Swim with the Sharks

James Shores has a strange phobia of sharks and refuses to take baths as a result. But that won't stop him from keeping you competitive with your business.

Hi, I’m James, this is Whiteboard Wednesday, we need to talk… about swimming with the sharks.

Mostly, those big businesses that you’re going up against. Obviously, most of our customers are small and medium-sized businesses, which is a good thing, but sometimes you hear that misconception that, you know, in your industry those big guys, those big players, you’re not really competing with them. Well, truth is, you are!

You’re in the same market, viing for some of those same customers. So what can you do against the big guys? They got quite the size, they take in a lot of volume, and it can be kind of intimidating, especially when you’re on this end. But, if we can leverage the use of our size, we can easily compete in that same field and be lean and efficient.

So how are we going to do that?

Well, we need some of our Super Fish Flakes™, also known as automated software solutions. What will this do for you, for your company? Well, let’s start with a couple of these.

ORDER MANAGEMENT. This is what’s going to let you know what’s coming down the line, what needs to go out. These are all the types of things that the big companies use that you can put to greater use in your company. Because you’re not lumbering, you’re not large, you’re not taking forever to make a decision. You can do it on the spot, hopefully, and use the size of your company, and it’s quickness, to your advantage.

SALES and PURCHASING. How fast your sending out those sales orders, those purchase orders, how fast you’re managing all that. Even down to some of the details like, let’s say an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), so when you’re wanting to sale to some of these bigger retailers, like a Wal-mart or Home Depot, plenty of big box stores, you can still compete with some of these bigger companies because you know how to interface with them.

You can manage MULTIPLE LOCATIONS with your software, whether it’s different places in your warehouse, or different places geographically speaking. Across the state, somewhere else in the same city. You’re able to look at all the things that you have and know right away, without running around, what you have, what you don’t have, and what’s coming down the line.

Same for the WORK ORDERS. You know what is coming down the line, how much you have of a particular item, or group of products to fulfill what’s coming in.

BILL OF MATERIALS. You can immediately see how many you can create, and also very quickly check, if you incorporate a barcode scanner, what you have, it gets registered right into your inventory and your other tracking with your order management, with your work orders, so that you’re consistent. So that you’re not doubling back figuring out what you have, what do you not have, so you can be efficient, keep competing.

You’ve got your REPORTS. Now this is one that is so, so important, and this is a lot of time that can used to manage how your company is going to run now, and down the road. You know the big companies, they’re looking at forecasts, they’re looking at what’s coming up so they can stay competitive.

You can use that same type of software to your advantage at a much lower cost, so that you can stay competitive. You can see seasonal changes. You can see what customers are buying or not buying. You can make use of all these types of reports, even on your side, i.e. production changes, so that you can adapt quickly, and not be second guessing, not assuming or taking a hunch on what you need to do. You can look at the data and make a choice right then and there.

And then most of all, what your software needs, likely, is QUICKBOOKS INTEGRATION. Quickbooks is the majority software used by small and medium-sized businesses. So you want to be able to incorporate all these things, and not waste time entering data into your automated software, and then going into Quickbooks and entering the same information. You want it one and done.

Efficiency, that’s the name of this game. That’s how you’re going to get the leverage against the big guys and stay competitive in your field.

So remember, don’t let the size of your business feel less than it is. Don’t let the big guys intimidate you, because the whole point of this software solution that we talk about over and over and over, is so that you can make good business decisions with the good data that you’re bringing in. And hopefully, you’ll be swimming with the sharks… figuratively speaking, cause the other one doesn’t sound fun.

Anyways, that’s this Whiteboard Wednesday, I’m James, please come back?

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