Whiteboard Wednesday

Title: What is Salesforce?
Duration: 1:52
Created: Sep 9, 2015
Description: James Shores lays out the benefits of Salesforce in 110 seconds.

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Hi, I’m James, this is Whiteboard Wednesday, and today we ask the question: What is Salesforce?

So you got all your company information, you put it up in the cloud and mix it with a great CRM, and boom, you got Salesforce.

So, being a CRM, it’s going to have your standard stuff of contact information, accounts information, lead flow, reporting, great features.

But here’s a few features that often get overlooked, that are really important with Salesforce.

One, it’s on MOBILE. So anytime you need information, you can get it right from your phone, you don’t have to be in the office.

It has WEB TO LEAD. So when someone submits a “contact us,” or “get more info” page on your website, you’re not waiting for someone in the company to submit that form to the sales team, it’s already put up in Salesforce.

BRANDED EMAIL. You’re sending out a lot of “hellos,” “goodbyes,” product info to your potential customers and clients, this is a great way to have a standard template so that you’re consistent in your messaging—and it saves time.

And CHATTER. You don’t need to go outside to an outside messaging service or software anymore, all of this can be kept in Salesforce, so that you have all of your information right in one place. It’s a great aggregate.

And so with that, you’ve got this great dashboard to access all this information, because at the end of the day, your company product info, customer info—it’s really this massive database—and when you put it through Salesforce, what it does is it can help you make sense of all that info, keep track of it, keep on task, and make the really big decisions.

That’s Salesforce, go ahead and check it out, and that’s this Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m James, thanks!

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