to be an existing number then creating a drop ship in SO causes number collision and an error.
* Modified the error message when adding a vendor association on a drop ship part to be more descriptive.
* Fixed: Modifying the UOM on the SO line item can only be done if there is a conversion between the current UOM and desired UOM.
* Fixed: SO item price is not always calculating correctly when the UOM is changed.
* Fixed: map address tool is disabled on all fulfilled orders.
* Using the add item wizard to add items to the sales order that aren't inventory type show back ordered even though they aren't inventory items, this is fixed.
* Fixed: parts with null values in the database on the UPC or SKU field can't be added to the database.
* Duplicating a fulfilled point of sale transaction doesn't change the sales order type in the database.
* SO to PO options now use default vendor if it match's all selected options.
* Fixed: After 1 year of history on a scheduled event the history removes the most recent rather than the oldest event.
'''Setup Wizard'''
* Fixed: Entering a Company name does not save and set in the company module.
* Fixed: Moving products between cartons doesn't validate the quantity.
* Fixed: Deleting the quantity of a product in a carton to move it to a new carton causes an error.
'''Transfer Order'''
* Relabeled the auto number module option to be "next number".
* Fixed: map address tool is disabled on all fulfilled orders.
* Fixed: Trying to add a nonexistent part to an order, then selecting cancel causes an error.
* Fixed: editing a conversion rounds to 3 decimal places.
* Always access rights in PO are actually tied to the SO user rights.
* Relabeled the vendor part table part number field.
* Fixed: Adding a part association only displays each and corresponding UOM's.
* Fixed: Vendor address is duplicated in QuickBooks under certain conditions.
* Fixed: Saving a new address always defaults to the previous state used.
* Fixed: On some occasions the vendor has to be saved multiple times.
== 2011.5 Change log - 12/9/2010 {{top}} ==
* Fixed: Posting a credit return with a 7% discount causes a rounding error during export to QuickBooks.
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: A Bill of materials with an invalid configuration can be saved.
* Fixed: BOM's with an invalid configuration cause an error when used via the Sales order module.
* Fixed: Trying to save a carrier name with more than 60 characters throws an error.
* Fixed: Trying to save a description with more than 252 characters throws an error.
* Carrier names are case sensitive and should not be, this is now fixed.
* Fixed: Duplicate carrier name message is not descriptive of what the problem is.
* Fixed: Read only carriers can be modified if you save them.
* Carrier Name is hard coded as id 1 in several areas of code, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Class module has duplicate header bars, eliminated the second label.
* Fixed: Duplicate address name doesn't show a good error.
'''Custom Field'''
* Fixed: Adding a new custom field list formats the window incorrectly, it stretches the window out too much.
* Fixed: numeric fields don't properly display decimals.
* Fixed: Receiving gadget can't be added to dashboard when the advanced search in receiving
* Fixed: adding certain gadget modules to the dashboard can force client to remain open even when user attempts to close it.
* Firebird has been updated to version 2.5.
* Fixed: Emailing the Sales order report no longer uses the SO email template.
* Fixed: Part UOM instructions on where the import will affect parts.
* Fixed: Kit import allows optional items to be imported without a default item.
* Customer Import doesn't allow for import of customers\jobs more than 41 characters.
* Part import allows parts to be imported with incorrect UOM's.
* Fixed: Vendor add on part does not set part number when parts are imported and the part has not yet been modified.
* Vendor import isn't displaying error or line number when an error occurs during import.
* Fixed: Vendor export window refers to parts to be exported, not vendors to be exported.
* Sales order import instructions say that product price is required, but it's not.
* Fixed: Customer import allows for carriage return in the name field.
* Bill of Materials import doesn't validate UOM's and quantities, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Sales order import only allows a product to be imported in part base UOM.
* Customer import doesn't display line number when an error occurs on the address.
* Fixed: PO import with no issue date when creating the PO causes an error when reconciling that order.
* Printing import\export instructions causes the client to flicker and flash, this is fixed.
* Fixed: OS Commerce import doesn't display a good error when the payment method is unknown.
* Fixed: Imports are case sensitive on the first column of the import.
* Fixed: Part UOM allows you to change serialized parts to pair.
* Fixed: Part UOM import throws exceptions twice.
* Fixed: Part UOM import isn't checking for open orders.
* UOM Conversion import shouldn't change the description of the UOM, this is fixed.
* UOM Conversion import isn't validating conversions, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Part UOM import shows null error when importing an unknown UOM.
* Location Groups in User import are case sensitive, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Inactive location groups can be set as the default for a user using the user import.
* Fixed: Vendor Pricing import is case sensitive on the part number.
* Fixed: SO & PO imports display the entire line when an error occurs.
* Fixed: PO import shows a null error when a status is invalid.
* Fixed: Sales order import auto populates the ship to state, zip, and country from the bill to if no ship to information is present.
* Fixed: changing the display UOM displays all inventory quantities as committed.
* Fixed: Displaying inventory details sets the taskbar icon to low resolution.
* Fixed: Location names are not trimming correctly with spaces on the end.
* Fixed: Auto create location wizard is incorrectly saving length limit data.
'''Location Group'''
* Fixed: Can't inactivate a location group if it's still the admin default.
* Fixed: Inactive group doesn't show up in Sales Order advanced search drop down.
* Fixed: Default location groups aren't being used to determine order origin when creating an order.
* Fixed: Turning off Location Group Tracking then restarting the client and loading the location group module again causes errors to occur.
* Fixed: Location Group names are not trimming correctly with spaces on the end.
* Fixed: Issue of giving users access to inactive location groups.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: The calculate cost button on the manufacture order stretches incorrectly.
* Fixed: Orders that contain BOM's with an invalid configuration cannot be unissued.
* Component toolbar delete button hot key isn't working properly, this is fixed.
* Fixed: BOM items with no UOM conversion don't display a clear error message.
* Fixed: Duplicate Button loses focus on order and item duplicate, should be on OK.
* Fixed: "Available" tool tip in inventory module is missing punctuation.
* Details tab needs a details bar on all order type modules, some had this and others did not. All orders are now consistent.
* Eliminated unneeded tool tips from custom fields.
* Fixed: several Firebird out of memory issues.
* Database backup on update should be a .FDB file.
* Fixed: Editing a part watch doesn't save updated information.
* Fixed: Selecting a part in the drop down menu doesn't pull correctly when part numbers and descriptions overlap between parts.
* Fixed: Updating to 2011.4 wipes out all monitor watches if the Location group tracking is switched from company to location group.
* Fixed: Doesn't show location group even though you can create a watch that is company wide.
* Fixed: Deleting part tracking that has been used eliminates text before validating the delete.
* Fixed: Deleting a part throws an unable to find part error.
* Editing reorder points allowed for multiple points for a single LG, and also set incorrectly when editing, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Reorder level button doesn't default focus to the OK button.
* Fixed: The weight label has a value in it and shouldn't.
* Fixed: Edit Part UOM on a labor type part allows for non time UOM.
* Fixed: Advanced search in part returns multiple part listings for products associated with it.
* Fixed: Deleting a ROP then selecting OK throws an error.
* Fixed: Creating a part Bill of Materials doesn't always set it as the default BOM.
* Part module option to search by part & product description has been re-phrased.
* Fixed: Part names are not trimming correctly with spaces on the end.
* Fixed: Including forecasting on step three in the Auto ROP will not allow you to advance through the rest of the wizard.
* Fixed: Inactive vendors can be set as the default for a part.
* Fixed: Inactive bill of materials can be set as the default BOM for the part.
* Fixed: Partially picking and shipping, then trying to void a second pick wouldn't work.
* Fixed: Completely fulfillable search criteria in advanced search returns items on hold.
* Fixed: Picking advanced search Order type doesn't transfer to the standard search.
* Fixed: Advanced search "include in" search doesn't save and return data properly.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Bill date for a blanket PO doesn't default to today's date when receiving.
* Adding a misc item on a PO prevents issuing the order, this is fixed.
* Purchase order module option to update part info when new PO's are created refers to vendor price not vendor cost, this is fixed.
* Purchase Order details tab lists "Details" redundantly.
* Fixed: Purchase Order module options for report are no longer needed because they are on the report already.
* Fixed: Options panel layout is an incorrect layout format.
* Fixed: Purchase orders that are created for a drop ship then the SO is changed are left open in purchasing, they should be deleted.
* Fixed: Receiving, reconciling, or fulfilling an item causes the module to lose focus.
* Fixed: Loading a receipt is very slow when the location to be received in to has lots of tags in the location.
* Fixed: Receive and Reconcile date are in different formats.
* Reconciling a part that has been cycle counted out does not update QuickBooks, this is fixed.
* Reconciling a part that was received at a zero cost after it has been sold does not update QuickBooks.
* Fixed: Reconciling a part that has been consumed on a work order doesn't update the inventory asset value for the finished good.
* Fixed: Reconciling a part that was sold through Point of Sale doesn't update QuickBooks COGS value.
* Fixed: Reconcile wizard "Add Items" step doesn't default to the OK button.
* Fixed: Fulfilling an order doesn't save any of the data on the Receiving Details panel.
* Fixed: Placing an item on hold in receiving still leaves other buttons enabled.
* Fixed: Multi selecting items in receiving doesn't disable button selections.
* Fixed: Unselecting a row of data in receiving table should clear data from SO tab.
* Fixed: Company name on the PO report overwrites the company address if you have a very long company name.
* File print now displays the printer options, this was removed in 2011 but added back in for 2011.5.
* Fixed: Products on Order report doesn't have a space between On+Order.
* Fixed: Purchase History Report won't run by customer group or product, and doesn't group by correctly. It also shows incorrect pricing on kits with price adjustments.
* Fixed: Work Order Traveler report shows part UOM rather than BOM item UOM.
* Fixed: Previewing the Invoice using the Invoice button in SO displays invoice, but then prints the Sales Order report title.
* Fixed: RMA notes that extend to more than one line aren't formatting correctly.
* Part Activity report isn't registering all activity, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Using "Ctrl+P" doesn't print the loaded report.
* Sales order report doesn't collapse kits.
* Sales order report truncates the company name incorrectly.
* Fixed: Long names on the WO report wrap incorrectly.
* Sales by Count report doesn't display correctly when filtering by quantity.
* User Rights Report doesn't work for reports, this is fixed.
* Shipping invoice isn't totaling correctly, this is fixed.
* Purchase Order report should default to displaying part\description in one column.
* Sales Order and Purchase Order report column names and filters don't match the client column names, this is fixed in the next release.
* Fixed: SO \ PO reports aren't consistent between report column names and client.
* Fixed: Multi & Single level BOM reports don't display inactive BOM's.
* Fixed: Aging Report is displaying the 123dummypart in the database.
* Fixed: Cycle Count List report displays blank information at the top of the report.
* Fixed: Tracking Detail report doesn't include Repair WO's in the activity list.
* Fixed: Purchase order report displays part number instead of vendor part number.
* Fixed: Purchase order report doesn't properly display part number for number/description column.
* Added the turnover report back into Fishbowl.
* Fixed: RMA rounds return price to two decimal places.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: SO to PO fails if a company address is missing a location group.
* Invoice button needs to be disabled until an order is loaded, this is fixed.
* Fixed: SO to PO is applying the "round qty up to part UOM" incorrectly.
* Fixed: Deleting all items from an issued order is possible in the client.
* Changing the address on a Sales order modifies the customer record in QB, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Duplicating a Sales order doesn't clear the Vendor PO field.
* Fixed: Hitting "Tab" in the customer field throws a null pointer exception.
* Fixed: Taking multiple payments at one time doesn't update the difference for subsequent payments after the first is entered.
* Sales order line item price rounds to two decimal places when highlighted.
* Fixed: Add SO item wizard limits price to two decimal places.
* Fixed: Selecting the configuration tab on a sales order item for a part with a bill of materials that only has a repair item and no finished good causes an error.
* Renamed SO price field to unit price.
* Fixed: Multi selecting credit card type payments does not calculate the total owed based on the difference, but on the original amount owed.
* Fixed: The report module options are no longer needed because the same options are now available on the report.
* Fixed: Drop ship allows you to create a PO for an inactive vendor.
* Fixed: SO to PO allows you to create a PO for an inactive vendor.
* Fixed: Payment viewer isn't properly calculating amount due in rare instances involving common sales order numbers.
* Fixed: Credit return sales order with a discount will not export to QuickBooks.
* Fixed: Right click delete function to delete a carton doesn't delete the carton.
'''Transfer Order'''
* Fixed: Receiving a TO with the small component fulfill button doesn't allow for void.
* Fixed: If you remove a default location group user from a location group all other users of that location group become the new default.
* Fixed: Doesn't ask to save changes after changes are made.
* Fixed: Icon to change password is the wrong icon.
'''User Group'''
* Work Order Finish right allows a WO to be finished even when it has not been started, this has been fixed so that start rights are required to finish entered WO's.
* Fixed: User Groups are case sensitive.
* Fixed: User Groups are properly trimming spaces on the end of a name.
* Fixed: Vendor Part Dialog doesn't include a default button.
== 2011 Change log - 10/28/2010 {{top}} ==
For report changes, see the [[Change Log Reports]]
* Fixed: Any info in the alt phone in QuickBooks will import with a blank name.
* Fixed: The QB company import imports contacts every time and marks the contact as default.
* Fixed: Using Jobs and Carton Based Shipping can cause the export to QuickBooks to error “entity not found”.
* Duplicate addresses errors have been fixed.
* You can now copy and paste from the address fields in Fishbowl
* The state code field is now only 21 characters which is commensurate with QuickBooks.
* Attention name in addresses has been changed to name.
* Contact field on the SO is the main contact for the main default address in the customer module.
* Fixed: Changing the address on a PO or SO selects the wrong the name.
* Fixed: Addresses Line three was too long.
* Editing an address in PO without a vendor would error out.
* Fixed: A null class name in Fishbowl causes export to QuickBooks problems.
'''Beta Only'''
* Fixed: The “Don't Show” parameter has been removed from the CC3 receipt report.
* Fixed: If you have access to a report and you add its parent folder to your favorites you copy all reports not just report you have access to.
* Fixed: The “Add to Favorites” context menu option displays for nodes in the favorites tree.
* Fixed: The margins report is missing the grand total.
* Fixed: An apostrophe in a user name breaks the RC3 to RC4 database update.
* Fixed: You cannot reprint the credit card receipt or change the default printer for the report.
* Fixed: The margins by SO report does not pull dates correctly.
* Fixed: The cycle count data import instructions talk about the now non-existent delimiter option.
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: Changing a Finished Good out from under a stage Breaks the BOM.
* Fixed: You can get a default BOM link in the part module to a BOM that is not referencing that part at all. This was causing MOs to be created and linked to sales orders that they should not be created for.
* Fixed: Changing a RG does not update the part's stage.
* You can no longer delete a carrier that is in use.
* Fixed: We should only create UPS, USPS, Will Call, FedEx, and Delivery as carriers when we create a new database.
* Fixed: If the name line of an address is missing there is a blank on the SO address field that looks odd.
* Fixed: Inactive classes are showing in the Sales Order module when they should not be.
* Fixed: Some of the tool tips need to be updated in the company address section.
* Fixed: The “Pick in part UOM only” setting in the part module causes problems for items sold in the consignment module.
* Fixed: Sales orders created by the consignment module are created with no bill to address.
'''CSV Imports and Exports'''
* Fixed: The Inventory Transfer Import was failing on select databases.
* Fixed: Drop Ship types come in as purchase types on the PO import.
* The instructions for importing image URL's on the ppvp import have been clarified.
* Fixed: You can set the weight, width height and length to be negative using the part and ppvp import.
