Stop Using Excel

Stop using excel


Hi, I’m James. This is Whiteboard Wednesday. It’s time to have that talk again. You need to stop using Excel. Look, I know you’ve got inventory, you’ve got information relative to all of the inventory you need to keep track of. And you’re trying to cram it into this sheet, or template, or these! They don’t even know what they are.

You’ve got data errors, because there’s too much information to handle at one time. That work book? It’s restricted on just one person at a time for most parts, and it’s causing problems because someone else may be using the same thing.

Real time? It’s not. That information you’re logging in may not be accurate, and it’s going to lead to errors down the road, which is going to hurt you. And poor vision. Look, eye patches are cool. But when you spend more time finding information about a part or product than you do doing something with that part or product, you have problems.

So we need something that we can use in real time, with a barcode scanner, that allows multiple users at any one time, that is dynamic in the coming and going of products and materials, and allows you to see down the road, look at past reports, and know where you’re at.

You need an automated software solution so that you can use Excel for something like, I don’t know, your fantasy football team, but not your business.

That’s this Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m James, and remember; stop using Excel, really.

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