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[[File:Icon.{{PAGENAME}}.png]] The [[{{PAGENAME}}]] plugin, is a free add-on that can be installed from the {{Module|Plugin}}.
After installing the plugin, the {{Button|Audit}} is added to the toolbar of the {{Module|Sales Order|Module buttons}}, {{Module|Purchase Order|Module buttons}}, {{Module|Part|Module buttons}}, {{Module|Product|Module buttons}}, and {{Module|Work Order|Module buttons}}. The change log for the current item is then displayed and can be filtered by typing into the search field at the bottom of the window.
# In any Fishbowl Client, open the {{Module and Group|Plugin|Integrations}}.
# Select the {{Plugin|{{PAGENAME}}}} and click '''Install'''.
# Completely close all Fishbowl Clients.
# Exit the Fishbowl Server by right-clicking the Fishbowl Server tray icon and selecting '''Exit'''.
# After re-opening the Fishbowl Server, any user can see the new {{Button|Audit}} in the toolbar at the top of the following modules. [[File:Audit button on part toolbar.png]]
#* {{Module|Sales Order|Module buttons}}
#* {{Module|Purchase Order|Module buttons}}
#* {{Module|Part|Module buttons}}
#* {{Module|Product|Module buttons}}
#* {{Module|Work Order|Module buttons}}
# The button can be hidden for certain users by removing the '''Audit''' access right from the appropriate groups in the {{Module|User Group}}.

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