Importing/Exporting Currency

Format the Data

This update allows you to do a mass update of currency rates. You must have the CSV file formatted in a way that Fishbowl knows what to do with the data. This is easiest to do with a spreadsheet program.

All fields will be of one type:

CSV Fields Used to Update Currencies.

Column Name Type Description
Name Text The currency name. Required
Code Text The currency code. Required
Active Text Whether or not the currency is active. Valid values are "TRUE" and "FALSE". If left blank, import will assume FALSE.
QuickBooksCurrencyRate Numeric The QuickBooks currency rate. This is the way QuickBooks displays currency conversions. This converts from the foreign currency to your home currency. Required - If GlobalCurrencyRate is note present
GlobalCurrencyRate Numeric The world standard currency rate. This converts from your home currency to the foreign currency. Required - If QuickBooksCurrencyRate is note present

Creating a CSV file

In order to import your data, you must first export it to a CSV text file. All major spreadsheet programs can export data in this format. If you do not know how to export your data to a CSV file, please refer to the documentation of your spreadsheet program.

When exporting to CSV format, make sure to verify the following: