Whiteboard Wednesday

Title: What is Asset Tracking
Duration: 2:02
Created: Nov 18, 2013
Description: James Shores explains what asset tracking is and how organizations can benefit from automating their asset tracking system.


Hi, welcome to this Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m James. Today we are gonna talk about asset tracking.

So, as we know, with asset tracking the whole point is to keep track of your stuff, whether that’s large pieces of equipment, computers that you are using within your own business, or even if you’re selling them. Parts for repairs, things like this where you need to know how much, when, and where things are.

Now, obviously, the whole strength of asset tracking is being able to track it anywhere in the world, as represented here by our globe. So whether it’s at your own warehouse in different locations, whether it’s keeping track of different parts and pieces that an employee may have in their office or workshop space, or even if it’s knowing that you have a large piece of machinery being leased out at a different part of the state, different part of the country – you can keep track of all of these things using the easy, easy barcode system.

The other part of this, obviously, is represented by our clock out here – is knowing how long it’s gone for, the amount of time it’s scheduled for, even who has it, whether it’s one of your employees, whether it’s someone – a customer that you’ve leased out to.

And then finally, represented here – a little hard to see – but through this graph, this little curve is the amount of time that you’ve had that piece of equipment. Perhaps it’s due for some scheduled maintenance. Perhaps it’s time to just sell out the old computers, bring in new ones so that you’re staying current within your own office within your own company.

Again, the whole point of asset tracking is to know where your stuff is so you don’t have to go searching through files. You don’t have to go ask some manager or another employee. You can quickly get into a central software hub and know where all of your stuff is, how much of it, how long it’s gone, and who has it.

That’s this Whiteboard Wednesday. Thanks for joining us. See you next week.

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