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* For a description of some of the features added in the latest release, see [[New Features]].
#REDIRECT [[Release Notes]]
* Features added to a specific release can be seen in the [[Release Notes]].
* Bugs fixed during a specific release are found here. in the [[#toc|Change Log]].
* Upcoming features are found in the [[Road Map]].
* Change Logs for older versions are found in the [[Archives.Change_Log|Change Log Archives]].
== 2014.1 Change log - NOT YET RELEASED ==
* When creating a new product from the part module, the dialogue window for creating the new product does not require required custom fields.
::*Resolution: Added the custom field tab to the new product dialogue window.
* The new part wizard is rounding the price field to two decimal places on the add product step of the wizard.
::*Resolution: The price field now allows five decimal places.
* Fixed: In the new part wizard, if you selected "this part is not for sale". Hit next, then back, your selection should remain the same.
::* Resolution: hitting next then back remembers your selection.
* Fixed: Product module general tab tooltips always say 'Kits'
::* Resolution: Tool tips will now accurately reflect which type of product is selected, a kit or a product.
* Multi-Currency: module will no longer show sales order totals.
* Shipping Invoice: report does not have the option to show the home currency totals if order is multi-currency.
::*Resolution: Report now has option to show home currency totals.
* Fixed: AU, Shipping Invoice: fixed a rounding issue with tax.
* Fixed: WO Traveler report bar code does not contain the "w" prefix needed for scanning the bar code in picking.
* Fixed: PO Report: Report does not work with module option to set decimal length to different lengths.
::* Resolution: Report now works with module option to set decimals to 5 places.
* Fixed: SO Report: Report does not work with module option to set decimal length to different lengths.
::* Resolution: Report now works with module option to set decimals to 5 places.*
* Fixed: Shipping Invoice Report: Report does not work with module option to set decimal length to different lengths.
::* Resolution: Report now works with module option to set decimals to 5 places.
* Fixed: POS Receipt Report: Report does not work with module option to set decimal length to different lengths.
::* Resolution: Report now works with module option to set decimals to 5 places.
* Fixed: PO Report: Report does not work with module option to set decimal length to different lengths.
::* Resolution: Report now works with module option to set decimals to 5 places.
* Fixed: 2 In receipt Report: Report does not work with module option to set decimal length to different lengths.
::* Resolution: Report now works with module option to set decimals to 5 places.
* Fixed: 3 In receipt Report: Report does not work with module option to set decimal length to different lengths.
::* Resolution: Report now works with module option to set decimals to 5 places.
* AU/Canada: Creating a sales order through the RMA will have the correct tax codes on the items.
::*Resolution: Orders created through RMA will set the default tax code on the product.
'''Sales Order'''
* Adding a part to the PO through the add item wizard will have the last part added highlighted in blue.
* Quick fulfilling a misc item, shipping, or discount item would give in-correct format if using (-) in the date
::* Resolution: we no longer allow (-) in the date.
* When removing line items with the status of entered from a sales order and saving the system does not fulfill the order if all remaining line items are fulfilled.
::* Resolution: When all the line items are fulfilled and the user saves, the order becomes fulfilled.
* Fixed: AU ONLY - Misc items added to the sales order should get tax code of GST.
::* Resolution: Misc items added to the SO now have a default tax code of GST.
* Canada/AU the default length for cartons is now set to cm.
* Fixed: typing a - in the ship date would give wrong date.
::* Resolution: you can no longer type a - in the ship date.
'''UPS Ready'''
* UPS Ready registration uses the company name from the company module which can sometimes differ from how the customer registered with UPS.
::*Resolution: The company name field in the UPS Ready wizard is now independent of the company name as found in the company module.
== 2014.0 Change log - 11/14/2013 ==
* Fixed: Sales Order gadget not filtering location group as saved in the advanced search in the sales order module.
* Fixed: Removing all gadgets from dashboard and then closing and reopening Fishbowl client does not allow new gadgets to be added.
'''Fishbowl Client'''
* Changed: Delete buttons are not active if no item is loaded.
* Changed: Editing and creating memos save button was misleading.
* Changed: Removed forum link from the help menu.
'''Fishbowl Mobile'''
* Fixed: If order is picked and packed in mobile, then voided in the client, a GDS exception was thrown.
* Fixed: Sales Order import commits on failure.
* Fixed: Customer import instructions incorrectly state that the address contact field allows 60 characters.
* Fixed: Product import has invalid columns.
* Changed: Export wizard now retains the last location a specific export was saved to.
* Fixed: If "associate multiple fishbowl customers to one QuickBooks customer" module is on, you will no longer be able to use currency.
* Fixed: Error message when saving a location that has no location group set is not useful.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: A manufacture order with multiple custom work orders would not save when one of the work orders was fulfilled and new items were added to the unfulfilled work order.
* Fixed: Adding a new item to a work order has a typo in the wizard.
* Fixed: New item wizard throws a null pointer if a part is not selected before advancing through the wizard.
* Fixed: The step in the Fishbowl setup wizard to create location groups allows the use of a dash which is a reserved character.
** Resolution: Dashes are no longer allowed to be used in the naming of location groups in the setup wizard.
* Fixed: Adding a banner to the bottom of the Fishbowl client causes the client to not open.
** Resolution: Adding a banner to the bottom of the Fishbowl client is no longer allowed.
* Fixed: Vendor Part number field in advanced search does not filter properly.
** Resolution: Vendor part search field now filters in advanced search.
* Fixed: When picking parts that are tracked by serial numbers, picking does not distinguish between upper and lower case.
** Resolution: Picking now differentiates between cases.
* Fixed: Setting the income account for an associated price will still use the default income account for the system.
* Fixed: Bad error message was thrown when trying to change the default UOM while it was being used on an open order.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: hiding/showing columns would not save if order was not issued.
* Fixed: (Multi-Currency) Fixed rounding issue between client and PO report totals
* Fixed: AU ONLY (Multi-Currency) fixed rounding issue between Home currency total and Quickbooks
* Fixed: AU Only (Multi-Currency) Clicking the "Amount Includes Tax" checkbox would miscalculate the unit and total prices.
* Fixed: AU Only (Multi-Currency) The home currency total price was not rounding to 2 decimals
* Fixed: Using the binoculars to search for parts when adding parts does not return all available parts.
'''QuickBooks Integration'''
* Fixed: Bill of materials are not imported into Fishbowl on initial integration.
* Fixed: Vendor Credit is not being exported to QuickBooks when option "Export bill after reconciling a receipt" is selected.
** Resolution: Vendor credit now export as expected.
* Fixed: (Multi-Currency) Fixed rounding issue between PO module and Receiving module totals.
* Fixed: (Multi-Currency) Billed and Landed totals were not rounding correctly in reconcile wizard.
* Fixed: Price Discrepancy Report - Kit items would multiply lines on the order if their prices were adjusted.
* Fixed: Sales Order Summary - Dollar amounts would double if an order was partially shipped.
* Fixed: SO Report - If the product number was only one character it would not include the dash before the description.
* Fixed: POS receipt - taking a full payment on a multi-currency order would show a balance due of $-0.00
* Fixed: 2in receipt - taking a full payment on a multi-currency order would show a balance due of $-0.00
* Fixed: PO report (AU Only) Fixed rounding issue with Multi-Currency orders
* Fixed: Inventory Availability Report cuts off the uom abbreviation when longer than 2 characters.
** Resolution: UOM is now in a single column rather than every column as every column was redundant.
* Fixed: Fixed rounding issue with Multi-Currency and percentage discounts on POS receipt and Sales order Repot
** Resolution: The home currency amount will not round to match quickbooks with mulit currency orders with line item discounts
* Fixed: POS receipt shows 0 for Multi Currency line item total price on subtotal line items, also the 3in receipt and 2in receipt.
** Resolution: the reports now show a total for subtotal line items.
* Fixed: all multi currency reports were not reflecting price adjustments correctly
** Resolution: the SO report, POS receipt, 2in receipt, 3in receipt all correctly reflect the price adjustments of kit and BOM items.
* Fixed: Sales Order Backorder report customer name is blank.
* Fixed: Pick Efficiency report does not allow for the saving of default parameters.
** Resolution: Parameters now save.
* Fixed: Tracking Detail report shows transactions for XO when it should say TO.
* Fixed: Credit return sales orders created from the RMA module do not set the product class correctly if the product has a default class set.
** Resolution: Class will now be set according to the product default.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: hiding/showing columns would not save if order was not issued.
* Fixed: AU Only (Multi-Currency) Line item total is off from QB line item total.
* Fixed: AU Only (Multi-Currency) Home currency tax amount is rounding wrong.
* Fixed: Multi-Currency - Fixed issue where adding discounts greater than 10% would miscalculate the currency unit price
* Fixed: Typo in refund credit card processing step.
* Fixed: (Multi-Currency) adding an associated price would set the wrong price for home currency.
** Resolution: Adding an associated price to the sales order will set the price of the associated price to the home currency, it was the order currency
*Fixed: Changing the rate of a multi-currency order would change the order currency price rather than the home currency
** Resolution: Changing the rate of the order will change the home currency price rather than the order currency
* Fixed: Fixed rounding issue with Multi-Currency and percentage discounts on
** Resolution: The home currency amount will round correctly when line item discounts are applies.
*Fixed: (multi currency only) if you hide columns then set the rate to 0, columns hidden will re-appear
** Resolution: Setting the rate to 0 will no longer un-hide columns hidden.
*Fixed: adding an item to sales order with price adjustments would not set the multi-currency values correctly
** Resolution: Adding items with a price adjustment will now set the total price correctly on multi-currency orders.
* Fixed: Hyperlink to purchase order created by drop ship non-inventory item returns an error.
* Fixed: Cycle Count List option to show inventory not in a location will return inventory from whole warehouse.