* Fixed: The part import allows you to set the part weight, height, length to a negative number.
* Fixed: The default locations export should not export locations for not n inventory parts.
* Fixed: The instructions for the UOM import have an outdated example.
* Creating a TO and voiding the TO then voiding the pick can set the TO to an incorrect status.
* Fixed: There were no shipping type ID's listed on the instructions.
* Fixed: Removed Stage Group from PPVP instructions.
* Fixed: If you export the customer CSV and then import it again I will duplicate some of the address information for each address.
* Fixed: The PPVP import instructions shipping type id need to updated. The PPVP instructions need to have stage references removed.
* Fixed: The customer export will export the phone number from one address for all addresses of a customer.
* The True Commerce export now exports the UPS and Fedex tracking number.
* Fixed: Part Cost import allows negative average cost to be imported.
* BOM Import Instructions for Build to order were incorrect, this has been fixed.
* Fixed: The BOM import will sometimes set the part default BOM flag to off when it shouldn't on existing BOM's.
* Fixed: Importing Sales Orders that should create Work Orders makes the MO skip MO numbers.
* Fixed: Creating a customer with no address and then importing a Sales order using that customer throws exception error on import.
* Sales Order import is not using the line item commit option, this is fixed.
* Purchase Order import is not using the line item commit option, this is fixed.
* Fixed: the customer export doesn't list the main address first.
* Case sensitivity on CSV files was not consistent, this has been changed so that all headers are case insensitive.
* SN header should not be required for parts with only one serial number, this is fixed.
* Error message is confusing when importing inventory with an incorrect serial number header, this is fixed.
* Fixed: Cycle count import does not allow a qty to be cycled to zero when the part is serialized.
* Fixed: Receiving Data import allows for a negative qty to be imported.
* Fixed: Receiving Data import doesn't display a specific error for duplicate SN.
* Fixed: Receiving Data import allows receiving into non receivable locations.
* Fixed: SO import does not allow tax rate line items.
* Fixed: If you edit an address information contact that is very long you get an error message.
* Fixed: You are unable to finish the new customer wizard if you enter a very long customer name and use the back buttons to move from the end of the wizard to the beginning, then move to the end again.
* Fixed: creating a new customer then a sales order and exporting to QuickBooks sets the main address as the bill to instead of using the bill to correctly.
* Fixed: Inactive jobs do not get removed from the cache lists.
'''Database Update'''
* The customer contact view needs to have 1 contact per customer.
* Fixed: The customer contact view should always return and entry for a customer.
* The State Const table Code column length has been decreased to 21 characters so that the limit matches the QuickBooks. Views that read this data also now display 21 characters.
* A new view was created called QtyInventoryTotals it has partid, locationgroupid, qtyonhand, qtyallocated, qtynotavailable, qtydropship, qtyonorder.
* Fixed: You get an incorrect error message when you try to move a tag with 0 qty.
* Fixed: Over committed inventory and serial numbers in the inventory module is being caused by the shipping module.
* Fixed: Bad Serial Number entered when cycle count, add initial, or scrapping should be highlighted.
* Fixed: Changing the UOM when adding inventory in the new part wizard still adds the part in its base UOM, not the one that has been specified.
* Fixed: Setting job names for a cycle count screws up addresses of that job in QuickBooks.
* Fixed: Kits and Credit Returns do not work properly with each other.
* Fixed: Kits that do not specify a kit price causes a null pointer exception when one address these to a SO using the SO item wizard.
* Fixed: The back and forward buttons of the SO item wizard causes problems with kit prices.
'''Log In'''
* Fixed: The client freezes when a user tries to log in to the server that isn't at the specified IP address. This was caused by the company name being displayed in the log in dialog. The company name has been removed from the log in dialog.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: If you edit the qty of a WO item on the materials tab to be 0 the client appears to freeze until you enter a valid qty.
* Fixed: If you have an optional stage on a MO the schedule date does not get set properly.
* Fixed: MO deleting a single work order from a MO with multiple work orders is not working correctly.
