Importing/Exporting Bill of Materials Instructions

The format of the Data

The import allows you the opportunity to do a mass update of bill of materials (BOM) instructions. Instructions can be added, modified, or removed from the bill of materials. Exporting this information makes it available for another Fishbowl installation to get your bill of materials instructions. You use a CSV file formatted in a way that Fishbowl knows what to do with the data. This is easiest to do with a spreadsheet program.

The CSV file may have more columns in it than the ones listed below. All extra fields will be ignored. If there is an error on any line of the update file, the entire update will fail allowing you to easily fix the problem and rerun the update.

All lines affecting one bill of materials must be grouped together.

All fields will be one type:

CSV Fields Describing the Bill of Materials Instructions

Column Name Type Description
BOM NUMBER Text The number for the Bill of Materials.
STEP NAME Text The name of the instruction step.
STEP DESCRIPTION Text The description for the instruction step.
STEP DETAILS Text Additional details for the instruction step.
URL Text A URL pointing to more information.

Creating a CSV file

In order to import your data, you must first export it to a comma separated values (CSV) text file. All major spreadsheet programs can export data in this format. If you do not know how to export your data to a CSV file, please refer to the documentation of your spreadsheet program.

When exporting to CSV format, make sure to verify the following: