Importing Shipping Information

Perform the importing of Shipping data. It will handle scenarios where the user scans a packing list number (which is really the ShipNum) signaling that UPS (or Fedex) has arrived to pick up boxes and they are now going out the door. The packed ship record is then marked as shipped. It is assumed that the correct Carrier is there to pick things up.

Formatting the Data

All fields will be one of two types:

CSV Fields For Importing Shipping Data.

Column Name Type Description
ShipNum Text The ship number that was shipped. The ship number must include the prefix for the order type: S for sales order, P for purchase order, and T for transfer order.
Date Text The date the shipment was shipped. If this is not provided, the date of the import will be used.
Carrier Text The shipping carrier name.
Carrier Service Text The shipping carrier service name.

Creating a CSV file

In order to import your data, you must first create a comma separated values (CSV) text file. All major spreadsheet programs can export data in this format. If you do not know how to export your data to a CSV file, please refer to the documentation of your spreadsheet program.