* Fixed: Creating a WO that has multiple finished goods where one finished good creates 0 qty corrupts the costing layers and causes problems for LIFO FIFO databases.
* Fixed: Repair WO that goes across multiple tags is not finishing properly, finished good inventory is incorrect.
* Fixed: The Save PORQ has been fixed.
* The Client freezing issue has been mitigated
* The message that the user gets when he tries to delete a carrier that is in use has been improved.
* If you have a corrupt pricing rule you will not get a readable error.
* Fixed: You cannot close the tabs if you are using a MAC computer.
* Fixed: The SavePORq fails if you pass in blank country and state data.
* Fixed: The Setup wizard throws invalid error messages when you try to create a new user, but still creates a new user.
* Fixed: The database update to 2010.6 fails in cases where a database has more than *one state with the same name.
* The on hand column in the monitor module has been removed.
* Fixed: The update should check for database procedures that already exist and drop them if they do exist.
* Fixed: Running Fishbowl as a Service is pegging the processor.
* The “Still in use part – work order” user right has been removed.
* Fixed: License keys show as successfully activated even if you do not have a internet connection.
* The client now waits for the server to launch before it tries to log in, after a installation of Fishbowl. This makes it so that the use does not need a password to log in to the example database.
* Fixed: Creating a new location Group doesn't add it to all of the location group drop down boxes until after the client and server are restarted.
* Fixed: Inactivating a location Group that is selected for a company address can break the address information contacts, you cannot save.
* Fixed: You cannot delete a user once you have logged in with it. An improved error has been added.
* Fixed: In some cases the Fishbowl Server will not start without a connection to the internet. It throws an invalid activation error.
* Fixed: Your database update will start if you minimize the server UI.
* Fixed: Sending an "&" from the server message to mobile throws an error.
* You can delete parts that have never been used but where imported form QuickBooks.
* Fixed: When you turn on a second serial number tracking for a part that is already tracked by one serial number, a box opens that allows you to assign the new serial numbers to existing inventory, this box has problems in this situations.
* Fixed: If you have a part in each and a product with a UOM of pair you should be able to add 1.5 to SO but you can't.
* Fixed: You can add a product to a part and create a product using the part module, if even if you do not have create access rights to the product module.
* New part wizard won't allow initial inventory into an inactive location, this is fixed.
* New part wizard isn't clearing entered data on add inventory step when going back in the wizard and proceeding again, this is fixed.
* Fixed: New part wizard doesn't display error for bad or blank UOM field.
* New databases only get one custom default custom field instead of 4, users can always go create more.
* Fixed: If you void very large picks the warning dialog can be too large for the screen.
* Fixed: The Picking and Inventory module has been speed up.
* Fixed: If you partially void a pick and the part is serialized, and where the shipment had had several cartons created, the serial numbers are not removed from the shipping module for the items that you voided.
* Fixed: The part module will not open if part id 0 has been deleted from the database.
* Fixed: Sometimes you cannot commit the second part of a partially picked line.
* Fixed: When splitting picks & using different tag numbers it splits the packing list correctly, the qty ordered is right, but the qty shipped is wrong.
* Fixed: Having no default shipping location or default receiving location can cause inventory to pull from inactive Location Groups.
* The max items per group option in picking has been removed.
* Fixed: Products with different UOMs from the part UOM do not consume the correct qty.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: You cannot delete a carrier if it is in use.
* Fixed: If you edit a PO after it has been issued the last cost is not updated as it should be.
* Fixed: Changing the cost of an item on a PO is not updating the vendor cost record in some cases.
* Fixed: New Cost available warning is coming up every time focus is taken from the Qty field on a PO item.
* Fixed: There is a bad tool tip on the details tab of the Purchase Order on the date created field.
* The Close Short error message now makes more sense.
* Fixed: The Auto PO has no option to allow purchase from vendors that are not set as default on a part.
* Fixed: The PO not field carries over to the note box in the receiving module, but it the note is large you cannot read the entire note.
