Whiteboard Wednesday

Title: Reconcile: Kiss and Make-Up?
Duration: 4:29
Created: January 20, 2016
Description: Join self-proclaimed love expert and 2015 Ledgee Award winner James Shores as he analyzes and explains the relationship between your paperwork and your inventory in this edition of the instructional web series "Whiteboard Wednesday". And don't bother Googling the Ledgee Award. We made it up.


Hi, this is Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m James, the in-house love expert at Fishbowl. Go ahead and ask. Today we’re going to talk about relationships. And no, not the kind at work that are going to get you fired, and probably thereafter followed by a civil suit –those are legally messy. We’re going to talk about the relationship that your inventory has with your paperwork, and let’s talk about reconciling and if we should kiss and make up.

Now, as you can tell from this very detailed graph, equation, whatever you wanna call it, if your inventory’s not happy, if your inventory’s sad, there’s probably a chance that your paperwork doesn’t match what your inventory says is there, and it’s going a little crazy.

So what are some of the things that can cause this? Well, maybe we need to recount. We need to count how much is on the shelf, we need to count how much is on hand, according to our paperwork.

We might need to look at the unit of measure. Maybe someone put something in as pounds and really it’s in kilograms, and it’s throwing off these two items.

Maybe we need to look at our part numbers. Someone logged in part number 22A, and we are really needing 22A.1.

We need to look at our paperwork. What did we receive with our delivery? What did we send out with our shipments? Does it all match? There’s some kind of inconsistency because, again, our inventory is sad because our paperwork has gone crazy.

Maybe it’s been accounted for in scrap. We had a certain amount, it went into the manufacturing process, we had a few leftovers that couldn’t be used or redistributed, we scrapped it, and someone didn’t account for it in the paperwork.

Or it could be a matter of ownership. So you have a part that was sent out to a customer, or you’re waiting on a delivery, and, again, it was improperly logged in your paperwork. It was either already received, already sent out. Maybe you still have it, maybe they now have it and you can’t keep record of what to do.

So this is some of the ways that you can work on making sure that you can reconcile this relationship. Or do you really want to do that? Do you really want to kiss and make up with this old system? Or maybe it’s time that we get rid of the old, and look for a new fish in the sea.

Because with all of these, if you’ll notice it’s on this nice piece of paper, it’s time to tear it out. We need something that is an automated solution to deal with all of this. With a recount, if everything is part of an automated software solution, it’s already been scanned in, we know how much we have, how much is on hand, and that dynamically changes according to how much we use or how much we ship out.

With a unit of measure again, it’s already logged into the system. You got a barcode scanner, you scan it. We’re not going to suddenly confuse ounces for liters because, well, all of the measurements, all of the info, is already part of that batch, part of that part, wherever we’ve scanned that information.

Part number, exact same thing. Paperwork – there is no more paperwork. We’re dealing with an automated solution. We can look up anything we need from a central hub. It’s there; we don’t have to search for it.

Scrap. We know exactly where it went, how much was used, and it’s already accounted for. We don’t need to go searching, we don’t need to double-check our paperwork because, again, the paperwork is gone.

Ownership. This is a really good one to use, again, with an automated software solution. Because we know what we’ve sent out, we know what we’ve received, and it’s all accounted for, it’s been logged when we do our picking, packing, shipping. Again, it’s scanned and it dynamically changes in our software solution.

So, when it comes to your relationship with your inventory and your record keeping, your accounting system, all of that that’s tied together, do you really want to kiss and make up with the old ways? It’s just a mess. Or do we want to add an automated solution, plus our inventory, plus a barcode scanner and find true love? a

Believe me. Like I said, I’m the in-house love expert at Fishbowl – anyone will tell you. That’s this Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m James, and I love you.

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