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What does the future of lean manufacturing look like?

– By Trevor Dixon

The future of Lean Manufacturing looks like a world filled with beautiful green parks, gorgeous mountains, and stunning seascapes. Notice in this description of the picturesque world that factories are nowhere to be found? Factories will not dot the earth any longer. That’s because the future of Lean Manufacturing is completely underground.

After I graduated high school, I went to Budapest, Hungary for two years to do service with my church. I saw many beautiful Hungarian cities where I walked around on cobblestone roads through hidden alleyways to find 300-year-old statues. There was the sound of church bells going off in the distance. Tiny cars swerved around tight corners on one way streets that are bordered with colorful European buildings. I smelled freshly baked pastries filled with Nutella and homemade fruit jam. I heard the splashing of water from fountains and the sound of street performers playing their instruments. As I left the downtown area, I saw huge, plain grey warehouses. They were the size of football fields. These depressing buildings were factories. They produced anything from car parts to refrigerators. They were all over Hungary. The factories detracted from the magic of the European cities.

In the future, factories will be underground. This puts factories out of the way of the beautiful cobblestone paths not just in Europe, but also everywhere else in the world. Having factories underground will make cities more breathtaking and people happier and more optimistic. But what about the people working in factories? Will they be happy about working underground?

In the future of Lean Manufacturing, factories will be completely automated with robots. These robots will complete the tasks with 100% accuracy and no waste. This is possible because they are programmed not to make any mistakes. A fully automated factory can work around the clock. The robots would never complain or need a break.

I also saw the inaccuracy that humans can have while working in factories. The future of Lean Manufacturing will be completely automated. This will increase productivity and the quality of the product. At the same time, this will decrease waste and decrease the time to manufacture the product. Robots can work around the clock to create a better product for the customer with fewer resources.

In the future of Lean Manufacturing, we can increase the product value for the customer with fewer resources by using fully automated factories. We can have a more stunning earth by building factories underground, so people can more fully enjoy the pure nature of this planet. With a fully automated factory, there will be zero waste, no mistakes, and greater productivity and quality at 100% accuracy. This is the future of Lean Manufacturing.

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In the future, lean manufacturing will look like this:

  • Underground factories to avoid detracting from the beauty of the countryside and cities.
  • Completely automated factories to increase productivity, cut costs, and virtually eliminate inaccuracy and waste.

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