Whiteboard Wednesday

Title: Supply Chain
Duration: 2:50
Created: May 23, 2014
Description: Have you ever considered all the processes involved inside, and outside, your business? Our own CMO, Kirk Tanner, wants to be the Sacajawea to your Lewis and Clark Supply Chain expedition.


Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday, I’m Kirk Tanner, Chief Marketing Officer at Fishbowl, and today we’re going to talk about supply chain management.

This graphic up on the board here has a variety of businesses: manufacturing, distributor, customer, we’ve even got a shipping company over here. These are all players that are involved in the supply chain, and your business may fit in anywhere in here; could be a manufacturer or distributer.

The green boxes in here are processes that take place within the business, and then the interactions that tie them all together, which makes up the supply chain.

Now a lot of these businesses, especially when we’re talking about small businesses, these green boxes, these processes, they can be happening in a manual manner—in fact a lot of companies are still doing things in a very manual process—but what we want to talk about is doing it with software like Fishbowl.

And if we look at this manufacturer right here, we’ve got a variety of different processes here. We’ve got them placing orders and receiving orders; confirming orders coming from this distributor, scheduling shipment and then shipping orders out through this transporter over here.

When you do this with software versus doing it in a manual process, you create some real nice efficiencies. You also remove all the chance of human error because you’re doing this in an automated solution where people don’t key things in over and over again.

Anytime you do a manual process where people have to key it in once, key it in again and key it in again, you’re bound to get lots of mistakes and errors, and that causes problems in your business.

Using software you remove those human errors and things happen in a much smoother way. Obviously when you got good data you can make good business decisions.

Now the other thing that happens here is whenever you’re optimizing these processes, you do things very quickly, which is great for you, but it’s also great for the other people in your supply chain. You build a reputation as being reliable, and that’s also great for business because you’re a trusted part of this supply chain.

So if you’re doing something in a manual process, or you’re running your entire business in a manual process, consider switching over to software to optimize all of these processes, and make the supply chain run smoother, and be a positive force in the supply chain. That will help your business grow, be healthy and strong.

That’s it for this Whiteboard Wednesday, join us again next week. Thanks.

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