Whiteboard Wednesday

Title: Good Ole Fashioned Marketing
Duration: 2:44
Created: August 18, 2015
Description: James Shores reminds us not to forget about how we "used to do things" and how some of the good ole fashioned marketing techniques are still relevant and effective today.


HI, I’m James, this is Whiteboard Wednesday—that we’re shooting on a Tuesday—and because of Matt it probably won’t get on the website until Thursday or Friday. Thanks Matt!

Good Ole Fashioned Marketing. You got your business, trying to expand it, grow it, reach those new customers—everyone is telling you to go online, because, well, it works. But let’s not forget some of the “old fashioned ways” that still are very much relevant within our industry.

Industry Publications. Every industry has them, whether it’s a type of monthly magazine or quarterly review, it’s a publication you can reach out to, offering to write articles for, so that you can create a name for yourself. And not only that, you’re getting free publicity from it. Plus, you’re expanding your possible customer base.

Chamber of Commerce. Right now it’s really popular to talk about “online localization”, making sure that everything is relevant to the area you’re trying to serve, well you’ve already always had that with the chamber of commerce in your community.

By getting in touch with your charger of commerce, you’re able to make yourself known to all the community that may want or be interested in your goods or services. By doing this, you’re also provided with the chamber of commerce a link to them and a link to you, so when people in the community are searching for something you provide, boom, they can find you.

And finally, Mail. Well, email. It’s online, but people still consider it as something traditional or old fashioned, and yet it’s still one of the most effective ways to reach your current customers, and try to find new customers. I mean, email has a fantastic open rate, especially compared to some of these other ways we try to reach out through social media.

Plus, it allows you to connect with your customers, keep them up-to-date, and stay active in their mind of services you’re offering, the products that you have, maybe there’s a new line that you’re wanting to promote. All this stuff has a much better chance of being known by your current customers, and then reaching new customers through word-of-mouth by a simple email. A lot of services can also provide this so you can streamline the whole process.

So remember, with your marketing strategy, don’t just stick to online, even though you very much should have a strategy in place for online, there’s some old fashioned ways that will very much give you the most bang for your buck.

That’s this Whiteboard Wednesday, I’m James, and hopefully I’ll see you if Matt ever puts this online.

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