The W's of an Inventory Count - Whiteboard Wednesday

Duration: 3:50
Created: Jun 10, 2014
Description: If you don't know your dubba-yews, then you don't know your what to do's. Relax, Kirk "with the Perks" Tanner just wants to help.


Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday, I’m Kirk Tanner, Chief Marketing Officer. And before we get started on today’s whiteboard, special thanks goes to my man servant, James. He did a great job on the last few Whiteboard Wednesdays, and if you haven’t seen them, he needs the views, he’s trying to compete directly with me. So go do that.

[James edit: the following transcription may or may not be word for word… Kirk]

But today, we’re gunna talk bout them double you’s of a inventory count, mkay?

We done got ourselves some why, what, where, when, and who. I think.

And to understand these a little bit, let’s dive in, because James told me to and I do as I’m told.

Why would you want to do of inventory count? Well, you might be getting a ready to launch that there software like some Fishbowl, and that would be a good time, and in fact this be mandiatory that you gunna go out and counts them inventory and enter dem into the uh system, so you start with accumate numberings.

You might also be’s doing the inventory to be making determining of rights kind of inventorys, your ABC inventorys, and if you don’t know what these be, like myself, then you go watch the Whiteboard Wednesday of ABC inventoryings.

You mights be being inventorying to determine if you got that shrinkage… some theft going on in your company, so you count and count until you know if thats going on.

So those were reasons.

What? The next question? Sometimes more the innovatory you have on your selves, for instince, you be trying get a small business loan but they want to see your assets. You have to count your inventory, your feet, all sorts of personal stuff, your assets.

As a side note, I want to mention my deep respect and appreciation for James Shores, who I have deemed as my heir and successor, and wish him long life and prosperity.

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