* Fixed: Java schedule - tasks would get stuck running if they didn't return a message or failed within the third-party plugin.
* Fixed: Backdating a shipment does not set tax line items date fulfilled for the order shipped properly.
===Fishbowl API===
* Fixed: CustomerSaveRq - Customer number does not save properly.
* Fixed: GetSOList-(AU Only) - Sales Order with no order tax would cause call to fail.
* Fixed: SOSaveRq - Updating an existing order resets associated work orders.
** Resolution: You can not update issued sales orders with associated work orders. They need to be unissued before you can update them through the API.
* Added: SaveMemoRq - You can save a memo to any item or order directly.
* Added: POSaveRq - You can now set if cost is home currency (for multi currency orders) with "CostIsHomeCurrency"
* Added: SOSaveRq - You can now set if cost is home currency (for multi currency orders) with "PriceIsHomeCurrency"
== 2013.6.1 Change log - 9/26/2013 ==
'''Fishbowl Client'''
* Fixed: Saving the SO or PO tabs to launch at start up would cause your client to not close if you did not click on them after you logged in.
* Changed: Creating a PO from consignment for multiple items was creating multiple orders for the same vendor instead of adding them to the same order.
* Fixed: Auto-fulfill TO module option and you do a replenish TO it would give an error but create the order anyway.
'''Custom Field'''
* Fixed: Having a custom field type of Date would cause items to fail to save.
* Fixed: Custom tracking type not displaying correctly in inventory module.
* Fixed: Cannot import new parts from QuickBooks with quantity.
* Fixed: You could not add a weight to an item that was on an open order.
* Fixed: Always manufacture flag was not getting removed when the default BOM was removed or inactivated.
'''Payment Terms'''
* Fixed: You could not inactivate a payment term that was used by another module.
* Fixed: Tag search returns no results if the part is using custom tracking.
* Fixed: Unchecking the specify kit price was not displaying the correct prices on the individual items.
* Changed: You can set the default class for a kit.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: If the vendor had a minimum amount set and the order total was for $0 it was not displaying a message.
* Fixed: Multi-Currency, rounding issue on the MC total and US total.
'''QuickBooks Export'''
* Fixed: The first time you take a custom payment in Fishbowl would fail to export.
* Fixed: Bills would not export to QuickBooks if the module option "Create bill in QB after reconciling a receipt" was checked and you fully fulfilled the receipt.
* Fixed: Part Vendor List Report - Vendor link was not working.
* Fixed: Sales Order Summary - Splitting order with different date filters selected would not pull in the order.
* Fixed: Shipping Invoice (Australian Version Only) rounding issue where report total was different than Sales Order.
* Fixed: Creating a return order that contained an item with an always create BOM would create an MO for that item.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: The short warning was being displayed for credit return items if they were in a kit.
* Fixed: (AU Only)(Mutli-Currency) fixed rounding discrepancy on sales order total and tax invoice total when shipping line item is present.
* Fixed: (Multi-Currency) Fixed a rounding issue on sales order totals when using .33333 in rate.
* Fixed: (AU only)(Multi-Currency) The payment wizard was showing USD in the home currency payment info step.
* Fixed: In line edit of line item unit price gives a useless error messages when moving focus to quantity field.
'''Sales Point'''
* Fixed: (AU only)Taking payment without shipping items, exporting, then fulfilling item was not correctly applying payments to tax invoice.
* Fixed: Trying to remove the top task from the schedule queue did nothing.
* Fixed: Scheduled imports that could not find the file log it as a partial success.
* Fixed: You could add more decimals to UOM conversions when creating then you could when editing.
* Fixed: Deleting a UOM conversion and saving would prompt you to save again when you try to load another UOM.
* Fixed: You could add a vendor cost rule with more decimals through the import then you could through the client.
=== Fishbowl API ===
* Fixed: SalesOrderItem Object - Taxable flag was always coming in as false.
* Fixed: PO Object - Ship city and remit zip were always blank.
=== Fishbowl Mobile ===
* Fixed: Bill of Materials with labor parts with a (,) would break when opening a work order.
== 2013.6 Change log - 9/12/2013 {{top}} ==
* Fixed: After new location creation in consignment the user cannot receive inventory into the location if the transfer order was created in consignment.
* Fixed: Override hold status can be changed in customer module by users who cannot override the hold normally.
* Fixed: Sales Order import is case sensitive for discount types.
* Fixed: Customer import gives misleading error message when address contact field is blank.
* Fixed: Purchase Order import requiring QuickBooks classes to be assigned for items.
* Fixed: Sales Order import allows kits to be imported without kit items.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Disassembling a work order with multiple finished goods fails if one of the finished goods has a decimal quantity.
* Fixed: Disassemble wizard for a work order incorrectly displays the qty of finished goods rather than the qty of BOMs to disassemble.
* Fixed: Dirty flag being set in multiple modules prompting user to save when no changes have been made.
* Fixed: Nothing happens in client when user clicks Help --> About.
* Fixed: Starting the server is slow with large databases.
* Fixed: Loading parts can take a long time because of re-caching of vendor part information.
* Fixed: Loading parts can take a long time for databases with many locations.
* Fixed: Saving or creating a part is much slower in latest version.
* Fixed: The advanced search includes the vendor part number again.
* Fixed: Search for part tracking containing money, quantity or count defaulting to zero and returning no results.
* Fixed: Cannot void a pick that has a non-inventory item.
* Fixed: Inactive products show up in Quick Add List.
* Fixed: Saving or creating a product is much slower in latest version.
* Fixed: Prompt to fill in a required custom field places focus on memo tab rather than custom field tab.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Clearing out the currency rate and tabbing out will now set the rate to what it was before it was deleted.
* Fixed: Switching from a vendor with multi currency to a vendor without will now remove the currency columns.
* Fixed: Width of Currency unit cost column was to small.
* Fixed: When adding a miscellaneous item, opening the Item details and tabbing through the fields will remove the vendor part number.
'''QuickBooks Export'''
* Fixed: Scheduled export to QuickBooks fails (deprecated).
* Changed: Journal entries for Transfer order shipping accrual will not report the transfer order number.
* Fixed: Export dialog window does not update properly when exporting.
* Fixed: When receiving a line item with tracking for a partial amount the landed cost is not always represented correctly.
* Fixed: Receiving a partial qty after the qty has already been reconciled it can create multiple bills in QuickBooks.
* Fixed: With carton based shipping the tracking number was not being sent over to QuickBooks if it has a $0 cost.
* Fixed: Formatting of "Fax" heading is not consistent among all reports.
* Fixed: Bill of Material report showing null on large Bill of Materials.
* Fixed: Purchase Order Summary using scientific notation for large totals at the top of the report.
* Fixed: Outstanding Items Report showing blank sales order number when the number is larger than provided field.
* Fixed: Inventory Variance report excludes some transactions that effect beginning and ending balance.
* Fixed: Price Discrepancy report is not filtering by sales person correctly.
* Fixed: Bill of Material report not calculating service cost correctly when a uom conversion between stored and consumed must be done.
* Fixed: Part Committed report not calculating committed qty for outsourced purchase order items that have been shipped but not received back in.
* Fixed: PO report, total cost only showed one decimal place.
* Fixed: PO report, There were extra spaces in the line items.
* Fixed: Bill of Material report not rolling up cost of raw goods for items with sub assemblies when report has more than one page.
* Fixed: Margins Report does not include miscellaneous sales.
* Changed: Purchase History report product description set to pull from product module.
* Fixed: User Login Log not working when filtered by user.
* Changed: Created option to choose date field that is displayed in upper right corner of Sales Order Report.
* Fixed: Creating a memo does not set dirty flag to save.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Customer part numbers now show in the quick list.
* Fixed: Hot key control->shift->up arrow/down arrow when moving line items moves price and total price incorrectly in some scenarios.
* Fixed: Changing the qty on a credit return kit will update the kit price to a positive amount.
* Fixed: Sales Tax on discount lines not calculating correctly when multiple discount lines are used.
* Fixed: Changing an item with an "Always Create" BOM from a sale to a credit return does not remove the already created manufacture order.
* Fixed: CSV export saves first file properly but does not put proper extension on subsequent exports with same name.
* Fixed: QuickBooks export does nothing after latest release.
* Fixed: Error when scheduling Inventory Valuation Summary for databases with many users and location groups.
* Changed: Removed reports from list of available reports to be scheduled if the report contained the product tree parameter.
* Fixed: Using "Get Quote" without saving new cartons creation will return UPS labels that are blank.
=== Fishbowl API===
* Changed: Can now use unique shipment number in shipping calls.
* Changed: SOSave request for Australian version now includes tags for line item tax.
* Fixed: Reference for all payment types being encrypted, only need to encrypt Credit Cards.
* Fixed: SOSave request not setting soitem.totalcost field correctly.
* Fixed: GetShipment does not return the shipment number.
=== Fishbowl Mobile ===
* Fixed: If a Purchase Order is first reconciled in the Fishbowl Client and then received in mobile the Purchase Order is left in a partial state.
== 2013.5 Change log - 6/13/2013 {{top}} ==
* Fixed: the module option window was covering the bottom option in the window.  re-sized to fix.
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: When class tracking is not active the bill of materials module still prompts to save a class when creating a new bill of materials.
* Fixed: Street text box, save button and default shipping service fields are active when no customer is selected.
* The currency module now asks if the user would like to save if they make a change and click the x to close.
* Fixed: Dashboard widgets cannot be re-sized.
* Fixed: Pick widget causes error when pick creation is set to by item and fulfillment date for items on the same order is different.
* Fixed: Receiving export instructions do not match what is exported.
* Fixed: Shipping import instructions changed to reflect unique ship numbers.
* Fixed: Kit import allows products to be assigned to a product type when it should only allow products to be assigned to kit type products.
* Changed: Description field can now accessible through copy and paste.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Changed: Added Date Started to Finish work order wizard.
* Fixed: Users can view and edit location group Reorder Points for location groups they do not have access to.
* Fixed: Option to not show product images is turned back on when restarting client.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Changing the Vendor after adding parts would not update the vendor part number.
* Fixed: Adding new part does through add item combo box does not retain quantity already entered.
* Fixed: Message advising that changes made to purchase orders already exported to QuickBooks will not re-export has visible new line characters.
'''QuickBooks Export/Import'''
* Fixed: Contact type for email has typo when imported.
* Fixed: Partially receiving items with tracking not splitting remaining qty to receive properly.
* Fixed: Setting the reference number on multiple lines and using the top left receive button not retaining the reference number.
* Fixed: Reference number and bill date not persisting if item is reconciled and then qty split and received.
* Changed: Option to hide or show part tracking on Packing List.
* Fixed: Manufacture Order Stage report does not show fulfilled or entered.
* Fixed: Packing List by batch does not show part tracking. 
* Fixed: Inventory Allocated to Work Orders will duplicate information in some cases.
* Fixed: Purchase Order report uom field will not display four characters without wrapping to the next line for some uoms.
* Fixed: The BOM report sort is not the same as the BOM sort order.
* Fixed: Packing List column headers not being printed on multiple page packing lists.
* Fixed: Packing List back-ordered items not being displayed when show kit headers option unchecked.
* Changed: The column headers for currencies now match the checkbox labels in the modify report dialog.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: When adding an item to a sales order that has a configurable bill of materials, on the last step of the configuration wizard, if you go back a step and then forward you cannot finish the wizard.
* Fixed: System property for checking insufficient inventory in module options is being deleted on latest update.  Won't allow items to be added to the sales order.
* Changed: Double clicking a scheduled task will now take the user through the edit wizard.
* Changed: Added column to show last run result.
* Fixed: Get quote for UPS does nothing if the ship from address in the company module does not have a state set.
* Fixed: Additional handling charge not calculating correctly.
* Fixed: Auto sort by carton by line item not working properly when scroll bar is present.
*Fixed: Vendor module information not populated when the vendor tab is saved.
=== Fishbowl API===
* Fixed: Manufacture order not being created on SOSave when item on order being created has bill of materials that should trigger manufacture order creation.
* Fixed: Product image not sending through the API correctly.
== 2013.4 Change log - 4/22/2013 {{top}} ==
* Fixed: Search pane is not resizing properly.
* Fixed: Gadget option for displaying reports not working properly.
* Fixed: Importing a sales order that auto creates a manufacture order does not set the priority on the manufacture order properly.
* Fixed: Part, Product and Vendor Pricing columns are off when custom fields are shown.
* Fixed: Sales Order import/export has a typo in the instructions.
* Fixed: Customer Group import will import as null if when trying to import customers with new groups.
* Fixed: Purchase Order import will create blank vendor part numbers if the vendor part number field is blank.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Cannot delete a note or move a note up and down on work order details tab.
* Changed: Shipping import table contains new column to be used with Endicia shipping integration.
* Fixed: Advanced search is not showing scroll bar for custom field tab when many custom fields are present.
* Fixed: When changing the location group for the pick the destination location will use the default of the previous location group.
* Fixed: Inventory button is active when a kit is selected.
* Changed: Misleading error message when trying to delete an associated price type that is in use.
* Fixed: Editing associated pricing types will only allow for editing of the last associated pricing type created.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Backdating a credit return sometimes will use the wrong post date.
* Fixed: Vendor cost rules are not applying after a purchase order is saved.
* Fixed: Reconciling allows item to be landed in decimal qty when uom of item is each.
* Fixed: When fulfilling items that have already been received an error message is displayed saying the costs cannot be landed when no costs are being landed.
* Fixed: Changes made to the column order in the receiving module are not saved when loading a new order or closing and opening the module.
* Fixed: Vendor Part Barcodes and Vendor Part Barcodes One Off failing when vendor part number is empty.
* Fixed: Part Activity Report does not handle long location and location group names properly.
* Fixed: When hiding the totals on the Sales Order report it leases the sales tax field.
* Fixed: The hazardous materials field on the Bill of Lading report is always checked.
* Fixed: Sales report that take into account line item adjustments are incorrectly inflating the sales price.
* Fixed: Part Activity report is not taking into account adjustments to tracking information.
* Fixed: Columns in Reorder Report do not contain enough space for unit of measure code.
* Changed: Sale Order Report now has option to show description and adjustment amounts when option to show bill of material items is selected.
* Fixed: When cross shipping an rma where the uom of the original item and the uom of the returned item are different it does not create the return item with the proper uom.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Backdating a drop ship item does not update the so line item with the proper date fulfilled.
* Fixed: Optional and variable kit items qty is not calculated correctly when kit qty is greater than 1.
* Fixed: Mouse wheel click on a so line item will display the image for the item but then pulls up right click options when image is closed.
* Fixed: A service type item that is drop ship does not update the corresponding purchase order when line item is manually fulfilled.
* Fixed: In line editing to type credit return for items that have a configurable bill of materials incorrectly displays dialog box that you cannot return configurable items.
* Fixed: Gift card payment types run through merchant services requiring valid credit card number in order to process.
* Fixed: Hot key to create new sales order places focus in quantity field rather than the customer field.
* Fixed: When adding a kit the module option to check for insufficient inventory in all location groups is still only checking the location group of the sales order.
* Fixed: Pack option is greyed out when order is processed through UPS and order status is "Entered".
* Fixed: Null error in shipping when two serial numbers are committed to a single item.
* Fixed: Date last modified not being saved.
* Fixed: Return request is not sending email as entered in field.
* Fixed: Saturday delivery option is sometimes set incorrectly.
* Fixed: Address name duplicates on UPS ship label.
* Fixed: Prompt to print UPS label not working for all installations.
* Fixed: Negotiated Rates not being displayed properly and accepted as designed.
* Fixed: Error response from UPS: Missing or invalid ship from company name.
* Fixed: Message is displaying for weight requirement when non UPS process is being handled.
* Fixed: Unable to disassemble a work order with qty greater than 1000.
* Fixed: Starting a work order changes the work order scheduled date.
* Fixed: Creating a custom work order without using the add work order wizard does not set the priority for the work order.
=== Fishbowl API===
* Fixed: ImportRq for Bill of Materials requires Fishbowl client to have been opened.  Cached BOMType list not being loaded on server.
=== SalesPoint ===
* Fixed: When you change a configurable item to a credit return it asks if you want to apply adjustments.  When you click yes it changes the price.
== 2013.2 Change log - 2/14/2013 {{top}} ==
'''Accounting Export'''
* Fixed: Receiving a credit return sales order and inputting a ref no was setting the QB credit memo # to the ref no.
* Fixed: Some combinations of qty and unit price would create a landed cost of .01 on bill in QB when no landed cost existed.
* Fixed: Export to QuickBooks fails with a large number of customer payments to send.
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: When you set the location for a bom part it cannot be unset without changing focus.
* Changed: Under groups tab, double clicking an available group will now send the selection to the "Customer Belongs To:" pane.
* Fixed: Auto-refresh is active when dashboard tab is not selected. 
* Fixed: Users without access rights to view dashboard will still see dashboard with no options.
* Fixed: You can change the name of a discount when it is still in use creating an issue when shipping or exporting to QuickBooks.
* Fixed: Importing a Sales Order with a non inventory part type does not set cost correctly.
* Changed: Part, product and vendor pricing export has column named stagegroup that is not used.  Column was removed.
* Fixed: Inventory Qty Cost column rounds to two decimals on export.
* Changed: Product Tree export does not allow for import into new database because of order of nodes in csv file.
* Fixed: Sales Order import will now follow module option for setting sales rep for order.
* Fixed: Customer import will not import if a customer's group is set in the import.
* Fixed: Cannot scrap a part with serial tracking if several tags exist in the database for common tracking.
* Fixed: Part cost being set to zero in some scenarios when returning a part via credit return.
* Fixed: Multi-Serial tracking will allow for more than one to be set as primary.
* Fixed: Changing location type and group gives a server error.
'''Look and Feel'''
* Changed: Changed all tabs to FBTabbedPane for consistency throughout.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Date issued is not populating when a MO is created and issued on sales order issue.
* Fixed: Disassemble and reverse work orders add items to the in correction section of the build.
* Fixed: Database Maintenance fails when clients are disconnected via stopping the server by going to the options.
* Changed: Fishbowl Server Service automatically installed during Fishbowl installation.
* Fixed: Auto-refresh is active when monitor module tab is not selected.
* Fixed: When pick is started an user can right click in search pane and click start again and again.
* Changed: Tool tip on go to ship button is misleading.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Credit return purchase order not using vendors ship to address in shipping module.
* Changed: Item date scheduled should use the same terminology when the line item is double clicked.
* Fixed: Purchase Order with many line items will jump to wrong line when double clicking line and sorting by line number.
'''QuickBooks Integration'''
* Fixed: Initial integration throws a stack trace for duplicate carriers causing any remaining carriers to not be imported into Fishbowl.
* Changing the tax code in the reconcile wizard and canceling the wizard would update the receipt items with the tax code (Australian version only)
* Updated: the tax code of a part through reconcile will now update the total tax in receiving (Australian version only)
* Updated: Voiding a receipt will change the tax rate back to the original (Australian version only)
* Changed: Shipping Invoice set to sort by line item number.
* Changed: Work Order Summary report description updated.
* Changed: All reports that have payment methods have been updated with a new combo box.
* Fixed: Inventory Variance column headers do not line up.