* Fixed: You can get an order stuck in receiving by using the reconcile line item button on a SO credit return then
* Fixed: Entering a duplicate serial number during the receiving process is throwing and “unknown error” it should say “duplicate serial number”.
* Fixed: COGS total does not show on the export summary report if the total is >1000000.
* Fixed: If you set the receive date on a receipt item then use the big fulfill button it does not set the date properly.
* Vendor Back Order report has been fixed.
* The Kit Report now shows the default kit item for Optional and Variable Optional kit items.
* Shipping is included in the SO Summary and the Description has been fixed.
* Fixed: The Multi Level BOM report uses the wrong cost when multiple stages exist at the same level.
* Fixed: The receiving history report needs to use landed cost not PO item Cost.
* Fixed: The vendor contact on the PO report has been fixed.
* The shipping invoice throws a null error when a customized tracking is used.
* Fixed: The PO Report truncates qty over 100,000.
* Fixed: The WO report qty totals are incorrect.
* The WO report now shows part numbers and instructions.
* The WO Traveler Report now has options to show the part number, description and instructions.
* You cannot calculate the inventory value of inventory in a location if you are *using LIFO or FIFO costing methods so this option was removed from the Inventory Valuation Summary Report.
* Fixed: The Advanced search is missing from some modules when the user has selected some other look and feels (like alloy) besides the default
* Fixed: The reorder report is displaying duplicate lines.
* Fixed: The SO summary report class filter is filtering based on the order class not the so item class as it should be.
* Fixed: If an item is closed short the SO Report shows the price as a little box.
* Fixed: If you add a BOM item that is a note type it will show up as null on the WO Report.
* Fixed: The product tree filter in the reports is not working.
* The product tree filter has been fixed.
* Fixed: The default user rights for a new database need to be updated for reports.
* Fixed: The Default Account Mapping Report will return a blank screen if you have not integrated with QuickBooks.
* Fixed: The SO Report shows a extra space if the name is missing.
* The pick efficiency report will no longer show null.
* Fixed: The margins by SO report is showing duplicate lines when one item is partially shipped but others are not yet shipped
* Fixed: The on hand by tracking report description should say that the tracking filter will not search for expiration dates.
* Fixed: The required field on the BOM reports are not actually required, running the for more than a single BOM will time out in most cases, the BOM number should be required in all cases.
* Fixed: The export summary report doesn't use space for the customer/ vendor name, the name wraps to the next line when it doesn't need to.
* Fixed: The product report is showing in correct qty produced when a WO has been partially finished many times.
* Fixed: The cost column on the inventory allocated to WO should be a total cost.
* Fixed: The QuickBooks Export Summary report pulls the wrong dates.
* Fixed: Inactive cost layers in a LIFO or FIFO database causes the multi level BOM report to inaccurately calculate cost.
* Fixed: The WO cost reports cost fields can get off in a LIFO and FIFO database.
* Fixed: The WO projected cost report now displays the finished costs in the correct UOM.
* Fixed: The part activity report will not show UOM adjustments.
* The page count box is bigger in the report viewer.
* The WO forecast report now looks at issued WO and started WO's.
* Fixed: The group by part option makes the vendor name huge.
* Fixed: A note shows as null on the WO report if it was added in the MO module.
* Fixed: The TO summary report has a customer filter.
* Fixed: Notes are not showing properly on the MO traveler.
* Fixed: the customer address list Report doesn't run properly when a customer group isn't specified.
* Fixed: The Z report doesn't subtotal when you filter by register.
* Fixed: The Customer Details List description is dumb.
* Fixed: The hot keys for the report menu is Alt O.
* Fixed: The WO traveler has 2 blank pages at the end of the report.
* Fixed: On the Receipt 3 in report, if the gift receipt is checked the line item price still shows.
* Fixed: The Customer Group parameter does not work.
* Fixed: The Dormant Customers report have customer group filters that do not work
* Fixed: The QB Summary report now requires a date range.
* Fixed: The Costing Layer Valuation Report needs an improved description.
