Importing/Exporting Ship Carton Tracking Information

Format the Data

This update allows you the opportunity to do a mass update of information relating to a ship carton tracking. You have to have the CSV file formatted in a way that Fishbowl knows what to do with the data. This is easiest to do with a spreadsheet program.

The CSV file may have more or less columns in it than the ones listed below. All extra fields will be ignored. Only required fields need to be included.

All fields will be one of two types:

CSV Fields Used to Update Ship Cartons

Column Name Type Description
Ship Number Text The ship number.
Carton Number Numeric
(Only whole numbers)
The carton number.
(If not specified the first carton of the shipment will be updated)
Tracking Number Text
The carton tracking number.
Carton Cost Numeric
The freight cost for the carton.
Declared Value Numeric
The declared value of the carton for shipping insurance.
Carton Weight Numeric
The weight for the carton in the default weight unit of measure.
Carton Length Numeric
The length dimension for the carton.
Carton Width Numeric
The width dimension for the carton.
Carton Height Numeric
The height dimension for the carton.

Creating a CSV file

In order to import your data, you must first export it to a CSV text file. All major spreadsheet programs can export data in this format. If you do not know how to export your data to a CSV file, please refer to the documentation of your spreadsheet program.

When exporting to CSV format, make sure to verify the following: