What is... Just in Time?

What is... Just in Time?


I’m James. This is Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re going to talk about a really simple but important topic: How to create an invoice.

So, starting with your company name, make sure you include the date of that invoice, the invoice number, the bill to and ship to for the customer – they’re often different. Your purchase order number, terms of when you’re going to be paid that you’ve agreed with the customer, the representative, if this is applicable, and when everything shipped.

As for the quantity, so we got our magic shoes, a pair of those. Make sure you have your item number in here. The description; well these shoes can talk – isn’t that amazing? How much it is per each, and then the total amount per that category. Really straightforward. Include your tax if there is any, and then the total.

I mean, it’s basic stuff, kind of like a “no duh” situation. But it’s surprising how many people face problems down the road for not putting in the right item number, description, amount, or even the right category so that they can track all this stuff. Because this is a record, you obviously want to keep whether there is a problem down the line with a customer, or you also just want to track the different items that are coming in and out, how often they’re shipping, your costs, etc.

So make sure that you know how to put together an invoice. There’s a lot of software and programs that can do this for you. If you’re doing this through a spreadsheet, make sure to include all these categories so you have your information.

That’s this Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m James. See you next week.

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