Importing/Exporting Customers

Format of the data

This import allows you to import multiple customers. This document also describes the format for how data is exported. During export, addresses will be found by looking for address types in the following order:

  1. Main Office
  2. Shipping
  3. Remit
  4. Billing
  5. Home

To create multiple addresses for a customer during the import, create another line with the same customer name using an unique address name and address type combination.

All fields will be one of the following types:

CSV Fields Used to Import Customers

Column Name Type Description
Name Text
(41 chars)
The name of the customer to be created. If it already exists, this line will attempt to create a new address. To create a job, the format needs to be "Customer:Job". This must be the first column.
AddressName Text
(90 chars)
The name of the address to be created. Each address to be created must have a unique name.
AddressName required to create multiple addresses.
AddressContact Text
(41 chars)
This is the attention/contact/firstline of the address
Required if contact information is added.
AddressType Numeric The address type. Valid options are:
10 - Ship To
20 - Bill To
30 - Remit To
40 - Home
50 - Main Office
Required to create multiple addresses.
IsDefault Text Specifies this address as a default address of its type.
Valid entries are "true" and "false".
Address Text
(90 chars)
The address.
City Text
(30 chars)
The city.
State Text
(30 chars)
The state name or code. The state must already exist in your Fishbowl database.
Zip Text
(10 chars)
The zip code.
Country Text
(64 chars)
The country name or code.
Residential Text Specifies this address as a residential address.
Valid entries are "true" and "false".
Main Text
(64 chars)
The Main contact information.
Home Text
(64 chars)
The Home contact information.
Work Text
(64 chars)
The Work contact information.
Mobile Text
(64 chars)
The Mobile (or Cell) contact information.
Fax Text
(64 chars)
The Fax contact information.
Email Text
(64 chars)
The Email contact information.
Pager Text
(64 chars)
The Pager contact information.
Web Text
(64 chars)
The Web contact information.
Other Text
(64 chars)
The Other contact information.
CurrencyName Text
(255 chars)
The default currency of the customer. Only used if currency conversion is turned on.
CurrencyRate Numeric The currency rate of the customer. Only used if currency conversion is turned on. Value of zero will use the default rate on the currency.
Group Text
(30 chars)
The customer groups that this customer belongs to. Customer group names are separated by a semi-colon.
CreditLimit Numeric The customer's credit limit.
Status Text The status of the customer. Valid options are: "Normal", "Preferred", "Hold Sales", "Hold Shipment", "Hold All".
Active Text Specifies if the customer is active. Valid entries are "true" and "false". Defaults to active.
TaxRate Text
(30 chars)
The default tax rate for this customer.
Salesman Text
(30 chars)
The customer's default salesman.
Default Priority Text
(30 chars)
The customer's default priority. Valid options are: "1-Highest", "2-High", "3-Normal", "4-Low", "5-Lowest".
Number Text
(30 chars)
The account number associated with the customer.
PaymentTerms Text
(60 chars)
The default payment terms for this customer.
TaxExempt Text Specifies if this customer is tax exempt. Valid entries are "true" and "false".
TaxExemptNumber Text
(30 chars)
The tax exempt number for the customer.
URL Text
(256 chars)
The URL for this customer.
CarrierName Text
(30 chars)
The customer's default carrier.
CarrierService Text
(30 chars)
The customer's default carrier service.
ShippingTerms Text The customer's default shipping terms.
AlertNotes Text
(90 chars)
This is displayed when the customer is selected on the Sales Order.
QuickBooksClassName Text (30 chars) The name of the QuickBooks class for this customer (created if not found).
ToBeEmailed Boolean Flags orders for this customer as To Be Emailed.
ToBePrinted Boolean Flags orders for this customer as To Be Printed.
IssuableStatus Text The issuable status to override the module option. Valid options are:
Partially Paid
Paid in Full
CF- Text
(30 chars)
The customer's custom field value. The name of this column is CF- followed by the name of the custom field. There is a custom field column for each of the customer's custom fields.

Name must be the first column. The file must contain column names in the first row, using the column names in the table above.