* Changed: Pick Report sort order now sorts by available and then by location.
* Fixed: Margins report multiples qty when group by product is selected and a product is in multiple product tree nodes.
* Fixed: Margins report printing off page.
* Changed: Option to remove barcode added to multiple reports.
* Fixed: Batch Report SO Invoice By Date will not run when date option "Last Changed" is selected.
* Fixed: Products on Order report does not give totals for parts correctly when a UOM conversion must be made.
* Fixed: Part Committed Report does not report on Transfer Orders properly when the parts have been shipped and not yet received.
* Changed: On Hand By Product Tree report does not sort parts intuitively. 
* Changed: Inventory Allocated to Sales Order now has a date range to filter by.
* Changed: CC Receipt 3in Report and Payment Details Report can now be run in the payment viewer.
* Fixed: Purchase Order report wraps uom of line items if four alpha characters are used.
* Fixed: WO Consumption report no longer contains the part number and description field when the report is saved as a .csv or .xls.
* Fixed: Margins By Sales Order report does not take into account price adjustments initiated by kit or bom configurations.
* Fixed: Gross Sales By Product Tree report does not take into account price adjustments initiated by kit or bom configurations.
* Fixed: Sales By Month report does not take into account price adjustments initiated by kit or bom configurations.
* Fixed: TPS Report report does not take into account price adjustments initiated by kit or bom configurations.
* Fixed: MTD Sales report does not take into account price adjustments initiated by kit or bom configurations.
* Fixed: Compare Sales By Month report does not take into account price adjustments initiated by kit or bom configurations.
* Fixed: Inventory Availability report does not filter by user's location group rights.
* Fixed: Export Summary report is not calculating percentage discounts correctly for sales orders.
* Changed: New module option for total and subtotal number of decimals added. 
* Fixed: A long description on a BOM will break the BOM report.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Changing the fulfillment date on closed short sales order changes the date completed.
* Fixed: Price adjust for variable kit items set to zero is incorrectly stating that an adjustment will be made.
* Changed: Adding a kit with a tax to sales order with the same tax shows misleading error message.
* Fixed: Setting the order tax will no longer tax a subtotal line item.  (Australian version only)
* Changed: Error message when attempting to create quicklist now specifies that item types must be of type "sale".
* Fixed: Kit price adjustments are not calculated correctly when the kit quantity is greater than one.
* Fixed: Manually fulfilling item types misc credit, service etc. not closing Sales Order when it should.
* Fixed: Having carton based shipping turned on prohibited you from shipping or packing (Australian version only).
* Changed: Having multiple shipments will start with sonumber-1 rather than sonumber-2.
* Fixed: When country, city, state and zip are empty for the bill to and ship to address on an order a null error is displayed when the order is finished shipping.
* Changed: Error message when location group tied to sales order does not have a country updated.
* Fixed: Splitting a line with serial tracking initiates dialog box but cancelling dialog loses qty split.
* Fixed: Negotiated rates for UPS not displaying correctly.
'''Transfer Order'''
* Fixed: Ship type transfer order will strand part "in transit" if receipt is voided in receiving.
'''User Group'''
* Fixed: In a new database, default user groups have no report access rights.
* Fixed: When user group is duplicated, the report rights don't copy over.
* Fixed: Access rights for picking still allowing commit with right click.
* Fixed: User without rights to issue a sales order can still right click in search pane and issue.
* Fixed: User without rights to issue a transfer order can change the owner of the transfer order and the option becomes active.
=== Fishbowl API===
* Fixed: Updating memos through SOSave removes previous memos for order.
* Fixed: Setting class on an sales order line item resets the Sales Order class with SOSave.
=== SalesPoint ===
* Fixed: Doing a credit return that requires a credit card refund throws an error in payment wizard.
* Fixed: Register number is not being recorded at the proper register if order was created at different register.
== 2013.1 Change log - 12/20/2012 {{top}} ==
* Fixed: Creating a transfer order for a part with multiple lot numbers failing in some situations.
* Fixed: BOM Import throws an error when importing notes.
'''Inventory Module'''
* Fixed: Hot Keys not working
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Can't edit quantity on WO Details tab.
* Fixed: The BOM search will find not find staged bill of materials correctly.
* Fixed: If you add notes during the Custom Work Order wizard they do not get added to the work order.
* Fixed: iReport installer not correct.
* Fixed: Error updating databases to latest version.  "upsserviceid"
* Changed: Updated error message when deleting products that have been used.
* Fixed: Margin By Sales Order not calculating estimated margins correctly for partially fulfilled orders.
* Fixed: User Login Log Report hyperlinks don't work.
* Changed: Price Discrepancy Report, change List Price column header to Product Price.
* Fixed: Tracking Detail Report.  Unit cost being listed incorrectly.
* Changed: Gross Sales By Product Tree now has option to not include credit returns.
* Fixed: Shipping Invoice not displaying order number when saved as an xls.
* Fixed: Receiving List Report drops the last digit on the qty received column when more than four digits.