* Fixed: The Export Summary Report needs to just show WOs and it adds all finished goods and raw goods cost together it is confusing.
* Fixed: The Export Summary Report shows all order types when you select to only show SOs and the margins columns is sometimes null.
* Because you cannot use the RMA module to return kits they have been removed from the RMA drop item selector boxes.
* Fixed: You cannot view memos on a fulfilled RMAs
* Fixed: The RMA module number search is not using a “containing” type search.
* Fixed: Misc items were allowed to be entered via right click on SO which caused an error in RMA finish wizard.
* Fixed: The cross ship option for replacement substitute RMA does not show in the * return wizard.
* Fixed: The “All” filter on the RMA search should be capitalized.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Setting a customer on a SO is slow in some databases where customers have hundreds of addresses.
* Back and Forth in add SO item wizard would add additional WO items.
* Fixed: If you add an item to a SO that is a kit and that kit contains an item that has a BOM, you will get the WO wizard pop up even if you should not.
* Fixed: Drop ship items with tracking information (serial numbers) now export tracking information to QuickBooks.
* The “Still in use part – work order” user right has been removed.
* Fixed: Class names are not being properly trimmed.
* Fixed: In some cases the SO to PO can create POs in the wrong qty if a UOM conversion is being used.
* Fixed: Blank class names on soitems causes null errors on the export to QuickBooks.
* Fixed: If the name line of an address is missing there is a blank on the SO address field that looks odd.
* Fixed: The advanced search “Part” filter should read “Product”.
* Fixed: Drop Ship SO should display Vendor PO's created in the "Vendor PO" field.
* Fixed: Changing a location group should changed the location group for the pick if it can.
* Fixed: If you add all available inventory for one part on to an SO, then reduce the qty on the order you will get invalid inventory warning.
* Fixed: The Quick Ship feature of the sales order module is having trouble fulfilling misc and labor items.
* Fixed: You can add Misc items to a RMA from the SO module, you should not be able to.
* Fixed: Creating Drop Ship SOs should display vendor PO numbers created in the vendor PO field.
* The insufficient Inventory dialog now shows the product description and product number.
* Fixed: If the SO number has a hyphen in it, the un group pick featured will not work.
* Fix: Setting the date using the Quick Ship wizard will now properly update the date shipped on shipping type items.
* Fixed: The part allocated report is not correct on partially shipped SO items.
* Fixed: Adding an item to a sales order with a BOM that has an option group is incorrectly showing short inventory on items in the option group that were not even selected.
* Fixed: Editing the SO after it was fulfilled caused its status to change in some cases.
* Fixed: The Schedule Module back up task cannot create a new folder, it fails and gives a useless Firebird error message.
* Fixed: You can delete shipping terms even if they are being used by other modules.
* Fixed: Ship gadget and module now defaults to all open
* Fixed: Shipping records with no shipping items can be created.
* Fixed: You can ship items when the module load is out of date if you use the ship button.
* Fixed: When voiding a pick for a saved shipment where you have manually set the weight, the weight can go negative in the carton.
* You can now no longer make a carton weight negative.
* Fixed: Blanks shipments caused by UOM conversions, multiple cartons and voiding.
* Fixed: You should not allow a 0 qty shipping item.
* Fixed: The shipping module can attach the wrong order to the email.
* Fixed: When you use the tracking link in shipping it tries to delete the carton.
* Fixed: The customer contact view pulls multiple contacts for one customer, this screws up Fedex and UPS ship managers.
* Fixed: The Fedex view has a bad join.
* Fixed: Picking a part that is tracked by lot and serial number from two separate tags causes missing lot information.
* Fixed: Picking across three or more tags does not properly commit inventory.
* Fixed: If you change a tax rate if changed the tax of fulfilled orders.
* Fixed: If you do not have a UOM conversion between qty fulfilled on the WO finished good and the qty you split on a SO pick for the finished good, you would get an error that says Not enough qty in target tag.
* Fixed: The User Group module throws a bad error message if you try to save a user group with the same name as an existing user group.

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