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Your store is so much more than the sum of its goods or services. You offer things that your customers want while providing care and service that generates satisfaction and loyalty in them. How do you take your business to the next tier of success while maintaining your commitment to quality? That is an important question, and it is one that can be answered in three words: Store inventory software. You can use inventory software, such as Fishbowl Warehouse, to help you make your store run even more efficiently and capitalize on opportunities that you may not have even known existed until you started tracking your inventory and watching closely for trends in ordering and buying habits.

Let Fishbowl Warehouse organize and streamline your business processes, putting your inventory and your data to work for you in the following areas of your store.


With Fishbowl, your goods become easier to monitor, track, and ship. Wield immediate, real-time information and know where your products are at all times. You can perform cycle counts with ease using a wireless mobile device to check inventory quantities on the shelves and instantly update them when necessary. And you can make sure the right people in your store have appropriate tools to do their jobs with greater efficiency than ever before.

  • Barcodes or custom SKUs mean counting once, and only once
  • Create auto-purchases for in-demand goods, at points you decide
  • Generate reports for customer histories and let hard data uncover trends
  • For shipped goods, both business and customer receive email updates


Customers expect easy interactions and prompt service from your staff members. Let Fishbowl enhance your relationships and build repeat business by offering point of sale hardware and software solutions. Not only that, but you can set up pricing rules for customers to reward them for their loyalty, and you can keep your shelves adequately stocked to avoid running out of products at important moments when your customers are ready to buy.

  • Point of sale reflects real-time inventory and accounting
  • Set custom payment terms and tax rates
  • Shopping cart integration with credit card recall
  • Part info and tracking, whether for a single location or several


QuickBooks and Fishbowl go hand in hand, creating a seamless integration between the two solutions that accurately reflects any and all purchases, sales, and inventory. At the same time, Fishbowl and QuickBooks provide powerful tools to steer your store in the right direction. After all, when you integrate them together, you eliminate double data entry and keep your inventory and accounting records that much more accurate because manual data entry is no longer as big of an issue.

  • Accounting reflects inventory in real time
  • Allows for varying accounting methods
  • Multi-currency purchases
  • Complete tracking of assets, parts, warehouses, even landed costs

With Fishbowl Warehouse, your business can automate those necessary but time-consuming details of operating your store, putting your business processes to work for you. You can take advantage of the features listed above, plus many others, by signing up for a free trial of the software today.


Inventory software helps retailers keep track of their products in a number of ways. It helps stores:

  • On the Shelves – Barcodes, SKUs, auto reorder points, and reports.
  • At the Register – Point of sale solution, payment terms, tax rates, and shopping cart integrations.
  • In the Books – Integration with QuickBooks, multi-currency conversions, and landed costs.

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