* Fixed: POS Receipt report has unused parameter "Only Show BOM Price Adjustments".
'''RMA Module'''
* Fixed: Verify by Order not recalling serialized tracking.
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: Default report for "Pick Report" in Quickship wizard using program default for work order pick.
* Fixed: UPS Rates, XML could not be parsed. XML Expected "RatedShipment" end tag, found "NegotiatedRates" start tag (line 2, col 1385)
* Fixed: UPS integration throwing an error when weight is less than a tenth of a pound.
* Fixed: Remove extra bill third party tag. The XML document is well formed but the document is not valid.
* Fixed: When registering UPS integration company name cannot be longer than 35 characters. Error response from UPS: The data length is in error for the Software Installer
== 2013.0 Change log - 12/6/2012 {{top}} ==
'''Bill of Materials'''
* Fixed: Pick location tab removal reverted. MO Picks Locations will only be used if initiated from the MO module.
* Fixed: Add a bill of materials item wizard leaves default selection highlighted in step one even if different option is selected.
'''Consignment Module'''
* Changed: When creating a Sales Order from consignment the ship to address is also used as the bill to address. Bill to address now pulls into wizard.
* Fixed: Customer export not exporting distinct addresses when customer has multiple addresses.
* Fixed: Customer export not exporting data from custom fields.
* Fixed: Part Product and Vendor Pricing typo in adjustment account text.
* Fixed: You can import a BOM that references UOM's that are not in the database, this caused a BOM to fail to load and a null error in the BOM module.
'''Inventory Module'''
* Fixed: Transfer of inventory from location to consignment location does so improperly.
* Fixed: Move inventory is not recording tracking information associated with inventory although the tracking info is moving properly.
* Fixed: When creating a kit if you have a variable-optional on the kit, the price will not calculate correctly when qty is greater or less than default qty.
'''Manufacture Order'''
* Fixed: Disassembling a previously built work order is not maintaining raw goods to finished goods ratio correctly.
* Fixed: Auto numbering of work orders is not accounting for changes to MO number after work orders are partially fulfilled.
* Changed: Issuing an MO with multiple work orders is faster.
* Fixed: Partial fulfillment of work order where raw good has custom uom creates work order with incorrect qty for remaining raw good.
* Fixed: Some times after printing a report you cannot save a Manufacture order.
* Fixed: If you save a closed short manufacture order the status reverts to issued.
* Fixed: Error message when trying to load a pick for an inactive location group does not indicate what the problem is.
'''Purchase Order'''
* Fixed: Credit Return items on Purchase Order update vendor last cost to negative value.
* Fixed: Partial receipt of item with tracking does not allow a few of the text fields in the tracking dialog box to receive text.
* Fixed: Inventory Allocated to Work Order is hard coded to look at wo.typeid but wo.typeid can change via import.
* Fixed: Margin By Sales Order does not calculate qty correctly for line items that have separate shipitems but are shipped at the same time.
* Fixed: Font on PO Report above bar code is small.
* Fixed: Sales Order Summary does not subtotal correctly when grouped by class.
* Fixed: Export Summary Report includes all fulfillment dates for a sales order if any of the fulfillment dates for the so fall in the range selected.
* Fixed: Adjustment report hyperlink not working.
* Fixed: Margins By Sales Order: When bill to address is blank on Sales Order the report is referencing there is no reference to customer on report.
* Fixed: The customer price list date range parameter doesn't do anything, the parameter has been removed.
* Fixed: A typo in the Price discrepancy report has been fixed "salesperso".
'''Sales Order'''
* Fixed: When creating a new sales order, if the previously created SO had a default Sales Person the new SO will have the same sales person.
* Fixed: SO to PO function not calculating short quantity correctly when short item on more than one line.
* Fixed: Tax rates not computing tax correctly in some instances.
* Fixed: Miscellaneous items not editable when uom is something other than each.
'''Sales Point'''
* Fixed: Default Sales rep not being set when customer has a default sales rep.
'''Tax Rate'''
* Fixed: Save tax is not checking date last modified.
'''Transfer Order'''
* Fixed: You can create a TO for partial eaches that causes the TO to get stuck in picking.
'''User Module'''
* Changed: No initials message not accurate.
* Fixed: Saving a user with blank initials will display an error but still save.
* Changed: Changing a users initials will display a message regarding initials matching in QuickBooks.
* Fixed: The export to QuickBooks fails if you try to export a customer with a colon in the name customer:name.
=== Fishbowl API ===
* Fixed: Error handling within the API was passing back bad error messages.
* Changed: Sales Orders, Customers, and Vendors have been changed to allow for unordered objects.
=== Fishbowl Mobile Warehouse ===
* Fixed: You cannot pack shipments into multiple cartons.
* Fixed: Some WO Picks with UOM conversions will error out when you finish the pick from Mobile.
'''For prior versions of Fishbowl see the [[Archives.Change_Log|Change Log Archives]] page.'''

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