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Icon.BI Editor.png The BI Script module, located in the General group, allows the creation of Business Intelligence (BI) scripts, which are used to display robust HTML reports. These reports can be saved, printed, or displayed in the Small.Dashboard.png Dashboard module. Fishbowl includes several scripts for free. To order a custom script, contact

View Template:Top

BI scripts can be viewed by double-clicking a Page Button.png Page, and then clicking the Run Icon Button.png Preview button on the component toolbar to the right.

Component toolbar scripts.png

The buttons at the top of the preview window can be used to Refresh Button.png Refresh, Modify Report Button.png Modify, Save Button.png Save, or Print Button.png Print the current view.

BI Script.png

Click the Modify Report Button.png Modify Parameters button to change the parameter data displayed in the current view.

Script parameters.png

BI scripts can also be viewed by adding them to the Small.Dashboard.png Dashboard module.

Module buttons Template:Top

The following buttons are located at the top of the module.

New Button.png New creates a new Page Button.png Page. Click the drop-down arrow to create a new Template Button.png Template, Style Button.png Style, or Script Button.png Script.

Import Script Button.png Import allows BI scripts to be imported from a JSON file.

Save Button.png Save will save changes to the file that is currently open.

Delete Button.png Delete will delete the file that is currently open.

Duplicate Button.png Duplicate will create a duplicate of the file that is currently open.

Email Button.png Email opens a window to compose an email. If the module's default report is specified, the PDF report will be attached. Email can be configured on the Email tab of the Small.Settings.png Settings module.

Print Button.png Print sends the default module report to the printer.

How To Button.png How To opens this article in a web browser.

Refresh Button.png Refresh reloads whatever is currently open in the module.

Component buttons Template:Top

The following buttons are located on the component toolbar to the right. The Include buttons will insert the name of an item at the current cursor position.

  • The Run Icon Button.png Preview Page button shows a preview of any Page Button.png Page.
    BI Script.png
  • The Include script Icon Button.png Include script button inserts the name of a saved Script Button.png Script, Style Button.png Style, or Template Button.png Template.
    Include Script.png
  • The Include parameter Icon Button.png Include parameter button inserts the name of a built-in parameter.
    Include Parameter.png
  • The File:Include built-in javascript Icon Button.png Include built-in javascript button inserts the name for any of the built-in javascripts.
    Include Javascript.png
  • The Save script to file Icon Button.png Save script to file button saves the file that is currently open as a JSON file.
    Save JSON.png

Tips Template:Top

  • Items on a pie chart can be hidden by clicking the label in the legend.
    Pie hide.png