Importing Part and Quantity

Format the Data

This import allows you to create new parts, products, vendor associations, and quantities. You must have the CSV file formatted in a way that Fishbowl knows what to do with the data. This is easiest to do with a spreadsheet program.

All fields will be of one type:

CSV Fields Used to Update System Properties.

Column Name Type Description
Number Text
(70 chars)
The part and product number. Required
Description Text
(252 chars)
The description for the part and product. Required
UOM Text
The UOM name for the part and product. Required
Price Numeric
The product price.
Vendor Text
(41 chars)
The default vendor for the part. This is used to create a vendor part number.
Quantity Numeric
The quantity to add to the location group's default stock location.
Cost Numeric
The cost of the part used in conjunction with the Quantity column and the Vendor column.

Creating a CSV file

In order to import your data, you must first export it to a CSV text file. All major spreadsheet programs can export data in this format. If you do not know how to export your data to a CSV file, please refer to the documentation of your spreadsheet program.

When exporting to CSV format, make sure to verify the following: