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Icon.BI Report.png The BI Report module, located in the Reporting group, displays powerful and customizable reports.

  • BI Reports are more powerful and may eventually replace the iReports in the Icon.Reports.png Reports module.
  • Each report has a Details tab that can be used to make the report available in the Icon.Dashboard.png Dashboard module and in Fishbowl GO.
  • Each report has an Access tab that is used to assign View and Edit rights to each User Group.
  • BI Reports can be modified and created in the Icon.BI Editor.png BI Editor module.

Below are descriptions and examples for some of the included BI reports.

Capacity Planning Report

Displays your scheduled work orders and your total time scheduled per day. Also allows you to reschedule those Work Orders to manage your schedule.

Capacity Planning Report.png

Category Capacity Planning

Displays weekly capacity and scheduled work orders separated by calendar category.

  • Work orders can be moved to another category or day by using drag and drop.
  • Category colors can be adjusted in the Icon.Calendar.png Calendar module.
  • Estimated time comes from the Details tab of the Icon.Bill of Materials.png Bill of Materials module.
  • Daily capacity can be adjusted by clicking the Adjust Caps button.
  • If the scheduled time exceeds the daily capacity, the day will be highlighted in red.
  • To split a work order between multiple days, click and stretch either side of the box.
  • To see other weeks, click the Prev and Next buttons.

Category Capacity Planning.png

Inventory Watch List

Replicates the functionality of the Icon.Monitor.png Monitor module, but because it is a BI Report it can be displayed in the Icon.Dashboard.png Dashboard module. Watches must be created in the Icon.Monitor.png Monitor module. The Blue circle Button.png Blue circle button displays additional columns.

Inventory Watch List.png

MTD Chart

Compares current fulfilled month to date revenue against last year.

MTD Chart Report.png

Sales By Region

Displays revenue by region.

Sales By Region.png

Sales By Rep

Compares fulfilled revenue by rep.

Sales By Rep.png

Sales Goal Chart

Shows progress towards revenue goal.

Sales Goal Chart.png

Top Products Chart

A report that shows the top products by revenue.

Top Products Chart.png

Modify report filters

Reports in Fishbowl can be easily modified by using the report filters. Filters are options that control what the report displays such as date ranges, checkboxes, hide/show columns, etc.

Follow the steps below to modify report filters.

  1. Click the Modify Report Button.png Modify Report button on a report to see the report filters dialog.
  2. Set the desired filters. Most reports have multiple tabs of filters.
  3. Click the Save Icon Button.png Save Filters button to save the current parameters so that they will load each time the report is opened.
  4. To have multiple sets of report filters, first duplicate the report