Whiteboard Wednesday

Title: Workforce
Duration: 4:14
Created: Apr 1, 2015
Description: Ditch those work chores for a reliable workforce!


Hi! I’m James, Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re going to talk about all that time you waste! It’s ridiculous. Specifically your workforce.

So, if you think about time-sheets, labor, tracking all that, lot of old school stuff, we think of the “work chores”, and how logging in and out often ends up to wasting time, money, whatever is going on here… maybe this is a spaghetti noodle cutter machine. But it works.

So what happens with most businesses? They have employees, whether that’s one or one hundred, and you have to keep track of both their time, how it’s spent, what the jobs are, where that time has gone, maybe how it was wasted…

But not only that, when you keep track of that time, you, whether the actual employer or you’re just in charge of keeping track of all of this allocated time, have to account for who is getting paid, making sure you’re paid on time, and making sure that time is used in the most effective manner for your company.

Again, it’s a lot of work chores. The old school way, the manual way, there’s a lot of time wasted in-between all of the points of you trying to manage that. So instead let’s talk about workforce, and how we can put that to use for us with more automated solutions to just get the job done, get back to work.

The TIME CLOCK. This is a very obvious and easy one. You need to be able to track employees clocking in and out. But you should be able to do it from wherever you’re at, so you can manage your employees, manage your location, regardless of where you are.

OVERTIME. This is a big one, your employees want to know they’re paid the appropriate amount in the appropriate amount of time. You need to be able to keep track of all that, and manage when they’ve dipped into overtime, or prevent that, depending on what your company’s policy is.

PAYROLL. Obviously another big one, both on your side as the employer, making sure that you’re spending wisely and hiring correcttly, but also your employees, they kind of like getting paid on time. I know I do.

Your JOBS and PROJECTS. This is a big one when it comes to time allocation. How much time does it take to manufacture a product? To ship out a whole bunch of orders? To bid on some type of incoming project of how much each stage of production may take.

If you aren’t properly allocating how much time a job or project takes, then you’re wasting time, and you may not be making the right amount of money for your time, whether on one employee or across your whole company. This comes down to time management.

QUICKBOOKS. This is talking about the idea of integration. Sure, you’re able to keep track of the time clock, even the old way you can manage how much time your employees spend, but wouldn’t it be so much easier to integrate it into your accounting software, so you’re not re-entering, re-entering, re-entering? That’s the whole point.

And then finally the CLOUD. Imagine all of this accessible on your phone, on your tablet, on a computer. So if there’s some issue in payroll and overtime with one of your employees maybe logging hours that are not correct, you can address it immediately, and not have to go to that one computer, not have to run into work, not have to get that late-night email that you need to fix something. You can address it right there in the palm of your hands.

So why do we bring up all this? Well, because this is WORKFORCE by Fishbowl. The integration into your software, so that you can make the most use of your time with your employees. You can take all of your data, see how it’s being spend on jobs, projects, overtime, whatever the issue is, so you can look at the information, put it to use, and get back to work.

Cuz, remember, these “work chores”? That’s what they are. They’re kind of time killers, they’re necessary, but they’re really becoming ineffective.

That’s this Whiteboard Wednesday, I’m James, and I love wasting your time. I do.

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