Importing/Exporting Kit Items

Formatting the Data

Before importing your data from a CSV format, you need to be sure it is formatted properly. This is easiest to do with a spreadsheet program. This document also describes the format for how data is exported.

Fishbowl needs information for each Kit Product and its items. To accomplish the separation of Product from KitItem the first field of each line specifies what it is. For each product there must be a line whose first field is "Product". All of this product's items must follow this line, and each lines first field must be "KitItem". All other fields will be one of two types:

Fields Describing the Product to Import

Field Type Description
Flag Text The text "Product" which indicates the start of a new Product.
ProductNumber Text
(70 chars)
The Product/Kit Number.
Description Text
(252 chars)
A longer description of the product/kit.
Details Text
(No limit)
A longer description for the product/kit.
Price Numeric The default price of the product/kit.
SKU Text
(15 chars)
The product/kit SKU value.
UPC Text
(15 chars)
The product/kit UPC value.
Active Text Whether the product is active (true) or inactive (false).
Taxable Text Whether the product is taxable (true) or not (false).
Income Account Text The income account to assign to this product.
PictureURL Text
Import Only: Contains a URL reference to the picture to be used for the product.
ShowOnSOComboBox Text Whether the product is shown (true) or not shown (false) in the SO Product List.
SpecifyKitPrice Text Whether the price is determined by the price specified in this file (true) or by the sum of the individual kit items (false).
AddKitAsGroup Text Whether the kit will be added to a sales order as a group (true) or as individual line items (false).
DisplayType Numeric How are the kit items displayed on a sales order?
10 - Show All
20 - Only Show Header
QuickBooksClassName Text (30 chars) The name of the QuickBooks class for the product/kit.
CF- Text
(30 chars)
The product/kit's custom field value. The name of this column is CF- followed by the name of the custom field. There is one custom field column for each of the product's custom fields.

Fields Describing the Item to Import

Field Type Description
Flag Text The text "KitItem" which indicates the start of a new item.
ProductNumber Text
(70 chars)
The product number of the product to add as a kit item.
Required if the KitItemTypeID below is Standard or Variable.
Quantity Numeric The quantity of this Product in the kit.
UOM Text The unit of measure (UOM) abbreviation of the quantity of products in the kit.
Note Text
(No limit)
A note associated with this kit item.
SOItemTypeID Numeric Determines how this kit item is added to a sales order. Valid types are:
10 - Sale
12 - Drop Ship
20 - Credit Return
KitItemTypeID Text The type of kit item this is, according to the following:
10 - Standard
20 - Optional
30 - Variable
40 - Variable-Optional
50 - Discount
60 - Tax Rate
Description Text
(256 chars)
The description of this kit item.
MinQty Numeric The minimum quantity that must be added.
MaxQty Numeric The maximum quantity that can be added.
QtyPriceAdjustment Numeric The amount to add for every quantity above the default quantity.
SortOrder Numeric The line number this shows up on in the Kit.
OptionalProductNumber Text The product number of an optional product.
DefaultFlag Text "true" if this option is the default option. "false" otherwise.
PriceAdjustment Numeric Amount to adjust the over-all price if this option is selected.
TaxRateName Text The name of the tax rate if the kit item type is a tax rate.
DiscountName Text The name of the discount if the kit item type is a discount.

Creating a CSV file

In order to import your data, you must first export it to a CSV text file. All major spreadsheet programs can export data in this format. If you do not know how to export your data to a CSV file, please refer to the documentation of your spreadsheet program.

When exporting to CSV format, make sure to verify the following: