Whiteboard Wednesday

Title: Dropbox for Business
Duration: 2:53
Created: May 20, 2015
Description: Hi, I’m James, this is Whiteboard Wednesday, and this is the smile I make when I’m in an awkward situation.

What is Dropbox?

Get in the cloud son! James Shores lists some benefits to the power of Dropbox in your business.


Hi, I’m James, this is Whiteboard Wednesday, and this is the smile I make when I’m in an awkward situation (cue awkward smile).

What is DROPBOX?

In our personal use, we’re probably familiar with it. We’ve got those selfies no one wants, those legal documents our lawyer keeps saying are really important, and maybe a video of your jumping off of your roof onto your trampoline, wasn’t that a great idea? Now they’re all accessible in the cloud, BOOM, you got DROPBOX.

Pretty basic. But how can we use that in our business?

For starters, Dropbox offers some fantastic BACK-UP features, as far as everything is online, it’s on the cloud, so something happens on our end, we not only have our back-up online, but it also gives us room to grow for storage.

It provides FILE SHARE. If we need to share files with other employees, maybe there’s even a vendor we need to share a file with, it’s accessible when you need it. You don’t have to be in the office.

Plus, it allows for ACCESS. You can have access to certain files, you can limit access to other people within your group, other employees, whatever it is, you can control that information.

So what kind of files might you share as an employee with other people?

You might have WHITE PAPERS you want to share with a client or potential customer. Again, you can have immediate access. You’re on your tablet, your mobile phone, someone else’s computer, whatever it is. Anywhere that there’s Dropbox, there it is.

TRANSACTIONS that have occurred over a period of time, whenever you’ve been keeping those records, are on hand.

IMAGES. Let’s say you have a new product image, a new prototype image. Anything that you can upload to Dropbox you can have access to.

So, how do we integrate this into Fishbowl?

We bring these two together, we now have unlimited files. We no longer have to worry about growing our company servers or what will happen to them, we now have the power of the cloud for access anywhere, plus unlimited data storage.

We have files on the go. Again, access, when you need it, where you need it. You don’t have to be at that work station.

And finally, user rights. Who manages what information, who gets to share what information, and, who doesn’t get to see the things you don’t want them to see. This is important in a business so that you can have control of what information comes in and goes out.

You combine all this, and you have a very powerful feature now in Fishbowl integrating Dropbox into your business. So go ahead and check it out, that’s this Whiteboard Wednesday, I’m James, and… (cue awkward smile).

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